How to Prevent Website Downtime

Posted : 11-27-2015

News that the company site is down can be a CIO's worst-case scenario. Website outages annoy customers and can cause significant losses in sales and profits. They shake customers' confidence in your site and can push them to a competitor, costing significant revenue. Today, companies compete in an always-on Web... Read More »

What Users Expect From a Website Experience

Posted : 11-11-2015

Consumers and users are spending more time online than ever—and they're expecting a better experience on company Websites while they're doing it, according to a recent survey from Limelight Networks. The resulting "Read More »

Why Cyber-Criminals Target Android Devices

Posted : 09-16-2015

While the global market share of Android smartphones rose 6.4% in the first quarter of 2015 compared to the previous quarter, the number of malware strains outpaced the rise in devices, increasing by 21% since the first... Read More »

How Big Data and IoT Drive Digital Marketing Efforts

Posted : 09-11-2015

The majority of organizations are either already acquiring big data or Internet of things (IoT) tools to support digital marketing initiatives, or they’re planning to in the near future, according to a recent survey... Read More »

10 Ways Mobile Devices Have Changed Education

Posted : 09-08-2015

Computers have been used in schools and colleges for decades, with most connected to the Internet, yet they’ve fallen short in making a profound impact on education and learning pedagogies, according to Krish Kupathil, CEO of Read More »