Millennials, Gen X Express Strong Job Satisfaction

Posted : 08-14-2014

Millennials and (to a lesser degree) Gen Xers sometimes get saddled with an "over-entitled and under-worked" label. But CIOs and other managers should know that this may be a mistaken impression. The vast majority of employees under age 45, in fact, feels valued by their organization, and is savoring the daily... Read More »

12 Things You Should Know About Cyber-Defenses

Posted : 08-12-2014

Virtually all IT organizations experienced a significant IT security incident in 2013 and most of them know some of their security measures are immature or ineffective, but only one-third are confident their less-mature security controls will soon improve. These findings are from a new report, "2014 Cyber Defense... Read More »

Why Your Heartbleed Patch Isn't Enough

Posted : 08-08-2014

Many Global 2000 organizations haven't adequately protected their external servers against the Heartbleed bug, leaving themselves vulnerable to phishing campaigns and data theft. Read More »

Are Your Virtual Servers Safe?

Posted : 08-01-2014

The odds of a virtual environment being inadequately unprotected are roughly fifty-fifty, as many organizations only partly implement a security solution. Read More »

ERP Implementations Exceed Budgets, Schedules

Posted : 07-30-2014

Organizations pursue enterprise resource planning (ERP) to boost their business management software capabilities. And while, overall, nearly two-thirds of organizations consider their ERP implementations a success, there are lingering pain points, according to a new survey from Read More »