How a Midsize Company Keeps Rogue Malware at Bay

Posted : 09-24-2015

A leading manufacturer of ceramic products relies on Comodo Endpoint Security Manager to shape its security posture. Read More »

When Disaster Recovery Plans Are a Disaster

Posted : 09-23-2015

Only a minority of organizations are able to activate their disaster recovery/business continuity (DR/BC) plans with minimal difficulties, according to a recent survey from Janco Associates. In some cases, DR/BC teams don't have the training required to... Read More »

How to Deceive Cyber-Attackers With a Kill Chain

Posted : 09-22-2015

Imagine that you could lie to the cyber-attacker on the other end of the command-and-control console, or fool malware at the affected endpoint, or both. Deception as a defense against attackers is an attractive strategy for enterprises, according to a new Gartner study. Deception technologies use feints to thwart... Read More »

How Midsize Companies Put Large Companies at Risk

Posted : 09-21-2015

Although medium and large businesses are exposed to the same types of threats, they react differently to them, according to a new study. Bitdefender, in partnership with Millward Brown, surveyed 300 CIOs at... Read More »

Essential Traits Every IT Security Pro Should Have

Posted : 09-18-2015

The tech world has been in constant motion while CISOs have been building defenses to ward off attackers, and the changing landscape has created entirely new responsibilities for security professionals, according to Greg Mancusi-Ungaro, CMO, Read More »


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