The High Risk of Third-Party Apps

Posted : 06-30-2016

The cloud, combined with an explosion of third-party cloud apps, is posing major security issues for enterprises, according to a new study. The report, "The Explosion of Apps: 27% Are Risky," was... Read More »

How to Avoid Becoming Easy Prey for Visual Hackers

Posted : 06-29-2016

With executives and essential staff conducting business in airports, open workspaces and even coffee shops, the threat of visual hacking is a very real one. Read More »

Cloud Apps Rise Despite Cloud Security Concerns

Posted : 06-24-2016

Cloud computing spend grew 20 percent last year, but security of critical data and systems remain key issues and barriers to adopting cloud services. As a result, cloud security concerns are rising as investment in it grows, according to a new report by Crowd Research Partners, but that's not stopping companies from... Read More »

How More Cloud Services Put the Business at Risk

Posted : 06-22-2016

By now, CIOs and their IT teams must think that they've spent countless hours talking to their organization's employees about the inherent dangers of the Internet age. But risky user behavior is still alive and well, according to a recent survey from Softchoice. The report, titled Read More »

Outdated Security Creates an IoT Danger

Posted : 06-21-2016

The IT community must immediately address Internet of things security because there is a dire need for advanced security for agentless devices, a study revealed. IoT devices are often not addressed in companies' security policies, if indeed any policy exists. In addition, the perceived penetration by respondents of IoT... Read More »