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CIOs Plan to Invest Heavily in Business Apps

Enterprise business applications continue to emerge as a critical area of focus for CIOs and other top technology managers, according to a recent survey from Delphix. With a significant degree of improvements needed in business operations and analysis, the majority of organizations are looking to substantially increase... Read More >

10 Things to Consider about Windows 8

With Windows 8 now on store shelves, CIOs are forced to consider the impact the operating system might have on their operations. For months now, we’ve been hearing all about Windows 8 and why Microsoft believes  it will be a winner for corporate users. So far, that hasn’t been proven, despite Microsoft’s best efforts. From preview builds to blog posts on its Website that... Read More >

IT Is Roaming Free, But Should It Be?

The nice thing about running the tech side of a business is that you can be held accountable for its safety and security. Better yet, you can pick out the products your employees will use, and you'll be able to play a crucial role in the development and ultimate success of your company. And those who don't understand the immense value and power you possess in making the company successful... Read More >

Intel Exec Heralds Era of 'Transparent Computing'

At IDF, Intel's top software official talks to developers about "transparent computing," the idea of enabling apps to run on multiple mobile platforms. Read More >

IBM Connections Melds the Social Business With Big Data Analytics

IBM announced a new version of its IBM Connections software that brings the power of big data analytics to social business. Read More >

SAP Offers Enterprise Performance Management Apps as On-Demand Service

The enterprise software giant is offering three new business applications in an on-demand offering as a complement to its EPM 10 suite, designed to run on mobile devices. Read More >

IBM Interactive Unveils New Services for CMOs, CIOs

At its Smarter Commerce Summit, IBM announced that its IBM Interactive unit is offering new services for CMOs and CIOs to better engage with customers in the digital era. Read More >

Hot Tech Projects in Healthcare, Government and Finance IT

Healthcare organizations, government agencies and financial firms are among the six Fortune-ranked and mid-market companies highlighted in our latest roundup of Hot IT Projects. Information for this feature is provided exclusively to CIO Insight by the researchers at DiscoverOrg. Read More >

HP Launches Open-Source Version of webOS Platform

HP releases the Beta version of its open-source webOS platform in two builds, desktop and OpenEmbedded. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: Social Media at Work: Not Our Biggest Time-Waster

If you think that your IT staff fritters away too much of their time at work using Facebook and Twitter, guess again. Social media ranks very low on the list of work distractions, according to a recent survey conducted by Amplitude Research Inc. for TrackVia, a vendor that helps non-tech business people design, build and deploy secure, reliable cloud-based applications. One of the biggest... Read More >

IBM Opens Natural Resources Labs in Brazil, Kenya

IBM announced the opening of a new natural resources lab in Brazil a week after opening its first IBM Research lab on the African continent in Kenya. Read More >

New Apache Project 'Drill' Aims to Speed Up Hadoop Queries

Led by Hadoop vendor MapR Technologies, the open-source effort will seek innovative ways to push Hadoop data queries through more quickly for users. Read More >

IBM Solar Cell Semiconductors Set World Record

IBM announced that the solar cell semiconductors its research team is working on have set a world record for solar energy conversion. Read More >

HP Spinning Off webOS Business as Gram

The webOS platform may find new life in the form of Gram, an HP subsidiary that will focus on software and the cloud. Read More >

Windows 8 Available for Download to Developers, IT Pros

Microsoft has made the final bits of Windows 8, along with its Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5 tooling, available to developers and IT pros. Read More >

HP Launches New Cloud, Virtualization Network Solutions for Enterprises

HP s new EVI software makes moving data and virtual machines between data centers easier and faster, while its MDC improves the security of data in multitenant clouds. Read More >

NASA Mars Rover Curiosity Gets Software Update

NASA officials said the Mars rover Curiosity is in the process of updating its software to be better equipped to carry out its mission on the Red Planet. Read More >

AT&T to Host Alere Mobile Diabetes-Management Platform

AT&T will provide cloud infrastructure, security and support for Alere Health on a diabetes-management platform that incorporates WellDoc's DiabetesManager application. Read More >

Strategic Tech Slideshow: 10 Tech Firms For CIOs to Watch

As the technology needs of the enterprise continue to shift - buffeted by trends such as consumerization and bring-your-own-device (BYOD), big data, cloud and security challenges - so too do the strategies of the leading tech vendors as they try to accommodate customer needs. We've seen major strategic shifts at Dell, while HP and Research in Motion have been weathering major market challenges... Read More >

IBM Lauches New Network Security Appliance

IBM announced the availability of a new network security appliance, the IBM Security Network Intrusion Prevention System. Read More >

Microsoft Surface Tablets to Hit the Streets Oct. 26

Microsoft plans to launch Windows 8 and its first Surface tablet together on Oct. 26, according to an annual report it filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Read More >

Books Slideshow: How to Ensure Effective Enterprise Software Delivery

Globalization, the rapid pace of technology's evolution and the shifting economic climate are making it tougher than ever for companies to develop top-quality enterprise software. And for CIOs, the challenge lies in choosing software providers who will keep costs down while ensuring excellent work. In the book, "Read More >

Oracle Adds More Apps to Its Cloud With Skire Acquisition

Skire's software consists of a set of management and governance tools that span all project phases from planning and building to operations, enabling companies to manage their capital and construction programs. Read More >

SAP Updates Business Intelligence Platform to Address Mobile, Big Data Trends

Enterprise software provider SAP upgraded its array of business intelligence products by improving support for mobile platforms, by adding social features and helping to meet the demand for big data analytics. Read More >

Can IBM Help Researchers Cure the Common Cold?

IBM supercomputer technology is helping researchers in Melbourne, Australia, search for a cure for the common cold. Read More >

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