CIO Makes a Statement With Mobile Solutions

Posted : 06-01-2015

The Advisory Board Company’s CIO relies on mobile and collaboration solutions to help the firm's predominantly Millennial workforce work smarter and faster. Read More »

How Online Recruitment Fails the Mobility Test

Posted : 05-28-2015

This is no time to be cavalier about recruiting tech talent: The IT unemployment rate has sunk to 2.3% –the lowest since the second quarter of 2008. There are an estimated 500,000 tech positions that remain unfilled, so much that the Obama administration has launched the $100 million TechHire Initiative to address... Read More »

10 Steps to Swiftly Deploy Mobile Apps

Posted : 05-13-2015

To bridge the gap between mobile app supply and demand, speed is essential, and a Rapid Mobile App Development (RMAD) strategy helps IT teams meet the challenge. According to Gartner, 20 million enterprise apps will be built in the next five... Read More »

Thompson Electric Amps Up Internal Efficiency

Posted : 05-13-2015

An electrical contracting firm takes control of field services and internal processes through mobility and a specialized field app. Read More »

Using Knowledge to Fix Customer Service Centers

Posted : 05-11-2015

A new study reveals what customers dislike the most about customer service agents, such as when different agents give different answers, or they simply don't know the answer. Customers are also frustrated that they cannot find answers on companies' Websites, a problem IT leaders need to address. The online survey of... Read More »


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