Law Firm Makes a Case for IT Consolidation

Posted : 05-12-2014

An international law firm upgrades its storage and other key systems to build a better and greener IT infrastructure. Read More »

Digital Universe Expands at an Alarming Rate

Posted : 05-12-2014

While the size of the digital universe, in terms of the amount of data being generated, is forecast by IDC to grow to a staggering 44 zettabytes by 2020, only a small percent of that data is of value to businesses. Even so, a small percent of a huge, huge number still leaves a lot of data for IT organizations to store,... Read More »

Private Cloud Fuels Formula One Racing Dynasty

Posted : 04-16-2014

The Infinite Red Bull racing team has won the last four consecutive Formula One championships thanks, in part, to its selection and usage of computing resources. Read More »

Deluge of Data Threatens Many Backup Systems

Posted : 03-20-2014

When it comes to backup and recovery, IT organizations are clearly struggling with the amount of data that needs to be managed. A Read More »

IT Pros' Biggest 2014 Fear: Data Loss

Posted : 02-07-2014

IT professionals face a multitude of issues each day, but none are larger than the threat of losing data or failing to properly backup and secure mission-critical information, according to a new Read More »