How Crowdsourcing Adds Value Through Interaction

Posted : 05-06-2015

Crowdsourcing has the potential to create new interaction points and take an organization’s performance to a new level. Read More »

Ten Effective Principles for IT and Marketing

Posted : 05-05-2015

As long-term strategies continue to bring tech and marketing departments together, the combined efforts often focus on visitor clicks or Twitter followings as ways to measure success. But how often do tech and marketing take a step back from a project and ask, "Does it work?" in delivering upon meaningful,... Read More »

Hackers Target Middle Managers and Corporate Emails

Posted : 04-30-2015

Hackers are focusing more on businesses, particularly middle managers, rather than on consumers in order to exploit users' psychology and circumvent IT security, according to a new report. The findings underscore how human... Read More »

Why Twitter Is Still Risky Business

Posted : 04-23-2015

Twitter unveiled new anti-threat and anti-harassment tools, but the effects are questionable. Here's what you need to know to protect your name and your company.  Read More »

How Mobile Messaging Drives Enterprise Strategies

Posted : 04-07-2015

CIOs and other IT decision-makers are aggressively pursuing mobile messaging initiatives-and many of them are overseeing at least several such projects at once, according to a Read More »


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