Looking Beyond Cloud and Mobile: What's Next for IT?

Posted : 09-20-2015

A panel of tech journalists weighs in on new research that provides a revealing look at the rapidly changing tech landscape and how decision-makers are navigating the ever-changing world of IT. Read More »

Why Consumers Abandon Digital Brands

Posted : 09-10-2015

A new study investigating why consumers do and do not trust brands online finds that half of all consumers say security and privacy are important to brand perception. A total of 750 adult Americans—52 percent women and 48 percent men—completed the survey. Half the respondents earn $41,000-$80,000 annually and... Read More »

Why Customer Service Has Social Problems

Posted : 08-25-2015

When it comes to pursuing customer service inquiries and complaints, users are taking an out-with-the-old-in-with-the-new approach, according to a recent survey from In this case, "old" refers not only to phone calls, but email as well. And... Read More »

How Managed IT Services Benefits Internal IT Staff

Posted : 07-22-2015

One of the major benefits of an MSP arrangement is freeing up internal IT staff to work on initiatives that drive revenue and business growth. Read More »

How IT Teams Can Protect Health Care Data

Posted : 06-24-2015

Hackers have placed malicious software on critical medical devices and can remotely access them, rendering health care institutions vulnerable to a perfect storm of attacks, according to a new report. Cyber-attackers are... Read More »