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IBM Develops Prototype Chips That Mimic Human Brain

IBM says the prototype cognitive computing chips are designed to act like a brain to quickly collect and analyze information, make decisions based on the findings and learn from its mistakes. Read More >

Cisco Offers a Wireless-Only Version of Its ISE

Cisco, which unveiled its Identity Services Engine in April, is now offering a wireless-only version for enterprises that want to track visitors on their corporate networks. Read More >

IBM Exec: The End of the PC Era Is Upon Us

IBM CTO Mark Dean, one of the engineers of the original IBM PC, says the post-PC era is here, and that it's not the devices, but the social interaction they enable, which is driving innovation. Read More >

Dell, NextGen Will Bring Health Care Applications to the Cloud

Dell and health care software vendor NextGen announced plans to jointly offer electronic health record applications in the cloud. Read More >

IBM Opens Services Innovation Lab

IBM has launched a new Services Innovation Lab dedicated to technology services in areas of analytics, software automation and more. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: The Economics of Choosing Business Software

What does quality software need to do today? It must work on multiple platforms, within a global landscape. It needs to remain compatible with legacy systems, as well as other currently popular software applications. It can't allow defects to cripple organization objectives. As a CIO, you're ultimately responsible for these and other software-related demands. If you fail, there are a number of... Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: 10 Ways Mozilla's Firefox Fails CIOs

Mozilla's Firefox Internet browser has been an absolute success in the consumer market. People all around the globe have downloaded the free application and are using it on a host of computers, including Macs and PCs. Even in the enterprise, the browser has caught on among some CIOs who have thought it might be a fine replacement for Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser. However, in recent... Read More >

IBM Launches New Cloud, Collaboration Services for Government Agencies

IBM s federal community cloud helps government agencies adopt social collaboration tools. IBM also takes its Lotus collaboration tools to the State of Vermont. Read More >

IBM's Profit Up on Hardware, Software Gains

IBM continued its pace of steady growth, led by hardware and software sales, both of which grew 17 percent for the second quarter of 2011. Read More >

IBM Targets Midsize IT Shops with New Entry-Level Mainframe

IBM announces a new $75,000 mainframe aimed at midsize organizations. Big Blue also announced Linux x86 blade support for its zEnterprise Systems, with Windows support coming later in the year. Read More >

Oracle Introduces iPad Virtual Desktop Client

The Oracle Virtual Desktop Client App for iPad provides access to virtual desktops managed by Oracle's Sun Ray Software and Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. Read More >

IBM Weighs Using Watson to Help With Sales

IBM's CIO says Big Blue is at work on a project to use its Watson artificial intelligence technology to help IBM salespeople better hawk the company s wares. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: IBM Quiz: Test Your Big Blue Smarts

IBM is celebrating its centennial this year. That's right: Big Blue was founded 100 years ago , and its history tells the story of a company that has remained on the leading edge when it comes to computer systems, hardware, software, IT consulting and other tech... Read More >

IBM Debuts Smart Cloud for Data Archiving, Disaster Recovery

IBM's new SmartCloud Resilience services enable customers to protect their data and applications faster, cheaper and in a more flexible manner than they could before within a traditional data center environment. Read More >

IBM Launches Connections Software for Social Business

IBM's Connections software is part of the social business strategy the company launched at the Lotusphere 2011 conference in February as a way to help its customers and partners leverage social networking and social paradigms to their benefit. Read More >

Security Slideshow: Corporate Software Piracy: 10 Fast Facts

Pirated software poses a huge risk for corporations, according to a report from the Business Software Alliance (BSA). Getting corporate users to download malicious programs is one of the most surefire ways for hackers to gain access to your network. Some of these threats come in the form of malware, while others pretend to be innocuous programs. According to the BSA, an anti-piracy... Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: IT Jobs: Is Employee Confidence Declining?

You may be anticipating the need to ramp-up your IT employee recruitment and retention efforts in light of an expected and sustained economic recovery. After all, when prospects for tech jobs improve, employees naturally want to check out their worth on the free market. The Great Recession has kept many workers from pursuing new opportunities in part because the opportunities simply weren't... Read More >

Oracle Gives Productivity Suite to Apache

Oracle has handed over the OpenOffice open-source office-productivity suite to longtime rival Apache. Read More >

HP Launches IT Performance Suite for the Enterprise

Hewlett-Packards new software suite measures and improves performance for enterprise customers. Read More >

IBM's Watson Inspires Health Care Data Innovations

IBM's expanded Dallas-based Analytics Solution Center will use Watson-like technology to let medical researchers transfer data from documents onto mobile devices. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: Quiz: How Well Do You Speak Cloud?

Do you know your Django from your Hadoop? If so, then you'll ace this quiz, designed to challenge your grasp of cloud jargon and terminology. If these terms leave you feeling a little "lost in the cloud," fear not. The questions and answers you'll find in this quiz are based on a very CIO-friendly glossary provided in the recent book " Building... Read More >

NetApp Beats the Street With Q4 Earnings, Fiscal Year

Network storage provider NetApp reported better-than-expected quarterly results with quarterly revenue up 22 percent. Read More >

Intel Introduces AppUp Small Business Hybrid Cloud Platform

Intel's AppUpp Small Business Service consists of a server, pre-packaged small business applications and management software. Read More >

Open Source Software: No Longer on the Enterprise Fringe?

The majority of enterprises that are turning to open-source technology are doing so primarily to avoid vendor lock-in, according to the fifth annual Future of Open Source Survey. What was previously relegated to the fringes of the enterprise is now moving into the mainstream, according to the report. Read More >

IBM Attempts to Lure Customers from the Competition with New Program

In IBM's latest attempt to entice software customers away from the competition, the company is offering to help Oracle customers migrate to its own software and throwing in perks like training courses and support. Read More >

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