U.S. Users Targeted Most by Ransomware

Posted : 04-14-2016

Four percent of Americans, or 13 million people, have been targeted by ransomware, malicious software that blocks access to a computer or computer system until the victim pays a sum of money. Ransomware caused $350 million in damage last year, "living up to its reputation as the most significant menace targeting Internet... Read More »

How False Positives Plague IT Departments

Posted : 04-12-2016

C-level executives are "completely in the dark" about cyber-attacks against their companies, yet IT professionals revealed their organizations have been victims of advanced attacks during the past 12 months. Many security pros do not believe their company has the necessary intelligence to convince the C-suite about the... Read More »

Top Three Emerging Security Concerns

Posted : 04-11-2016

With the benefits of an always-connected society comes growing security threats that are more complex and spread out because of the proliferation of the IoT.

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Why Small Businesses Have Big Security Concerns

Posted : 04-06-2016

Small businesses are struggling to protect their data and there is a disconnect between their anticipation of data loss and their readiness to recover from it, according to a new study. Forty-seven percent of small businesses said data loss is their greatest fear, yet their disaster recovery plans are no match for rising... Read More »

Why Cyber-Criminals Are Always One Step Ahead

Posted : 04-01-2016

Cyber-criminals have an uncanny ability to stay under the radar for long periods of time—making the difficult business of cyber-protection even more difficult. Cyber-security is an ever-evolving undertaking, and the need for enterprises to reassess their security tools is constant. In recent case studies on... Read More »