The Worst Security Offenders? IT Pros

Posted : 11-13-2015

Contrary to expectations, a new study shows that tech-savvy employees are the most likely to create security risks. Millennials, the largest generation in the workforce, are among the culprits, according to the survey. Ninety-seven percent of employees... Read More »

How Cultural Differences Impact IT Security

Posted : 11-02-2015

A majority of American and German IT practitioners agree that inadvertent employee negligence decreases productivity and causes more security incidents than intentional and malicious acts, according to a new survey. Seventy-three percent of American... Read More »

Why Data Oversharing Is a Major Security Concern

Posted : 11-02-2015

A new survey found more than one-quarter of employees have uploaded a file containing sensitive data to the cloud. Read More »

Why Cloud-based Security Services Are on the Rise

Posted : 10-30-2015

A new study finds an increase in IT security incidents since last year (no surprise there) and a boost in security budgets this year (certainly a nice surprise). The PwC study also revealed a greater adoption of security frameworks, and the use of cloud-based security services. The study, "Read More »

How Fake ‘Insiders’ Can Hijack an Organization

Posted : 10-20-2015

Privileged accounts are at the epicenter of most cyber-attacks, but many organizations still struggle to identify and locate such accounts, according to a new study. Yet access to these accounts can lead to a "complete hostile takeover" of network... Read More »