BYOD: A Cost-Saving Must-Have for Your Enterprise

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 02-11-2013
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BYOD: A Cost-Saving Must-Have for Your Enterprise

A Little Stipend  In order to kick-start BYOD, 25% of companies offer a stipend to encourage participation and help cover costs. Another 20% of companies allow employees to expense their mobile service costs.

If last year could be marked by anything, it was the BYOD craze. Companies across the globe increasingly invested in consumer products, and allowed their employees to bring their own devices into the office. That has been good news for Apple, Samsung and other consumer-focused vendors, and has dramatically changed the face of enterprise mobility and computing.

A new study from Good Technology sheds some more light on the popularity of BYOD in the enterprise. With BYOD programs in place, companies are cutting costs and increasing overall efficiency. Better yet, employees are fine with paying the cost of investing in a personal device that can be used in the enterprise. Simply put, BYOD has caught the enterprise by storm and there is no indication that it'll slow down anytime soon.

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