Why Your Heartbleed Patch Isn't Enough

Posted : 08-08-2014

Many Global 2000 organizations haven't adequately protected their external servers against the Heartbleed bug, leaving themselves vulnerable to phishing campaigns and data theft. Read More »

What You Need to Know About Digital Risk Officers

Posted : 08-04-2014

The role of digital risk officer (DRO)—to manage risk for all forms of digital technologies—is rapidly evolving. The reason for this development is that the traditional concept of IT security is insufficient, according to Gartner's 2014 CEO survey. DROs will combine business acumen with technical and security... Read More »

Are Your Virtual Servers Safe?

Posted : 08-01-2014

The odds of a virtual environment being inadequately unprotected are roughly fifty-fifty, as many organizations only partly implement a security solution. Read More »

Missing in Action: BYOD Security

Posted : 07-27-2014

Despite the prevalence of BYOD in the enterprise, many organizations act as if mobile device security is optional. Ditto for employee security training. Read More »

Eight Ways to Improve Your Cyber-Security Spending

Posted : 07-20-2014

Organizations are concerned about cyber-threats, but many of them have neither invested strategically in security nor aligned that spending with their business strategies, according to a new report. One result is a major gap in security spending between industries. For instance, banking and finance spending heavily... Read More »