Hackers Increasingly Spoof Authentic Identities

Posted : 12-15-2014

Cyber-attacks will continue to grow as hackers collect, compile and share identity information to build profiles that are increasingly indistinguishable from authentic identities, a new report says. Using cloaking technologies, such as proxies and spoofed locations, these cyber-criminals mask their identities and... Read More »

Personal Use of Company Tech Disrupts Work

Posted : 12-11-2014

A clear majority of professionals working on company-provided computers also use the machines for personal pursuits, according to a recent survey from GFI Software. It's not as if internal users are unaware of policies governing... Read More »

Mobility Scores High Marks for Bancroft

Posted : 12-04-2014

A leading provider of special-needs education turns to a more advanced mobile device management solution to improve instruction and secure student information. Read More »

CIOs Take a Lead Role in Risk Management

Posted : 11-25-2014

In addition to serving as top IT innovators, CIOs are taking a primary role in the reduction of tech-related risks, according to a recent survey from FT Remark and Wipro. The resulting report, titled "Building Confidence: The Business of... Read More »

Do We Need a CDC for Cybersecurity?

Posted : 10-30-2014

A centralized cybersecurity agency could leverage the mission and approach of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to proactively respond to cyber threats in real-time. Read More »


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