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Tax Man

Many Unhappy Returns: One Man's Quest to Turn Around the Most Unpopular Organization in America Read More >

On-Demand Tax Service Integrates with Great Plains 8.0

Avalara's automated jurisdiction research and tax calculation solution AvaTax ST can now integrate with Microsoft's Great Plains 8.0. Read More >

Is This Human Being Necessary?

The change has been so gradual, yet so pervasive. Read More >

Executive Briefs

Due Diligence: Innovation Still Matters Read More >

Take My Software. Please.

JDS Uniphase outsourced some key enterprise software at the height of the tech bubble. Amidst a brutal retrenchment, that deal is about the only thing that's worked out as planned. Read More >

Deal With It

Mergers and acquisitions are a growing fact of life in the software industry, and customers need to plan for them. Read More >

Executive Briefs

Read More >

Get Ready For the Coming Software M&A Wave

Mergers and acquisitions are a growing fact of life in the software industry, and customers need to plan for them. Read More >

Shrink Rap

Larry Ellison isn't the only person predicting widespread consolidation for the software industry—he's just the most colorful. Read More >

Web Politics 2.0

In a year when online campaigns showed great potential, the election results proved that Web marketing still has some growing up to do. Read More >

John Parkinson: Secret Software Agents

Opinion: John Parkinson: Software agents can give you huge gains in the efficiency of business processes—but only if you get the rules right. Read More >

Time Changes Everything

CIO Insight's Edward Baker argues that the real motive for JP Morgan killing a major outsourcing deal with IBM is the operational excellence of Bank One, who is merging with JP Morgan. Read More >

What's Keeping Utility IT From Lighting Up?

In a recently published report ("The IT Utility: The Future of the Data Center") by Westport, Connecticut-based research firm Saugatuck Technology, utility computing is highlighted as the predominant force that will drive change in the data center over th Read More >

Collaboration: All Together Now

Collaborative technologies such as Web conferencing and online workspaces promise to improve productivity—if you can get people to use them. Better get ready, since VoIP may lead to convergence of these technologies sooner rather than later. Read More >

Expertise Management: Who Knows About This?

Unlike the knowledge management systems of old, expertise location systems (ELS) get results. The innovation: software that scans e-mail and documents and updates databases automatically. Read More >

Case Study: Pratt & Whitney

Self-Service Target Suppliers Read More >

Utility Computing: Back to the Future

Concern for the bottom line is driving interest in utility computing, though the hype is still outstripping reality. But it's time to get ready—by consolidating infrastructure and testing the pay-as-you-go waters with nonessential applications. Read More >

Eric Nee: SOX in a Box

Software companies have lost no time trying to market Sarbanes-Oxley products and tools. But CIOs should look before they leap into purchasing these supposedly ready-made answers. It isn't easy to put compliance in a box. Read More >

Viewpoint: Nate Root

CIO Insight: How many companies are formally using IM? Read More >

Calculator: RFID Set-Up Costs

Fill in your own company's estimates to see how much RFID will cost you. Read More >

Business Process Modeling: A Model Student

The goal is to get all the benefits from automation—improved efficiency, reduced costs, greater speed—without becoming inflexible. But how? For some, business process modeling does the trick. Read More >

Product Lifecycle Management: The Means of Production

Product lifecycle management is being touted as the next great enterprise software cure-all. But implementing the software isn't as easy as you've been told. Read More >

Robert Sutton: The Best-Practices Trap

The argument for adopting "best practices" often seems irrefutable, but don't jump to conclusions about the results. There's no guarantee that practices that worked wonders elsewhere will translate successfully to your company. Read More >

Supply & Demand: Software Pricing

The software industry is changing fast. The big-ticket perpetual software license is giving way to more affordable subscriptions—and even more radical plans in which companies pay for software as they need it. Here's what CIOs need to know as they Read More >

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