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IT Management Slideshow: Dirty Dozen: Inside 12 IT Disasters

by Ericka Chickowski Learning from your mistakes is good. Learning from others' mistakes is even better. We looked at 12 major IT failures to learn more about how and why they happened. Each example is unique, but they all have something in common: a chain reaction of pain that rippled through the entire business or organization. Whatever the specifics, breakdowns within the IT organization are... Read More >

Linux & Open Source Slideshow: Why Hadoop Has Google Fans (and Rivals) Excited

Based on distributed computing technologies Google has publicly disclosed, Hadoop provides an open source implementation for other companies with very large data analysis challenges, including Yahoo! and Facebook. The free software, named for a toy elephant, now runs on some of the largest sites on the Web. Read More >

IBM Trying to Buy Sun for $6.5 Billion: Report

IBM is reportedly ready to pay at least $6.5 billion for Sun Microsystems and its software, hardware and services divisions. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: Comparison Shopping for Software

How well do Open Source and Software-as-a-Service options stack up to traditional, proprietary products? J. Schwan, managing partner with Solstice Consulting in Chicago, compared several factors and ranked the three categories in relation to each other. Schwan says, "To be successful in this economic environment, we should find creative ways to stop paying license and support fees for... Read More >

E-Commerce Remains a Blip on the Radar in Vietnam

A huge E-commerce market is waiting to be awakened Vietnam. Merchants all over the country, from the busy streets of Ho Chi Minh City to the agricultural Mecca of the Mekong Delta to the rural mountainous region northwest of Hanoi, sell a dizzying array of unusual goods in ramshackle shops, at outdoor markets, and on street corners, but rarely are these goods sold online. Items such as finely... Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: 10 Technologies that Changed Hollywood

One of the better moments of the recent Academy Awards telecast involved Jessica Biel waxing ecstatic about software. The actress was congratulating Ed Catmull, who wrote the computer graphics software that's become the industry standard for Hollywood. Biel also gave a shout out to Jerry Lewis, who holds the patent on a key piece of movie-making technology. Without technology, Hollywood... Read More >

Mad Men Meet the CIO

Web 2.0 is great for marketing, but can cause IT headaches if the CIO doesn't get involved. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: 11 Ways Print Journalism Can Reinvent Itself

By Lex Alexander Related article here. Print journalism is in a tailspin. Embracing the Web is the obvious solution, but how is that best done? Lex Alexander, who spearheaded a well-regarded new media effort at the Greensboro, NC, News & Record, offers these tips. Notice that a few start with the word... Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: 10 Areas Where Open Source is Open for Business

The recession is helping to drive home the fact that open source is enterprise-ready in a lot of areas. Flexible pricing and mature products make the once-exotic software ready for prime time. Read More >

Collaborations That Count

Technology has changed a lot in the past 30 years, and the tuning skills we now need don’t reside in the heads of individual programmers anymore. Read More >

Recession Buster: Open Source's Moment

Open Source Software Shines in Recession's Gloom. Read More >

Open Source Saves the Day

Parts-supplier Ogihara America, savaged by the automotive downturn, presses on with a key PLM initiative thanks to flexible pricing from its software vendor. Read More >

IBM, Dell, Intel Lauded for Green IT Efforts

Investor coalition ranks IBM, Dell and Intel in their top five firms for setting policies to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Read More >

Social Network, Media Firms Seek Deals in Downturn

Business leaders from top Web 2.0 and media companies see prospects for increased dealmaking in 2009. Read More >

Intel to Unveil New Health-Care Technology

Intel will announce new hardware, software aimed at helping homebound hospital patients, according to a published report. Read More >

Unchaining CIOs From IT

A CIO explains how the move to cloud computing changed his job. Read More >

Technology in Troubled Times

The ways corporations navigated the Great Depression hold important lessons for IT leaders in today's downturn. Read More >

Supply Chain Replaces Credit, Cash

With credit tight and cash in short supply, businesses look to technology to help control costs. Jonathan Gatrell, vice president of product management and strategy at Inovis, explains how the supply chain can be used to limit capital outlays. Read More >

Ballmer: Tech Sector Holding Firm

Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer says demand for tech industry demand has a certain "buoyancy," despite economic woes. Read More >

Wall St. Turmoil Threatens IT, Data Vendors

Financial woes take their toll on IT budgets for hardware, software and technology services. Read More >

Google Buys Korean Blog Software Firm

Google's purchase of Korean blogging software maker Tatter looks to boost the search giant's market share in the country. Read More >

Bill Gates + Jerry Seinfeld = What?!?

What sounded like a perfect marketing formula started with a big flop, Reuters' MediaFile blog writes. Read More >

iPhone Security Flaw Exposes Private Data

Apple's iPhone faces security flaw that allows unwanted users to access contacts and emails despite safeguards. Read More >

Microsoft vs. Adobe: The Next Web Showdown?

The Beijing Olympics have set the stage for a Web software showdown between Microsoft, Adobe. Read More >

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