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Interview: IBM CIO Phil Thompson

Interview: IBM CIO Phil Thompson discusses the roots of complexity and how Big Blue has tamed the beast. Read More >

Thinking Out Loud: CIO Marv Adams

Thinking Out Loud: Ford CIO Marv Adams wants to make information management a core competency at Ford—while also cutting costs. To do that, Adams is bringing more IT people—and projects—inside. (Extended online version) Read More >

Digital Rights Management and the Bottom Line

Hollywood isn't alone in the fight against online pirates. Now, Digital Content Controls are popping up across industries—and in some cases, they're boosting the bottom line. Read More >

Expert Voice: David Gelernter on Knowledge Management

Computer scientist and entrepreneur David Gelernter believes computers should imitate life. That means rethinking what it means to manage knowledge—and replacing the current PC and Mac desktop with a "narrative structure." Read More >

Organizational Behavior: Force of Habit

Smart people do dumb things because it's easier, and because the organizations they work for fail to reward new habits. Robert I. Sutton looks for signs of change. Read More >

Business Software and the Billion Dollar Club

Contrary to expectation, columnist Eric Nee reports, consolidation in the business software industry hasn't threatened innovation and customer choice. Read More >

Editorial: June 2002

The best technology ideas are useless unless they're put into action. How can CIOs best mesh strategy with reality? Read More >

Roundtable: Open Source Goes Mainstream

Roundtable: Once-radical open source software is moving out of the shadows and into the mainstream. Nine experts debate its future. Read More >

Review: Chinese Checkers

You think you have problems? Picture yourself as a CIO working inside China today. Read More >

Executive Briefs: January 2002

Executive briefs for January 2002. Read More >

Whiteboard: How to Improve IT-Business Alignment

A diagnostic tool for assessing how ready your company or business unit is to create, improve and sustain alignment. Read More >

Book Brief: Digital Storm

The trials and tribulations of B2B marketplaces is the kickoff point for an analysis of how to make business interactions work, creating value through innovation and why software is the weak link in the e-business infrastructure. Read More >

Executive Briefs: October 2001

Erik Brynjolfsson, a professor of management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Sloan School of Management and the codirector of the Center for eBusiness@MIT, is a staunch believer in the long-term contribution of technology to productivity gr Read More >

Expert Voice: Peter G. Neumann on Securing our Data Grid

A conversation with SRI/Stanford's top security guru on the steps needed to shore up our fragile data grid. Read More >

Review: Dot Vertigo

As Richard Nolan, a Harvard Business School professor explains it, "Dot Vertigo" describes the disorientation and dizziness experienced by established brick-and-mortar firms as they attempt to formulate new business strategies and processes for the Intern Read More >

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