10 Events That Marked Apple's 2012

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 12-21-2012
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10 Events That Marked Apple's 2012

10 Events That Marked Apple's 2012

1. The ‘New’ iPad
It wasn’t until March that Apple customers got their first glimpse of the third-generation, “new iPad.” The tablet featured 4G LTE service, up to 64GB of storage, and the same stylish design of the iPad 2.

Apple had an awfully eventful 2012. The company kicked off the year believing that it had the best and the brightest future, and throughout the next 12 months, it did little to indicate otherwise. Each quarter, Apple announced stronger and stronger sales, and its profits soared. Looking ahead to 2013, it’s widely believed the company will once again have a major year. Simply put, good times just keep coming for Apple, and it appears they won’t slow down anytime soon.

But rather than look ahead, it’s a good time to review the year that was. The broad strokes indicate that Apple had a bellwether year, but a closer look reveals that not everything was perfect. Even the mighty Apple was humbled by a few odd decisions. Still, the good largely outweighed the bad in 2012. And like so many years prior, Apple has once again shown why it’s the dominant force in the technology industry.

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