How Shadow IT Transformed the Role of CIO

Posted : 02-05-2015

The majority of CIOs feel that their role is changing–and the rising trend of shadow IT is having a significant impact on this sentiment, according to a recent survey from BT Global Services. The report, titled "Art of Connecting: Creativity and the Modern... Read More »

When Security Breaches Come From Within

Posted : 02-04-2015

Although a majority of businesses worldwide admit their vulnerability to insider data breaches and expect to maintain or increase their IT security and data protection budgets, the logic underlying their solutions is unfocused, according to a new survey. They are spending hard-won budget dollars to protect relatively... Read More »

Nine Facts You Might Not Know About Bot Traffic

Posted : 01-30-2015

Malicious impersonator bots are on the rise, one-third of all Websites are vulnerable to them, and RSS bots are going extinct, according to a new bot traffic report. The survey, "2014 Bot Traffic Report," is the third report conducted... Read More »

Why Millennials Balk at Mobile Monitoring

Posted : 01-29-2015

Enterprises that monitor employees’ use of tablets and smartphones risk alienating workers, particularly millennials, and possibly causing a backlash, according to a new study. These young workers... Read More »

$215M Scam Goes After C-Suite Executives

Posted : 01-28-2015

An FBI alert shows how cyber-thieves research, monitor and study a business and its employees before the crime is committed. Read More »


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