10 Things You Need to Know About Data Theft

Posted : 06-09-2014

A new Trustwave report analyses the behavior of cybercriminals and details the type of information they target most, industries most compromised, how break-ins often occur, malware trends and other critical components of breaches that affect the enterprise. Security firm Trustwave Holdings, Inc. conducted the "2014... Read More »

CIOs Challenged by Big Data Costs

Posted : 05-15-2014

Big data is emerging as a big budget headache for tech departments, according to a recent survey from Storiant (formerly known as SageCloud). The majority of CIOs are responsible for the storage of at least 500,000 gigabytes of data. What's more, the number of companies... Read More »

Law Firm Makes a Case for IT Consolidation

Posted : 05-12-2014

An international law firm upgrades its storage and other key systems to build a better and greener IT infrastructure. Read More »

Digital Universe Expands at an Alarming Rate

Posted : 05-12-2014

While the size of the digital universe, in terms of the amount of data being generated, is forecast by IDC to grow to a staggering 44 zettabytes by 2020, only a small percent of that data is of value to businesses. Even so, a small percent of a huge, huge number still leaves a lot of data for IT organizations to store,... Read More »

Private Cloud Fuels Formula One Racing Dynasty

Posted : 04-16-2014

The Infinite Red Bull racing team has won the last four consecutive Formula One championships thanks, in part, to its selection and usage of computing resources. Read More »