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IBM Lotus Takes Social Networking to New Heights

IBM's Lotus division draws from its roots in collaboration software to launch Lotus Connections, a social networking platform for businesses, along with a series of related offerings aimed at helping enterprises use Web 2.0 technology to refresh legacy so Read More >

OSDL, FSG Merge to Create Linux Foundation

The new foundation aims to provide services that are useful to the community and industry, as well as protect, promote and continue to standardize the Linux platform. Read More >

5 Software Development Mistakes to Avoid

Two I.T. experts offer their tips on successful software development. Read More >

Hosted IT: When Simple Won't Do

The complexity of many cutting-edge applications demands the resources of a full-service vendor. Read More >

Scott Rosenberg: What Makes Software So Hard

The history of software development is marked by missed deadlines, blown budgets and broken promises. Author Scott Rosenberg discusses this dysfunctional culture, and why it persists. Read More >

RFID in '06 and '07: Years of Ups and Downs

The technology finds pockets of activity despite lingering issues including pricing, standards and customer validation. Read More >

Interest in SOA, SAAS Expected to Grow in 2007

Enterprise application vendors like Microsoft, Oracle and SAP will continue investing in software services and mid-market initiatives. Read More >

Identity Management and Access: A Smarter Gatekeeper

Identity management software gives your company more control over who accesses business applications. It also makes it easier to add or cut off access on the fly. But why is that so difficult? Read More >

For Microsoft, 2006 Ends as a Sprint to the Finish Line

While 2006 may have started off as a casual walk in the park for Microsoft, it ended as a sprint to the finish line as the software maker rushed to get Vista and Office out the door. Read More >

Hands Off My Code

The Agile Alliance embraces agile programming to the exclusion of all other methods. And that's a huge mistake. Read More >

IBM, Yahoo Partner on Free Enterprise Search for SMBs

The free search package allows small and midsize businesses to search corporate file servers and databases as well as the public Web. Read More >

Inside eBay's Innovation Machine

eBay retooled its technology platform to scale for rapid growth. Now it hopes a thriving community of outside developers can use that platform to keep the company growing into its second decade. Read More >

The Big Slide

Read More >

EAC Unit Recommends E-Voting Software Independence

A committee has voted that election results should be determined independently of whether or not voting machines have had software problems or security breaches. Read More >

EAC Unit Recommends E-Voting Software Independence

A committee has voted that election results should be determined independently of whether or not voting machines have had software problems or security breaches. Read More >

Can IT Use Open Source Methods To Write Internal Code?

Mainstream companies are using open source methods to develop their own software. Lynne Ellyn, CIO of DTE Energy, shares her thoughts on how to make it work. Read More >

Models and Measures

Opinion: Next-generation systems depend on high-level design aids and open performance measurement standards. Read More >

Wikis Are Alive and Kicking in the Enterprise

The benefits of wikis are being widely recognized and they are spreading in enterprises thanks in part to the influx of the tech-savvy entry-level employees of so-called Generation Y. Read More >

RFID Maker Licenses IBM's Clipped Tag Technology

IBM says the technology is a simple answer to an increasingly convoluted issue: consumer privacy in the face of RFID-tagged products. Read More >

Election Daze for Party Faithful

Write-in columnist seeks to exercise right but gets left Read More >

SOA Success: Five Actions CIOs Say You Should Take

CIOs deploying a service-oriented architecture say success can boil down to some key action items. Read More >

IBM, Business Objects Deepen Relationship

The companies sgree to jointly build out on demand software and stock their services business. Read More >

Apple Launches Latest Beta Version of Boot Camp

The updated version of Apple's software that allows Mac users to run Windows comes on the heels of Apple's update of its MacBook Pro line with Intel's Core 2 Duo processor. Read More >

Red Hat Exec: Oracle Linux Move 'Positive for Us'

Company executive says the move is an acknowledgement that the future of software is open source and that its Red Hat enterprise Linux software is the gold standard. Read More >

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