10 Things Every CIO Should Know About Google

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 10-22-2012
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10 Things Every CIO Should Know About Google 04

It’s A Consumer-First Company
For years, Google has been trying to appeal to consumers. In fact, consumer appeal stands at the center of its product strategy. Until that changes, consider Google a consumer-focused company trying to win it big in the enterprise.

There was a time when Google wasn’t, well, Google. The company was trying desperately to establish itself as a player in the online world, and the average consumer was its target. Enterprise users, meanwhile, meant very little. And in the process, the company all but handed over the corporate world to its competitors, like Microsoft, to establish itself as a leading brand. Recently, though, Google has started warming to the enterprise. The company is now offering enterprise-focused applications, its Chrome OS is designed in part with corporate customers in mind, and it has continued to claim that it can appeal to the enterprise. It’s a fascinating reversal. And it’s something that not even Google’s chief competitors saw coming. For years, CIOs didn’t care at all about Google. Now, they need to start caring. It’s odd, but true. So, we’ve decided to take a look at the things that every CIO should know about Google. From the company’s odd quirks to its corporate shortcomings, the following items will give you real insight into Google and its value to enterprises.

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