Digital Transformation, Innovation and Security

Posted : 03-10-2017

Digital transformation and innovation are forcing changes to organizations' cyber-security strategies, according to new research. Respondents to the survey also indicated that financial and customer information, brand reputation, intellectual property and employee information are critical assets they must protect against... Read More »

Understanding the New Rules of Risk

Posted : 03-03-2017

Trying to keep up with today's risk landscape is a task that ranks somewhere between difficult and impossible. New and emerging technologies, along with a complex array of digital tools and systems, are ratcheting up the stakes. Yet, it's critical for CIOs and other IT and business leaders to keep up with rapidly... Read More »

University of San Diego Picks Cloud-First Security

Posted : 02-24-2017

The university turns to cloud-based privileged account management to improve efficiency and security, while saving costs and IT staff time. Read More »

Cyber-Criminals Found a Home on Social Media Sites

Posted : 02-17-2017

The number of members in fraud-related groups on social media platforms has increased 70 percent in the past six months, according to a new study. It states that social media is a breeding ground for cyber-crime and is attracting fraudsters because these platforms are free, easy to use and offer global reach. According... Read More »

Concerns About Data Security Slow Cloud Adoption

Posted : 02-13-2017

Security concerns about critical data, applications and systems in the cloud continue to deter faster adoption of cloud services, according to a new report. "Today, perceived security risks are the single biggest factor holding back faster adoption of cloud computing," the report says. Ransomware and lateral threats are... Read More »