Why Enterprises and Startups Collaborate

Posted : 10-15-2015

CIOs and other executives from large companies are learning how to foster a more innovative and effective digital business environment through their ongoing collaborations with entrepreneurs and startups, according to a recent survey from Accenture. However, the accompanying report, titled "Read More »

When Email Marketing Campaigns Are Just Mailing It In

Posted : 10-07-2015

Despite the surge of business-to-consumer interactivity in social media, organizations still vastly depend on email to connect with customers. However, a large portion of customer-focused email databases are believed to be either invalid or inaccurate, Read More »

When Text Messages on Personal Phones End Up in Court

Posted : 09-15-2015

Text messages can leave public organizations vulnerable to significant risks when facing an open records request, e-discovery event or litigation. Read More »

Why Customer Service Has Social Problems

Posted : 08-25-2015

When it comes to pursuing customer service inquiries and complaints, users are taking an out-with-the-old-in-with-the-new approach, according to a recent survey from In this case, "old" refers not only to phone calls, but email as well. And... Read More »

Not Dialed In: The Top Conference Call Offenders

Posted : 08-21-2015

They serve a useful purpose but—let's face it—conference calls can often seem like an experience to endure rather than an opportunity for collaborative excellence. As a CIO, you are inevitably asked to participate in these calls. As a result,... Read More »