How Big Data and IoT Drive Digital Marketing Efforts

Posted : 09-11-2015

The majority of organizations are either already acquiring big data or Internet of things (IoT) tools to support digital marketing initiatives, or they’re planning to in the near future, according to a recent survey... Read More »

10 Ways Mobile Devices Have Changed Education

Posted : 09-08-2015

Computers have been used in schools and colleges for decades, with most connected to the Internet, yet they’ve fallen short in making a profound impact on education and learning pedagogies, according to Krish Kupathil, CEO of Read More »

How IT Spent Its Summer

Posted : 09-04-2015

So how was your summer? Hopefully better than the one that some of your IT employees endured, as they were constantly getting stressed out by a deluge of remote users who seemingly always had computer or network issues that needed attention, according to Read More »

Known and Unknown Malware Continues to Grow

Posted : 08-03-2015

A huge increase in zero-day attacks in 2014 on enterprise networks and mobile devices slammed companies, according to Read More »

How to Use the IoT to Boost Business Revenue

Posted : 07-31-2015

The vast majority of global organizations have adopted some form of Internet of things technology, and they're reaping the rewards of increased revenues as a result, according to a recent survey from Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). The accompanying... Read More »