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Business Process Modeling: A Model Student

The goal is to get all the benefits from automation—improved efficiency, reduced costs, greater speed—without becoming inflexible. But how? For some, business process modeling does the trick. Read More >

Product Lifecycle Management: The Means of Production

Product lifecycle management is being touted as the next great enterprise software cure-all. But implementing the software isn't as easy as you've been told. Read More >

Book Review: The Business of Software

What Kind of Business Do You Want to Be? Read More >

Editorial: February 2004

This month's issue includes our annual survey of IT spending, and the results are mildly encouraging: The more than 600 CIOs we polled have increased their 2004 IT budgets an average of 2.2 percent over 2003, and more than two-thirds of CIOs expect to be Read More >

Robert Sutton: The Best-Practices Trap

The argument for adopting "best practices" often seems irrefutable, but don't jump to conclusions about the results. There's no guarantee that practices that worked wonders elsewhere will translate successfully to your company. Read More >

Supply & Demand: Software Pricing

The software industry is changing fast. The big-ticket perpetual software license is giving way to more affordable subscriptions—and even more radical plans in which companies pay for software as they need it. Here's what CIOs need to know as they Read More >

Technology: Open Source

The religious wars over open-source software—especially Linux—are over. What lies ahead is a steely-eyed pragmatism about the software's pros and cons. Read More >

Analysis: Lessons From Midsize Companies

Until recently, small and medium-size companies have lagged in the strategic use of IT. But now they're spending more money than their larger brethren to catch up, despite the economic slowdown of the past three years. Here's how they're using their latec Read More >

Code Breaking: Open-Source, Closed Minds

Heavy lobbying by Microsoft Corp. succeeded in quashing a recent meeting by the World Intellectual Property Organization to consider the trend by world governments toward open, nonproprietary technologies. How did they get away with it? Read More >

Roundtable: Exploring the Generation Gap

In late July CIO Insight convened a roundtable on youth and the future of the workplace to discuss how the Net Generation is starting to reshape the workplace—and the challenge to CIOs. Read More >

Web Extra: Rich Mogull on Social Re-engineering

Rich Mogull is research director for the information security and risk practice at Gartner Inc. A former paramedic and firefighter, Mogull has extensive experience in risk analysis and scenario planning. We asked him to highlight some of the m Read More >

Whiteboard: How to Create and Lead an Adaptive Organization

If your customers' needs are changing faster than your ability to respond, you need to become more adaptive. This month's whiteboard provides a roadmap for creating and leading an organization that can not only meet customer needs as they change, but anti Read More >

Fast Facts: How Archimedes Works

Online exclusive: How the Archimedes simulation model gives patients, providers and institutions a virtual window on healthcare. Read More >

Strategic Profile: Web Services

CIO Insight chatted briefly with Barry Bloom, Chief Software Architect for cosmetics company Mary Kay Inc., about his web services projects, designed to support Mary Kay's 950,000 door-to-door salespeople in the field. Read More >

Strong Signals: Star Search

Opinion: John Parkinson: The fabled 10x programmers of yore are returning to the mainstream. Is corporate IT software development prepared to accommodate them? Read More >

Interview: IBM CIO Phil Thompson

Interview: IBM CIO Phil Thompson discusses the roots of complexity and how Big Blue has tamed the beast. Read More >

Thinking Out Loud: Parkway CIO John Bryer

Parkway CIO John Bryer discusses the risks and rewards of building a data warehouse. Read More >

Thinking Out Loud: CIO Marv Adams

Thinking Out Loud: Ford CIO Marv Adams wants to make information management a core competency at Ford—while also cutting costs. To do that, Adams is bringing more IT people—and projects—inside. (Extended online version) Read More >

Digital Rights Management and the Bottom Line

Hollywood isn't alone in the fight against online pirates. Now, Digital Content Controls are popping up across industries—and in some cases, they're boosting the bottom line. Read More >

Expert Voice: David Gelernter on Knowledge Management

Computer scientist and entrepreneur David Gelernter believes computers should imitate life. That means rethinking what it means to manage knowledge—and replacing the current PC and Mac desktop with a "narrative structure." Read More >

Organizational Behavior: Force of Habit

Smart people do dumb things because it's easier, and because the organizations they work for fail to reward new habits. Robert I. Sutton looks for signs of change. Read More >

Business Software and the Billion Dollar Club

Contrary to expectation, columnist Eric Nee reports, consolidation in the business software industry hasn't threatened innovation and customer choice. Read More >

Editorial: June 2002

The best technology ideas are useless unless they're put into action. How can CIOs best mesh strategy with reality? Read More >

Roundtable: Open Source Goes Mainstream

Roundtable: Once-radical open source software is moving out of the shadows and into the mainstream. Nine experts debate its future. Read More >

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