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Developers on the Clock

Like most CIOs these days, Paul-Camille Bentz, of AGF (a French subsidiary of Munich-based insurance giant Allianz AG), has been looking for ways to cut costs from his IT budget. So far, he's reduced infrastructure, extended the life of the PCs used by AG Read More >

Assets Add Up; But Asset Software Sometimes Doesn't

Asset management is a great way to find out about and track the systems and software under your umbrella. But getting it to work the way it's supposed to is another story. Read More >

Steal This Software

These are tough times for conventional wisdom. Is piracy good for the IT industry? Read More >

Human Capital Management Fact Sheet

New software has the potential to change the way human resource departments interact with employees. But so far results have been mixed, mostly centered around cutting costs. Read More >

Unified Communication Tools Fact Sheet

Disparate communications tools are slowly converging into unified software packages, but so far the benefits have been greatly exaggerated. Read More >

In Software Development, Quality Matters

Software metrics used to be commonly used as a way to ensure not only that the application under construction could meet business goals, but also run as stable, responsible citizens in the IT infrastructure. No more. Read More >

JPMorgan Chase Draws a Map to End Outages

JPMorgan Chase, which loses money for every second its servers are down, treated a plague of outages with application mapping software that could pinpoint problems that were often shockingly ordinary. Read More >

Pioneer of RSS, Blogs, Podcasts Looks at What's Next

Dave Winer was one of the first to recognize the value of customizing information flows on the Internet. Now he's predicting information flows will change how everything else works, too. Read More >

Web 2.0 Reality Check

Think your company has adapted to the Internet? Think again. A flood of Web services and user-driven apps will mean fresh challenges for IT management. Read More >

What the Hell Does Web 2.0 Mean, Anyway?

There's a lively debate in the blogosphere about what functions, practices and technology actually makes up "Web 2.0." So why should a CIO care? It may matter more than you know. Read More >

How the Customer Satisfaction Survey Was Done

Questions and methods we used to estimate how CIOs feel about the vendors on which they depend. Read More >

New Brain Trust to Work Like the Web

Instead of finding relevant Web sites, would find other researchers' datasets and protocols, as well as working models of how genes, proteins and brain regions interact. Read More >

CIOs Describe Like-Hate Relationships With Vendors

The least surprising result of this year's customer-satisfaction survey is that CIOs hate their telecom vendors. The most surprising is that companies that always rate badly have done little to improve customers' opinions of them. Read More >

IT Vendors Disappoint The Biggest Companies

IT software vendors don't have much to offer the largest corporations, so they end up going it alone. Will that change? Read More >

Microsoft Acknowledges Need to Help Build Web Services

With Microsoft now on board, the software revolution can officially begin. Read More >

Open Source Turns Strategic

The fear about open source seems to be disappearing as Corporate America realizes open source is useful for more than just tinkering and Web servers. Read More >

PDAs Help Doctors Cut Excessive Antibiotics

Tools that guide doctors' decisions can reduce excessive use of antibiotics. Read More >

Music-Industry Foes Join Hands to Accept Royalties

A rare collaboration between fierce competitors in the music business is turning heads. Read More >

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