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Study: Developers Do Not Want GPL 3 to Police Patents

A new Microsoft-funded study has found that open-source developers do not believe licenses like the upcoming GNU GPL 3 should enforce software patents or prevent deals like the Microsoft-Novell patent agreement. Read More >

H&R Block Embraces Benefits of Open Source

Open source has generated revenue and brought positive changes in the way H&R Block services its customers. Read More >

IBM Shows Impact of SOA

News Analysis: At its Impact 2007 conference, IBM lays out the importance of and its plans for service-oriented architecture. Read More >

Google Keeps Close Eye on Open Source

Q&A: Chris DiBona, a programs manager for Google, talks about how the company uses open-source software and what it contributes to the open-source community. Read More >

Desktop Virtualization Is Starting to Expand

News Analysis: More companies and their customers are finding new ways to utilize desktop virtualization, which Gartner predicts could start outpacing server virtualization in the coming years. Read More >

Oracle to Buy PLM Specialist Agile for $495M

Oracle will spend $495 million to acquire Agile Software, a developer of product lifecycle management applications, as it continues its relentless campaign to outgrow SAP through corporate buyouts. Read More >

Open Source: The Price of Freedom

Call it the democratization of software. But in this election contest, open-source operating systems come down to two leading candidates with similar platforms. Read More >

Open Source: What Companies Are Deploying Now

Small and mid-size companies have embraced Linux. Now they are taking up an even broader array of open source technologies. Read More >

IBM Moves to Make Data Centers More Energy-Efficient

IBM unveils "Project Big Green," which it claims will save enterprises money and make them more energy-efficient when it comes to their data centers. Read More >

CIOs Want Integrated Web 2.0 Tools

A new study reveals that CIOs prefer Web 2.0 tool suites from major vendors rather than standalone applications. Read More >

IBM Offers Paid Support for No-Cost Data Server

IBM will now offer users of its DB2 Enterprise-C data server a paid annual support subscription. Read More >

The State of Ubuntu 7.04 Is Strong

Review: Ubuntu 7.04—also known as Feisty Fawn—shines for its excellent software management tools and large catalog of ready-to-install free software applications. Read More >

Many Backup, Recovery Systems Go Untested

Numerous companies risk serious downtime and financial losses because of untested, critically slow disaster recovery systems, a survey suggests. Read More >

Wal-Mart to Add RFID to 400 More Stores

The retailer reaffirms its support for RFID, citing fewer out-of-stock items and a reduction in excess inventory in the supply chain. Read More >

IBM Developing Blades for Server-Based Computing

Big Blue is partnering with Devon IT to develop and sell a combination of blades and thin clients to create a server-based computing environment for customers. Read More >

Ray Ozzie Is Fully Clothed

News Analysis: Despite facing mounting criticism and mumbling from pundits over Microsoft's services strategy, Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie stood and delivered a potent keynote at the Mix show. Read More >

Four More Convicted in eBay Fraud Case

Guilty pleas bring the number of people convicted of illegally selling copyrighted software to seven. Read More >

Microsoft Sees Complex Future for Software

The next generation of applications will include local software and global services, resulting in a persistent hybrid model, says a Microsoft executive at the New Software Industry conference. Read More >

"$100 Laptop" Project May be Coming to America

A project that aims to deliver low-priced laptops with string pulleys to the world's poorest children may have a new market: U.S. schools. Read More >

Adobe Open-Source Move Sets Showdown with Microsoft

Adobe's plan to open-source its Flex Web development framework offers at least a partial open-source alternative to Microsoft's Silverlight and Extensible Application Markup Language. Read More >

Hardware Virtualization Scenario Set to Play Out Soon

Virtualization, both on the software and hardware side, took center stage at the Linux/Open Source on Wall Street conference. Read More >

Panel: CIOs Wary of Open-Source Enterprise Apps

Analysts and company representatives at the Linux/Open Source on Wall Street conference discuss the obstacles in the way of mainstream adoption of mission-critical open-source applications. Read More >

I.T.'s Top 81 R&D Spenders

A burst of investing in 2006 was mostly aimed at shoring up existing product lines and was concentrated among the biggest firms, like Microsoft, Intel and Google. Read More >

Indian Techies Are Well-Paid but Restless

A new survey finds that the majority of India's IT professional work force are young, frequently promoted and restless for growth opportunities. Read More >

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