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App Testing Now Consumes a Quarter of IT Budget

new study of 1,500 global IT decision-makers conducted by Capgemini and Hewlett-Packard finds that, by 2015, quality assurance testing is expected to consume as much as 28 percent of the IT budget, up five percentage points from 2013. Despite the rise of cloud computing, most of that money is... Read More >

Nine Must-Have Android Apps for CIOs

When examining the corporate world, one would quickly believe that Android wouldn't be one of the chosen platforms for the average CIO. After all, BlackBerry still appeals to the needs of the enterprise, and a growing number of companies are investing in iOS under the realization that it might be a smart move for them. One of the operating systems that CIOs are increasingly selecting is... Read More >

Business Taking DIY Approach to App Development

While outsourcing has dominated tech-related business headlines in recent years, one IT-led development appears to be bucking that trend: the deployment of apps for enterprise users, according to a recent survey from Antenna Software. In fact, a significant and growing number of organizations are running their own app stores. And a... Read More >

How To Avoid Mobile App Overload

More than 85% of CIOs and IT managers surveyed believe there's a pressing need for them to retire apps that have outlived their usefulness. Read More >

Jaguar Launches Virtual Shopping Experience

The Jaguar Land Rover Virtual Experience demonstrates how the physical and digital worlds are merging to reshape the consumer shopping experience. Read More >

Ten Things You Should Know About WebRTC

Don't you think it would be great if you could engage with customers, employees, and partners accessing voice, video and data-sharing apps on a Web browser without any plug-ins? Thanks to developments with WebRTC technology, this is becoming a reality. To lend greater insight into this topic, Constellation Research Inc. has come out... Read More >

Technology Trends Drive SAP Software Consolidation

The average enterprise has multiple instances of SAP applications, but three technology trends are contributing to the consolidation of SAP software. Read More >

How Open Source is Changing the Enterprise

If open source software hasn't already emerged as a commonly used tool throughout your enterprise, it likely will before long, according to a recent survey from North Bridge Venture Partners and Black Duck Software. Once associated with stigmas about its quality and performance,... Read More >

Free and Open Source: Enterprise Support Is Needed

Free and open source software (FOSS) is one of those creatures that the technology industry often doesn’t understand. Some still see it as software that is made by a bunch of developers who sit in their home basement all day long and create new products. With help and support from the open source community, some of those programs have become industry standards. The truth is, though, FOSS... Read More >

Wasted Dollars: The Problem of Unused Software

A significant percentage of organizations will increase their software budgets for the indefinite future, according to a recent survey from Flexera Software. However, there's also... Read More >

Kelly-Moore Improves Security and Service Delivery

Using appliance-based remote support software, Kelly-Moore Paints increased its security measures and improved service delivery for tech support. Read More >

Users Want Mobile Apps, Not Mobile Websites

The mobile world is changing at a rapid rate. People around the globe are increasingly turning to their smartphones and tablets to get information, and companies are responding to that change through a host of measures. In some cases, companies have decided to launch mobile Websites aimed at making it easier to browse their pages on a mobile device. In other cases, mobile apps have become the... Read More >

Better Health Care Through APIs

Critical data-integration technology is helping health care providers in Michigan get patient information to doctors when and where they need it. Read More >

Caught in the Crossfire

As line of business teams increasingly fund everything from CRM systems to social media apps, CIOS are caught between competing business units. Read More >

Agile Development Tail Wags the Business Dog

For several years now agile development methodologies have been gaining adherents across the developer spectrum. While it's taken some time for agile development to attain mainstream adoption in the developer community, the ripple effect of all that code is now starting to be felt across the business. A Read More >

Mobility: A Tough Nut to Crack

Mobility may be all the rage, but companies are finding that building and supporting effective mobile apps presents some significant challenges. Read More >

Sport Franchises Use IT to Keep Fans in Seats

The New England Patriots and other teams are using social-media technologies to create a unique, immersive experience in their stadiums for fans. Read More >

CIOs Plan to Invest Heavily in Business Apps

Enterprise business applications continue to emerge as a critical area of focus for CIOs and other top technology managers, according to a recent survey from Delphix. With a significant degree of improvements needed in business operations and analysis, the majority of organizations are looking to substantially increase... Read More >

10 Things to Consider about Windows 8

With Windows 8 now on store shelves, CIOs are forced to consider the impact the operating system might have on their operations. For months now, we’ve been hearing all about Windows 8 and why Microsoft believes  it will be a winner for corporate users. So far, that hasn’t been proven, despite Microsoft’s best efforts. From preview builds to blog posts on its Website that... Read More >

IT Is Roaming Free, But Should It Be?

The nice thing about running the tech side of a business is that you can be held accountable for its safety and security. Better yet, you can pick out the products your employees will use, and you'll be able to play a crucial role in the development and ultimate success of your company. And those who don't understand the immense value and power you possess in making the company successful... Read More >

Intel Exec Heralds Era of 'Transparent Computing'

At IDF, Intel's top software official talks to developers about "transparent computing," the idea of enabling apps to run on multiple mobile platforms. Read More >

IBM Connections Melds the Social Business With Big Data Analytics

IBM announced a new version of its IBM Connections software that brings the power of big data analytics to social business. Read More >

SAP Offers Enterprise Performance Management Apps as On-Demand Service

The enterprise software giant is offering three new business applications in an on-demand offering as a complement to its EPM 10 suite, designed to run on mobile devices. Read More >

IBM Interactive Unveils New Services for CMOs, CIOs

At its Smarter Commerce Summit, IBM announced that its IBM Interactive unit is offering new services for CMOs and CIOs to better engage with customers in the digital era. Read More >

Hot Tech Projects in Healthcare, Government and Finance IT

Healthcare organizations, government agencies and financial firms are among the six Fortune-ranked and mid-market companies highlighted in our latest roundup of Hot IT Projects. Information for this feature is provided exclusively to CIO Insight by the researchers at DiscoverOrg. Read More >

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