How to Work Well With Your CMO on Big Data

Posted : 09-16-2014

Who owns big data—the CIO or the CMO? We know what your answer would be. However, industry research reveals that CMOs view marketing as the natural leader of big data and analytics efforts. So, obviously, there's disagreement there, along with great potential for conflict. It doesn't have to be... Read More »

Five Things to Know About Remote and Virtual Teams

Posted : 08-29-2014

Managing remote and virtual teams requires a delicate balance between IT tools and actual processes and practices. Read More »

CIOs and CMOs Are Aligning on Tech Strategies

Posted : 08-20-2014

CIOs are increasingly working with CMOs to create better ways for technology to support customer-benefiting initiatives, according to a new survey from Accenture. The accompanying report, titled "Cutting Across the CMO-CIO Divide: Digital Drives a New Wave of... Read More »

11 Ways to Collaborate More Effectively

Posted : 08-05-2014

We've frequently reported in this space how organizations are seeking greater collaboration among CIOs, other managers and professionals. In fact, an estimated 46 percent of C-level decision-makers plan to increase budgets to acquire better collaborative technology. And two of five business managers are adapting... Read More »

The Cost of Inefficient Health-Care Communications

Posted : 07-17-2014

American hospitals are wasting $11.2 billion each year because of inefficient communications technologies, according to a new report from Imprivata. Physicians, nurses and other providers who coordinate and deliver patient care rely on antiquated pagers and are hampered by them and the absence of secure text messaging,... Read More »