11 Reasons to Choose an Automated Security System

Posted : 12-22-2014

Security tools, systems and practices are too focused on management agents, periodic assessments, disparate point solutions and manual response processes, according to a whitepaper by IT security firm ForeScout Technologies. The report states that enterprises must change their security architectures in favor of... Read More »

The Sony Hack Reveals a Bigger Picture

Posted : 12-22-2014

If government and business don't get their act together and build more secure systems, the Sony hack will look like a comedy on the superhighway to disaster. Read More »

Consumers Are Apathetic About Mobile Security

Posted : 12-19-2014

Users of Android and iOS mobile devices face a higher rate of fraud than the average consumer, primarily because they have poor password and security habits. Read More »

Most IT Pros Ill-Prepared to Deal With Breaches

Posted : 12-17-2014

Nearly 90 percent of IT security professionals, across numerous industries, are "concerned" or "highly concerned" about a data breach occurrence in 2015. Read More »

Hackers Increasingly Spoof Authentic Identities

Posted : 12-15-2014

Cyber-attacks will continue to grow as hackers collect, compile and share identity information to build profiles that are increasingly indistinguishable from authentic identities, a new report says. Using cloaking technologies, such as proxies and spoofed locations, these cyber-criminals mask their identities and... Read More »


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