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Enterprise Technology Slideshow: 10 Products CIOs Should Be Looking Forward to In 2011

CIOs today are busier than ever before, and the chances of the job slowing down any time soon are slim. With an increasing need to focus on security - from both inside and out - and dealing with issues that arise from your current IT deployments, little time is left to think about which products and technologies are coming to market that may benefit your enterprise. That's why we've decided to... Read More >

Research Slideshow: Hottest Emerging Technologies of 2011

Our annual Emerging Technology Adoption Trends study, which looks at roughly 40 new technologies and strategies (this year it's 42), provides insight into the hardware, software and infrastructure solutions being evaluated and deployed by your peers. You can view... Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: 11 Best Business Books for CIOs in 2011

Are you looking to unravel the mysteries of power within your organization? Do you need insight into how to foster innovation within your department? What do you know about the concept of "brainsteering" as a means to address project tasks and overcome bottlenecks? All of these leadership topics and more are addressed in the 11 best business books for CIOs to add to your reading list in winter... Read More >

SideXSide: Windows XP or Windows 7?

If you think time might have finally come to opt for Microsoft’s latest OS, our SideXSide comparison of Windows XP and Windows 7 is designed to help you make your decision. Read More >

Texting Deaths Have U.S. Considering Software to Disable Phone Use in Cars

The Department of Transportation is contemplating implementing a software solution that would prevent cell phone from working in moving vehicles. Read More >

Oracle Customers Rail About Costs, Services, Maintenance

Oracle customers are displeased with how they are treated, how their licensing agreements work against them and how they pay through the nose for maintenance and support. They were not afraid to air their grievances in a new research study. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: Myth-Busting the CIO Archetype

Let's face it: When you officially oversee "the geek department," there are many perceptions - and misperceptions - about the kind of senior manager and person you are. This level of stereotyping may extend to the kind of education you obtained; whether or not you can fix a frozen computer; and even how much money you make. With this in mind, we set out to debunk seven of the most deeply... Read More >

Chevy Volt: Does Your Car Have its Own IP Address?

The Chevrolet Volt is one of the most technically advanced cars on the market. It is currently 40 percent software (with approximately 10 million lines of code) and has more than 100 electronic controls. Learn about the system behind the system. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: IT Spending To Increase in Government, Small Businesses

According to the October 2010 edition of the bimonthly CDW IT Monitor which tracks the direction and momentum of information technology spending in the US, the vast majority of companies and government organizations surveyed anticipate an increase in IT spending on both software and hardware in the coming year. Confidence is strongest... Read More >

Data Breach Prompts Indiana Lawsuit

Indiana is suing health insurer WellPoint for $300,000 in damages from a data breach involving health care applicants. Read More >

Free: BES Software for IBM Lotus Notes

RIM is offering free of charge its Enterprise Server Express software for extending IBM Lotus Notes to BlackBerry smartphones. The software offers tools for end users and IT staff. Read More >

IBM: Long Live the Mainframe

As IBM's latest fiscal quarter results indicate, the company's Systems and Technology Group (STG), led by the mainframe, has shown that the company's hardware business can continue to drive profit. Read More >

Infrastructure Slideshow: Apple's Mac Versus Microsoft's PC in the Enterprise

Whenever anyone talks about enterprise computing, the discussion typically shifts to Microsoft and Windows. After all, the software giant's operating system has long been the dominant force in the corporate world. And, aside from Windows Vista, each new version of the software has proven to be extremely successful on a corporate level. When Apple products get discussed in the enterprise at all,... Read More >

Nevada's Clark County Uses IBM Analytics for Social Services

IBM's analytics software is helping Nevada's Clark County deliver social services to children while saving money for the state. Read More >

Five Best Practices for Virtualization Deployments

We cite five best practices compiled by Tom Bittman, Gartner vice president and distinguished analyst, and add our perspective, drawn from interviews with leading IT executives, to compile this primer for CIOs considering virtualization. For more, learn how CIOs from Continental Airlines, Texas A&M University and other enterprises are using Read More >

Forrester: IT Spending Forecast

Software sales and systems integration projects are expected to be robust in the remainder of 2010, but the overall outlook for IT spending is headed downward based on overall global economic caution and meager U.S. GDP growth. Read More >

Microsoft's Ray Ozzie Resigns

Microsoft Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie is resigning from the company, according to an e-mail from Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Read More >

IBM Acquires E-Discovery Provider

E-Discovery provider PSS Atlas helps companies identify the legal duties they have and the value of the information they have, and tie that to where and how the data is managed. Read More >

Boosting IT Worker Productivity

We've gathered the best management advice and technology suggestions from CIOs at Xerox, Procter & Gamble, Independent Bank and Miami-Dade College, among others, about the tools and tactics they use to achieve workforce efficiency. Read More >

HP's Apotheker Appointment: Analysis

HP named former SAP CEO Leo Apotheker to be its new chief executive, leading to questions of whether his background in enterprise software will be enough for HP to battle in both the enterprise and consumer markets. Read More >

Careers Slideshow: Degrees In Demand: Higher Education for Tomorrow's IT Leaders

Which university and vocational degrees should you look for when you make your next new hire? What are the best higher education options for your existing staff? Are you thinking about advancing your own education by pursuing a degree? The right education can help round out much-needed business skills, groom an employee to act as a "global thinker," or cultivate niche talents in booming... Read More >

Offshoring Gains Popularity

With the simultaneous pressures of cost savings and software-centric innovation, CIOs continue to look abroad for development projects and managed services. Read More >

IBM Opens Three Data Analytics Research Centers

The three IBM Analytics Solution Centers, in Zurich, Budapest, and Vienna, will focus on financial services, green technology, and Smarter Cities. Read More >

GSA Cloud Contract: Who Will Win?

The federal government's General Services Administration invited software makers to submit their bids to become its new e-mail collaboration application provider. Google, Microsoft and IBM are all battling for the big job. Read More >

Gartner: Enterprise Software Spending Climbs

Research firm Gartner predicts that worldwide enterprise software spending will increase through 2014. Despite that increase, though, North American spending is expected to slow by the end of 2010. Read More >

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