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IBM Building Smarter System for Louvre Museum

The world-famous Louvre Museum in Paris is using IBM software to get smarter about asset management, systems monitoring, energy efficiency and more. Read More >

IBM Dominated Worldwide Server Market in Q4 2011

A recent Gartner report indicates that IBM took the leadership position in the worldwide server market in the fourth quarter of 2011. Read More >

IBM Layoffs Top More than 1,200, Union Reports

Alliance@IBM, an IBM employee advocacy group, reports that IBM has laid off as many as 1,200 employees or more this week. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: 8 Reasons Microsoft Still Matters to the Enterprise

Microsoft, the software company that dominates the enterprise and once held equal sway in the consumer market, is losing some ground to Apple and Google, according to industry analysts. In the coming years, Microsoft's place in the enterprise could continue to slip as CIOs decide to respond to the call from across the enterprise to allow employees to bring Macs, iPhones, iPads, and even... Read More >

Dell Acquires AppAsure, an Application-Recovery Provider

AppAssure specializes in providing what it claims to be "near-instant and 100 percent reliable" bare-metal data center application recovery. The deal mark's Dell's 12th acquisition in the past two years Read More >

IBM Migration Factory Attracts Competitors' Customers

IBM announced enhancements to its Migration Factory program that helps customers on competing platforms migrate to IBM systems. IBM says it had 2,400 competitive displacements in 2011. Read More >

IBM Systems Will Have 'Integrated Expertise' Built In

At its Smarter Computing Executive Summary in New York, IBM announced plans to deliver a new family of systems that will have "integrated expertise" built in. Read More >

IBM, Samsung to Show Next-Gen Chip Tech at March Event

IBM, Samsung and GLOBALFOUNDRIES founders of the Common Platform alliance -- will showcase next-generation chip technologies at the Common Platform Technology Forum in March. Read More >

IBM, Tulip Telecom Build 900,000 Square Foot Data Center in India

IBM has helped design and build a 900,000 square foot data center in India for Tulip Telecom. The companies say it is the largest data center in India. Read More >

Platform as a Service Entering Pivotal Year: Gartner

By 2016, competition among PaaS vendors will produce new programming models, new standards and new software market leaders. Read More >

IBM Plans to Buy Worklight to Advance Mobile Strategy

IBM announced plans to acquire Worklight, a maker of development and management software for tablets and smartphones, in a move aimed at bolstering Big Blue s enterprise mobile strategy. Read More >

IBM Releases New Retail Analytics Appliance

IBM delivers a new analytics appliance to help retailers wrangle big data and gain insight into customer buying patterns. Read More >

Strong Software, Services Sales Boost IBM's Profits in Q4

IBM reported Q4 2011 earnings of 29.5 billion, showing a 4 percent increase in profits -- driven largely by software and services -- despite a dip in mainframe sales. Read More >

Companies Can Thrive by Leveraging Collective Ingelligence: IBM

Crowdsourcing can help improve service, increase sales and promote engagement. Read More >

IBM Focuses on the Social Business at Lotusphere

IBM kicks off Lotusphere 2012 with a focus on the importance of socially-enabling business processes. Read More >

IBM: Defining a Social Business

At Lotusphere 2012, IBM continues to set the tone for the social business software market the company essentially created inside its own walls for internal use. Read More >

IDC: Oracle, IBM, Microsoft Rule the Business Analytics Market

Oracle held the top spot during first half of 2011 with 20 percent global market share and 17.9 percent semiannual year-over-year growth. Read More >

IBM Social Business Software is Bolstered With Analytics

By adding deep analytics to its social business software, IBM continues to demonstrate its ability to deliver key enhancements on top of existing solutions to make them more relevant to more users. Read More >

IBM Security Systems Launches Data Access Management Platform

The new Security Role and Policy Modeler software provides corporations with an efficient and sophisticated approach to managing what information employees can securely access. Read More >

Microsoft Creating Real-Time Botnet Information Feed

Microsoft is testing a real-time feed to distribute information collected from several sources on major botnets, including Rustock, Waldec and Kelihos networks. Read More >

IBM Adds New Services, Programs to Social Business Offerings

Just ahead of Lotusphere 2012, which is expected to be a showcase for social business, IBM announced a set of new programs and services that expand Big Blue's social business strategy. Read More >

Application Management, Infrastructure Complexity Challenge IT

Sixty-eight percent of those surveyed invested in more than three distinct application and transaction management tools. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: IBM's New CEO: What CIOs Need to Know About Virginia Rometty

IBM CEO Virginia M. Rometty took the helm Jan. 1, 2012, as the 100-year-old company's first female CEO, replacing longtime CEO Samuel Palmisano, who remains as the company's chairman. When her appointment was announced in October 2011, Rometty told the New York Times that she does not anticipate changing course abruptly. Yet, Romettty's first move, on Jan. 3, was to make key management... Read More >

New IBM CEO Rometty Shakes Up Management Team

In one of her first moves as the new CEO of IBM, Virginia Rometty put new blood in new positions in sales, growth markets and services. Read More >

Making the Leap from CIO to CEO

A CIO turned CEO shares lessons learned as he climbed the C-Suite ladder. Read More >

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