Why Wearable Tech Needs Killer Business Apps

Posted : 05-01-2015

The vast majority of organizations plan to increase spending on wearable tech over the next year, according to a recent survey from The resulting report, "Read More »

How the Digital Age Is Changing Business Forever

Posted : 04-22-2015

Remember when offices closed at 5 p.m.? Or stores shut down on Sundays? While this was the norm just a generation ago, it may seem like an eternity for CIOs and other executive leaders. That's because the digital age continues to change all the rules... Read More »

How Mobile Messaging Drives Enterprise Strategies

Posted : 04-07-2015

CIOs and other IT decision-makers are aggressively pursuing mobile messaging initiatives-and many of them are overseeing at least several such projects at once, according to a Read More »

Patent Filings Reveal a Growing Interest in IoT

Posted : 04-01-2015

A new study on intellectual property related to the Internet of things (IoT) finds that a majority of patenting activity occurred in areas related to resource management in a wireless network. But patent distribution in this... Read More »

Three Things CIOs Must Know About Mobile Apps

Posted : 03-19-2015

In today's rapidly evolving mobile arena, it's critical for CIOs to avoid common pitfalls and embrace these best practices. Read More »


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