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IBM Offers Paid Support for No-Cost Data Server

IBM will now offer users of its DB2 Enterprise-C data server a paid annual support subscription. Read More >

The State of Ubuntu 7.04 Is Strong

Review: Ubuntu 7.04—also known as Feisty Fawn—shines for its excellent software management tools and large catalog of ready-to-install free software applications. Read More >

Many Backup, Recovery Systems Go Untested

Numerous companies risk serious downtime and financial losses because of untested, critically slow disaster recovery systems, a survey suggests. Read More >

Wal-Mart to Add RFID to 400 More Stores

The retailer reaffirms its support for RFID, citing fewer out-of-stock items and a reduction in excess inventory in the supply chain. Read More >

IBM Developing Blades for Server-Based Computing

Big Blue is partnering with Devon IT to develop and sell a combination of blades and thin clients to create a server-based computing environment for customers. Read More >

Ray Ozzie Is Fully Clothed

News Analysis: Despite facing mounting criticism and mumbling from pundits over Microsoft's services strategy, Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie stood and delivered a potent keynote at the Mix show. Read More >

Four More Convicted in eBay Fraud Case

Guilty pleas bring the number of people convicted of illegally selling copyrighted software to seven. Read More >

Microsoft Sees Complex Future for Software

The next generation of applications will include local software and global services, resulting in a persistent hybrid model, says a Microsoft executive at the New Software Industry conference. Read More >

"$100 Laptop" Project May be Coming to America

A project that aims to deliver low-priced laptops with string pulleys to the world's poorest children may have a new market: U.S. schools. Read More >

Adobe Open-Source Move Sets Showdown with Microsoft

Adobe's plan to open-source its Flex Web development framework offers at least a partial open-source alternative to Microsoft's Silverlight and Extensible Application Markup Language. Read More >

Hardware Virtualization Scenario Set to Play Out Soon

Virtualization, both on the software and hardware side, took center stage at the Linux/Open Source on Wall Street conference. Read More >

Panel: CIOs Wary of Open-Source Enterprise Apps

Analysts and company representatives at the Linux/Open Source on Wall Street conference discuss the obstacles in the way of mainstream adoption of mission-critical open-source applications. Read More >

I.T.'s Top 81 R&D Spenders

A burst of investing in 2006 was mostly aimed at shoring up existing product lines and was concentrated among the biggest firms, like Microsoft, Intel and Google. Read More >

Indian Techies Are Well-Paid but Restless

A new survey finds that the majority of India's IT professional work force are young, frequently promoted and restless for growth opportunities. Read More >

Human Supply Chain: How to manage it

CUNA Mutual Group, which spends $15 million a year on contract workers, wanted to get the best talent at the best price. First, it had to take a good look at its hiring processes. Read More >

Software AG Buys WebMethods for $546M

Germany's Software AG acquires WebMethods to make an SOA powerhouse. Read More >

IBM Expands CICS for the Mainframe

The latest version of the CICS Transaction Server for z/OS 3.2 provides additional management and Web services for System z users. Read More >

Al Gore: Embedded Tech Can Help Heal the Earth

Conservationist envisions electronet—or smart grid—and improved efficiency in IT components to help lower power consumption and "greenhouse gas" emissions in future years. ( Read More >

Putting I.T. Appliances to Work

Unlike general-purpose computing platforms and software, appliances don't have to do everything—just a few things very well. Read More >

Developers: Expect New Major Language Within Five Years

A group of software developers said we should expect to see more dynamic languages and possibly a new major language in the next five years. Read More >

Microsoft Strikes Broad Patent Deal with Fuji Xerox

Executives from both companies praised the deal for the interoperability advances it would facilitate and the ability to access one another's broad patent portfolios. Read More >

The End of Software, and a New Way of Doing Business chief Mark Benioff has brought the concept of consumer e-commerce applications to business users, creating one of the fastest growing tech companies in the world. Read More >

Microsoft Customers Irate over Daylight-Saving Time Woes

Updated: This year's daylight-saving time change is causing major frustration for IT administrators running Microsoft programs that need to be individually patched to reflect the change. Read More >

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