How Analytics Helps Crime Fighters

Posted : 11-23-2015

Law enforcement’s ability to use data and technology to battle crime is one of the most significant developments in policing. According to a new study, 88% of U.S. law enforcement officials believe that big data analytics has significant potential to fight crime. Yet nearly two-thirds do not use analytics because... Read More »

Why a Total Communications Strategy Makes Sense

Posted : 11-04-2015

According to a recent survey, multinational corporations are moving to one communications service provider because they are looking for cost savings, want to improve employee productivity, require control and better application performance, and want... Read More »

The New State of Business Interconnectivity

Posted : 10-28-2015

The number of enterprises that are expected to be interconnected will double between now and 2017, according to a recent survey from Equinix. The report, titled "Read More »

How CIOs Can Help Sales Teams Close the Deal

Posted : 10-19-2015

As selling strategies evolve and improve through technology, the role of the CIO has a more direct impact on revenue and commission for the sales team. Technology is becoming a key competitive differentiator for sales' success, as sales technology gets... Read More »

Why Enterprises and Startups Collaborate

Posted : 10-15-2015

CIOs and other executives from large companies are learning how to foster a more innovative and effective digital business environment through their ongoing collaborations with entrepreneurs and startups, according to a recent survey from Accenture. However, the accompanying report, titled "Read More »