Nine Security Best Practices You Should Enforce

Posted : 06-18-2014

Eighty-nine percent of security breaches and data loss incidents could have been prevented last year, according to the Online Trust Alliance's (OTA's) "2014 Data and Breach Protection Readiness Guide." In the interest of helping enterprises protect themselves, their data and their customers, the OTA has been publishing... Read More »

10 Things You Need to Know About Data Theft

Posted : 06-09-2014

A new Trustwave report analyses the behavior of cybercriminals and details the type of information they target most, industries most compromised, how break-ins often occur, malware trends and other critical components of breaches that affect the enterprise. Security firm Trustwave Holdings, Inc. conducted the "2014... Read More »

10 Things to Know About the Cost of DNS Attacks

Posted : 06-05-2014

The top challenge most organizations face in protecting networks against Domain Name Service (DNS)-based attacks is the cost of security solutions. Infoblox, a network control solutions firm, recently sponsored a survey on DNS protection which shows that many organizations hesitate to adopt new security solutions because... Read More »

Security Strategies Must Be Integrated

Posted : 06-02-2014

Organizations where everyone works together to build a strong defense are more likely to succeed despite a lack of resources, proliferating security threats and new technologies. Read More »

Enterprise Still Main Target of DDoS Attacks

Posted : 05-30-2014

Enterprise and commerce continue to weather the most-frequent distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks of all industries. Together, they account for 70 percent of reported attacks, with 159 for enterprise and 82 for commerce, according to Akamai Technology's latest "State of the Internet Report." American customers... Read More »