Rapid App Development Creates Security Nightmare

Posted : 12-30-2015

An IT leader at a midsize professional services organization thought someone within the business was leaking sensitive information to unauthorized parties. Eventually it was discovered that a compromised mobile device was enabling high-level access to a company database. "It took a little over a month to pinpoint exactly... Read More »

Can Two-Factor Authentication Fix Mobile Security?

Posted : 12-03-2015

A staggering 95% of IT decision-makers admit obstacles to increased user mobility, according to a new survey. The study, "2015 Global Authentication and Identity Access... Read More »

How to Prevent Website Downtime

Posted : 11-27-2015

News that the company site is down can be a CIO's worst-case scenario. Website outages annoy customers and can cause significant losses in sales and profits. They shake customers' confidence in your site and can push them to a competitor, costing significant revenue. Today, companies compete in an always-on Web... Read More »

What Users Expect From a Website Experience

Posted : 11-11-2015

Consumers and users are spending more time online than ever—and they're expecting a better experience on company Websites while they're doing it, according to a recent survey from Limelight Networks. The resulting "Read More »

Why Cyber-Criminals Target Android Devices

Posted : 09-16-2015

While the global market share of Android smartphones rose 6.4% in the first quarter of 2015 compared to the previous quarter, the number of malware strains outpaced the rise in devices, increasing by 21% since the first... Read More »