The Problem With Online Financial Fraud Prevention

Posted : 09-08-2014

Ross Hogan, global head of the Fraud Prevention Division for Kaspersky Lab, discusses the results of a new survey on how businesses are addressing online financial fraud. Read More »

Nine Top Collaboration Tools

Posted : 09-03-2014

This could be considered a Golden Era of Collaboration. Thanks to cloud computing, broadband and Wi-Fi connectivity, and other tech innovations, professionals are taking advantage of an increasing number of tools to help them better communicate, monitor and track projects, and share, edit, and view documents. As a... Read More »

11 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Productivity

Posted : 09-02-2014

Given the many hats they wear—tech leader, business influencer, people manager—CIOs are time-challenged these days. Obviously, they're in a very big boat, as this describes a great deal of professionals. (Or even most?) Which means everyone is looking for tools to increase productivity and efficiency.... Read More »

12 Amazing Facts About Mobility

Posted : 09-01-2014

"It has become appallingly obvious," Albert Einstein once observed, "that our technology has exceeded our humanity." If that's how the legendary 20th century physicist perceived technology in his day, then you can... Read More »

Three Things CIOs Should Know About Cyber-Security

Posted : 08-27-2014

CIOs need to be aware of bring your own everything and cloud trends in the workplace, new privacy and data breach regulations, and evolving security threats. Read More »