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IBM Takes Analytics to Univerities Around the World

IBM announced a major strategy to deliver business analytics programs to universities around the world. Read More >

IBM's Watson to Take on Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment

Health insurer WellPoint will receive guidance from cancer institution Cedars-Sinai on developing treatment options using IBM's Watson supercomputer. Read More >

IBM's Top 5 Life-Changing Innovations

IBM's new "5 in 5" list covers five technological innovations that will change the way people live and work over the next five years. Read More > Acquires Social Performance Management Firm Rypple agreed to buy human resources software maker Rypple for an undisclosed sum, part of the company's continued attack on legacy enterprise application providers SAP and Oracle. The deal was announced on Dec. 15. Read More >

IBM to Buy Cloud Analytics Vendor for $440 Million

IBM has signed a definitive agreement to acquire DemandTec in a $440 million deal to bolster the IBM Smarter Commerce strategy with DemandTec's cloud-based analytics software. Read More >

IBM Makes iPad, Android Tablets Ready for the Enterprise

IBM releases eight new apps that help make popular tablets ready for use in enterprise systems. Read More >

Five Key Trends in Enterprise Development

CIO Insight identifies major areas on which developers should concentrate. Read More >

Carrier IQ Creates Privacy Controversy in Smartphone World

Microsoft, Nokia, RIM and other carriers and smartphone manufacturers are either denying or minimizing connections to Carrier IQ and its monitoring software. Read More >

IBM Software to Enhance HealthBridge Beacon Program HIE in Cincinnati

As part of the federal Beacon Community Program, IBM's Initiate Patient will provide the software backbone for HealthBridge's health information exchange in Cincinnati. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: 10 Companies That Should Matter Most to You

For CIOs, not all technology vendors are created equal. There are some that deliver outstanding solutions for enterprises across a wide array of technologies and others that fall short. It's the CIO's job to make sure the company is focusing on vendors that offer what they need. With that in mind, we take a look here at some of the companies that you, as a CIO, should keep at the top of your... Read More >

IBM Watson Data Analytics Will Change Health Care, Education

Developers expect the advanced data analytics of the Watson supercomputer to predict outcomes in health care and education, according to IBM's 2011 Tech Trends report. Read More >

Hadoop Users Need to Think About Security

While most Hadoop World speakers touted the benefits of the open-source technology to manage unstructured data and glean valuable insights, others focused data security. Read More >

IBM Helps Take Windows to the Mainframe

IBM announces that its much-anticipated capability to support Windows integration on the System zEnterprise mainframe will be available on Dec. 16. Read More >

IBM Brings Data Analytics to Security Services Portfolio

IBM is extending its data analytics capabilities into the security realm to help clients anticipate threats before they happen by analyzing the data from a variety of sources. Read More >

IBM's Watson Heads to Harvard, MIT

IBM took its Watson question-answering computer system to Harvard Business School and MIT s Sloan School of Management as part of a symposium on the future of technology in business. Read More >

IBM, Georgia Tech Partner on Children's Health Program

Georgia Tech will study data models using IBM analytics technology to better understand how to improve pediatric care. Read More >

RIM PlayBook Software Update to Launch in February 2012

RIM's PlayBook software will update with a native email app and other features come February 2012, according to the company. Read More >

IBM Tackles 'Big Data' With New Analytics Software

At its Information on Demand 2011 conference, IBM has released a series of new products to help users more easily sift through and analyze "big data." Read More >

IBM Launches New Servers, Storage for Analytics, Cloud

IBM s rollout of 55 new and enhanced server and storage technologies is aimed at helping organizations better manage and leverage the massive amounts of date they're generating. Read More >

IBM's Q3 Profit Up 7 Percent

IBM's third-quarter 2011 profit rose 7 percent as the company performed well in its growth markets, services and software segments-- particularly business analytics and the cloud. Read More >

IBM Debuts Social Collaboration Cloud for Government

IBM has announced a new cloud offering aimed at the government that mixes social networking and cloud computing: the IBM SmartCloud for Social Collaboration for Government. Read More >

IBM Launches New SmartCloud Services, Java PaaS

IBM announced a bunch of new cloud services, including a new platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering for Java developers, pitting it against Oracle in yet another way. Read More >

IBM Partners With Nirvanix on High-End Enterprise Cloud Storage

Under the terms of the five-year OEM deal between IBM and Nirvanix, IBM will incorporate cloud storage IT that will enable enterprises to upload a file of any size from anywhere in the world and access it anywhere. Read More >

IBM to Acquire High-Performance Computing Software Firm Platform Computing

IBM enters into an agreement to acquire Platform Computing, a maker of clustering, grid and high performance computing (HPC) software. Read More >

News of the Week October 5th 2011

Apple gives an iPhone to Sprint and releases the iPhone 4S, which eliminates many of the iPhone 4's shortcomings. It has an internal antenna switching system that should reduce if not eliminate the problems with the original antenna causing signal loss if held the wrong way. It also has a much faster processor, better graphics, a better camera and high-definition video. Perhaps more important... Read More >

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