How Cyber-criminals Infiltrate the Enterprise

Posted : 04-24-2015

A new study reveals that cyber-criminals targeted five out of six large companies in 2014, a 40% increase since 2013. Hackers are also using deceptive new tactics to infiltrate corporate networks, hijacking infrastructures and turning them on enterprises to evade detection, according to Read More »

Why IT Struggles to Meet Department Goals

Posted : 04-14-2015

Very few IT professionals believe their department is meeting goals on a consistent basis, much less exceeding them, according to a Read More »

10 Ways to Take Control of SaaS Apps and Shadow IT

Posted : 04-10-2015

The use of SaaS applications is growing globally, as SaaS increases business agility. Cloud-based services are booming in the enterprise and they can be spun up on the fly by an employee with a credit card without involvement from IT or the corporate bureaucracy. Consequently, regulating cloud app use has become a... Read More »

When DDoS Attacks Threaten Business Opportunities

Posted : 04-08-2015

Businesses that are targeted in DDoS attacks also lose business opportunities and endure damage to their reputations, according to a new survey. Among the most common cyber-weapons, DDoS attacks cause loss of contracts and... Read More »

CIOs Are Concerned Over Employees’ Cloud Misuse

Posted : 04-03-2015

The dominant cloud security concerns for IT leaders are misuse of employee credentials and improper access to control, not malware and hacking, according to a new report. The first two are at the top list for IT executives... Read More »


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