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NASA Mars Rover Curiosity Gets Software Update

NASA officials said the Mars rover Curiosity is in the process of updating its software to be better equipped to carry out its mission on the Red Planet. Read More >

AT&T to Host Alere Mobile Diabetes-Management Platform

AT&T will provide cloud infrastructure, security and support for Alere Health on a diabetes-management platform that incorporates WellDoc's DiabetesManager application. Read More >

Strategic Tech Slideshow: 10 Tech Firms For CIOs to Watch

As the technology needs of the enterprise continue to shift - buffeted by trends such as consumerization and bring-your-own-device (BYOD), big data, cloud and security challenges - so too do the strategies of the leading tech vendors as they try to accommodate customer needs. We've seen major strategic shifts at Dell, while HP and Research in Motion have been weathering major market challenges... Read More >

IBM Lauches New Network Security Appliance

IBM announced the availability of a new network security appliance, the IBM Security Network Intrusion Prevention System. Read More >

Microsoft Surface Tablets to Hit the Streets Oct. 26

Microsoft plans to launch Windows 8 and its first Surface tablet together on Oct. 26, according to an annual report it filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Read More >

Books Slideshow: How to Ensure Effective Enterprise Software Delivery

Globalization, the rapid pace of technology's evolution and the shifting economic climate are making it tougher than ever for companies to develop top-quality enterprise software. And for CIOs, the challenge lies in choosing software providers who will keep costs down while ensuring excellent work. In the book, "Read More >

Oracle Adds More Apps to Its Cloud With Skire Acquisition

Skire's software consists of a set of management and governance tools that span all project phases from planning and building to operations, enabling companies to manage their capital and construction programs. Read More >

SAP Updates Business Intelligence Platform to Address Mobile, Big Data Trends

Enterprise software provider SAP upgraded its array of business intelligence products by improving support for mobile platforms, by adding social features and helping to meet the demand for big data analytics. Read More >

Can IBM Help Researchers Cure the Common Cold?

IBM supercomputer technology is helping researchers in Melbourne, Australia, search for a cure for the common cold. Read More >

Enterprise Social Media: Separating the Good from the Average

A proliferation of companies are sprouting or modifying their business models to portray them as enterprise social networking savvy, but some have smarter business models than others. Read More >

Software-Based Autentication Key to Successful BYOD Strategy

Businesses should switch to software-based authentication platforms in an era of increased worker mobility, according to a report from authentication specialist Encap. Read More >

IBM Introduces Virtual Desktop Workplace Solutions

IBM announced a new set of virtual desktop flexible solutions, known as IBM SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructure solutions, which will help enterprises handle the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) to work craze. Read More >

IBM and Livermore Lab Extend Partnership on High Performance Computing

IBM and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have extended a long-running partnership in an effort to enhance America's competitiveness in high-performance computing (HPC). Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: Corporate Marketing Success Depends on the CIO

More than ever, CIOs must work closely with chief marketing officers (CMOs) to maximize IT support for marketing initiatives targeted at customers, according to a recent survey of marketing professionals from IBM, "The State of Marketing 2012." But a lack of... Read More >

Black Duck Delivers New Code Analytics Services

Black Duck Software announced new code analytics services to produce the new Black Duck Code Quality Audit (CQA) report. Read More >

IBM Launches New Cloud-Based Wimbledon Website

IBM and the All England Club have launched a new, more interactive Wimbledon Website powered by IBM analytics and cloud computing technology. Read More >

IBM Exploring Ways to Use, Sell Watson Cloud Services

IBM says its all-knowing, English-speaking computer that triumphed in the "Jeopardy" television show last year will add value to IT systems in both health care and financial services in 2012 and beyond. Read More >

IBM Leads Social Business Software Market

IBM announced that for the third straight year, market research firm IDC has ranked Big Blue as the No. 1 seller of social business software. Read More >

Dell Seeks to Acquire Quest Software for $2.15 Billion: Report

The offer, which would be the latest move by Dell in its transformation into an IT solutions provider, comes weeks after talks between the two companies broke off. Read More >

Cisco Reveals Its Software-Defined Networking Strategy

Cisco unveiled its strategy for delivering software-defined networking, describing its Open Network Environment Platform Kit (onePK) as a more comprehensive approach than the OpenFlow protocol or the OpenStack approaches by others. Read More >

IBM's Launches New Software to Boost Mobile Device Security

IBM announced new software to help enterprises security-enable devices and better manage BYOD environments. Read More >

IBM Targets Big Data With Storage, Technical Computing Enhancements

IBM launches a new Smarter Computing effort--aimed at tackling big data--with new storage systems and newly integrated technology from Big Blue s acquisition of Platform Computing. Read More >

Quest Software Acquisition Would Bolster Dell's Offerings

Quest Software's offerings are designed to help businesses in a number of key areas, including database, server and user workspace management as well as data protection and backup, performance monitoring, and identity and access management. Read More >

IBM Predictive Analytics Helps North Carolina Detect Medicaid Fraud

IBM's predictive analytics software enabled North Carolina to detect $6.2 million in potentially fraudulent Medicaid payments. Read More >

IBM Declares Apple's Siri a Security Threat, Bans Use on Corporate Networks

IBM has banned Apple's Siri digital assistant--along with other apps and services--from its networks out of concern for security and privacy. Big Blue realizes the move to enable workers to bring their own devices to work offers both benefits and challenges. Read More >

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