Refining Raw Data Into Marketing Gold

Posted : 03-23-2016

Marketing executives are determined to build more personalized campaigns and interactions with customers—but they don't feel they can do so with their current tech resources, according to a recent survey from... Read More »

Why IT Leaders Are Cloud Believers

Posted : 03-11-2016

About a decade ago, the cloud was still considered somewhat of a novelty. Today, it is considered as commonplace—and business-critical—as computing devices, servers or even electricity. For proof, look no further than a recent survey from... Read More »

Why Machines Will Emerge as Top Collaborators

Posted : 01-08-2016

With the current, rapid pace of advancements in artificial intelligence, modern managers are embracing the inevitable: that intelligent systems will step forward in the near future as trusted partners and collaborators in making business decisions,... Read More »

How Wearables Support New Year’s Resolutions

Posted : 01-07-2016

New Year’s resolutions focused on personal well-being can be difficult to attain, but wearable tech provides many ways to support the journey to improved health. Read More »

The Worst Data Breaches of 2015

Posted : 01-05-2016

Data breaches in 2015 weren’t kind to organizations that found themselves on the wrong end of a breach: 193.4 million personal records were compromised last year, and 5 million of those were compromised by the top seven breaches, according to a new study. The study revealed that cyber-criminals are increasingly... Read More »