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Microsoft's Open XML Project Deemed a Short-Term Fix

Critics say the installable software plug-ins created by the Open XML Translator project are a stopgap measure that will probably not be acceptable to governments in the long run. Read More >

SourceLabs System Provides Continuous Open-Source Support

SourceLabs' Continuous Support System brings greater support to enterprises using open-source software in production systems. Read More >

eWEEK Daily News Podcast, June 23, 2006

Harvard study confirms IT does matter; Senate commmittee chair wants "net neutrality" out of telecom bill; AT&T gets slammed for change in customer data policy; Mac and open-source gurus publicize switch from Apple to open; IBM releases free Java security Read More >

IBM Cranks Up Compute Centers' Power

Big Blue will add up to 15 teraflops to its supercomputing capacity-on-demand capabilities, including more Power5+ systems. Read More >

Big Vendors Take Sides in Standards Shootout

News Analysis: The five companies are working with established standards bodies to advance a common standard API (application programming interface) for storage customers. Read More >

Is Microsoft Ready for Gates' Transition?

News Analysis: There is no consensus about whether the way Microsoft does business will change significantly as founder Bill Gates shifts his focus to his charitable foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Read More >

Will Microsoft Still Be Microsoft Without Bill Gates?

Opinion: Will 'The Evil Empire' still inspire fear in the hearts of competitors without its stalwart leader involved in day-to-day operations? My bet is no. (Microsoft Watch) Read More >

Lundquist: Gates Stepping Back No Big Surprise

Opinion: Gates' demands outside of Microsoft, such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, were taking up the bulk of his time, which is probably the way he intended. Read More >

IBM Global Services Exec Offers Glimpse into Russian Market

Russian customers are gradually warming to services pitches, but are not yet to the point of signing up, according to the global services director for IBM East Europe/Asia. Read More >

Microsoft Forms Interoperabilty Council

Microsoft has formed a group that will work on improving the ability of the software giant's products to work together with third-party applications. Read More >

Virtual Chargeback: IBM's New Data Center Move

IBM says its software to let companies track usage and allocate costs in virtualized I.T. environments is critical. But has Big Blue jumped the gun? Read More >

CIO Summit: Globalization and its Responsibilities

Thoughts from the Second Annual Ziff Davis Media CIO Summit on the risks of globalization and IBM Chairman Sam Palmisano's global integration solution. Read More >

Outsourcing: The Russian Revelation

Russian outsourcers can be a good fit for smaller projects that require creativity, interaction and development of intellectual property. Read More >

Microsoft Pledges Another Round of Open-Source Links

Microsoft Senior Vice President Bob Muglia says the company is serious about finding ways to resolve the incompatibilities between open-source and commercial software. Read More >

IBM Sets Roadmap for Future Rational Tools

IBM will upgrade its Rational tool set in Q4 and move to a major revision in 2007. Read More >

Microsoft to Publish New Common Engineering Criteria at Tech Ed

While Microsoft says the criteria demonstrate its commitment to providing best-in-class products that are integrated and manageable, it was criticized by customers as a ruse to facilitate even greater lock-in. Read More >

IBM Readies Rational Revamp

It's been a little more than three years since IBM acquired Rational Software, and now Big Blue is planning a major upgrade to keep its foothold in application development tools. Read More >

The Big Deal: Tech Giants Fawn over Small Fry

With the high-end enterprise market growing at a snail's pace and big vendors desperate for new revenue, industry heavyweights are turning their attention to SMBs. Read More >

The Data Revolution Will Be Televised

Searching and organizing unstructured text is one thing. Working with multimedia content, which is beginning to make up a growing percentage of the world's unstructured data, is another matter altogether. Read More >

Technology: Open Source Tools Help Ease Integration Woes

Small companies like Marena Group see lowered costs and quicker implementation. Read More >

Unofficial Registry Script Blunts MS Word Zero-Day Attack

Internet security experts recommend that Windows users implement software restriction policies to reduce the effects of ongoing zero-day attacks against a code execution flaw in Microsoft Word. Read More >

SAP Co-founder Discusses Competitors, Potential Buyers

Hasso Plattner says IBM, Microsoft or Google could acquire SAP in the future. Read More >

Technology: Enterprise Rights Management Aims Digital Rights at Sensitive Documents

Enterprise-rights management is still in its early stages, but most CIOs acknowledge a need for better document security. Read More >

Gates' Memo: 'Beyond Business Intelligence'

Microsoft's chief software architect tells customers and partners what his company is doing to end information overload/underload. Read the full text of his memo here. Read More >

Sun's Open-Source Outreach Met with Mixed Emotions

As Sun wades deeper into open-source waters, reaction from the analyst and open-source communities is diverse and divided. Read More >

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