Digital Projects Face Critical Tipping Point

Posted : 07-09-2014

CIOs and other top executives are transitioning their digital strategies from revving up mode to active enterprise deployment, according to a new survey from McKinsey & Company. The report, titled "The Digital Tipping Point," indicates that the majority of CIOs,... Read More »

The Black Hats Keep Striking

Posted : 07-08-2014

Cybercriminals are expanding their targets and their means of attack, according to Trend Micro's Q1 report, "Cybercrime Hits the Unexpected." Among the developments: New and modified online banking malware continues to thrive, striking different targets in Q1 2014. Likewise, mobile malware and high-risk apps are on a... Read More »

Employees Losing Faith in Organizational Leaders

Posted : 07-07-2014

While the majority of employees still trust their organizational leaders to make good decisions, this sentiment is clearly on the decline, according to a recent survey from Randstad U.S. It doesn't help that most professionals do not feel their... Read More »

Digital, Mobile to Dominate Marketing Efforts

Posted : 06-25-2014

Before the decade's end, you may find your IT department merging with marketing, according to a recent survey from Accenture. The vast majority of global marketing executives say that the next five years represents a critical period for a digital transformation—one that will depend upon an increase in capabilities... Read More »

Managers Struggle to Reduce Workplace Distractions

Posted : 06-20-2014

While technology has greatly increased productivity in the workplace, the resulting distractions are also taking a toll. Whether gossiping, posting away on social media or spending more time than they should on work e-mails, workers are getting sidetracked from essential tasks far too often. It should come as no surprise... Read More »