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Hiring Top IT Talent: Four Tips for CIOs

There is tremendous need for qualified IT talent today. Specialized skills in areas such as site management, network design, storage area networks, virtualization and, of course, cloud computing, are in high demand. And, as always, people with great experience are hard to find. Here's what every CIO needs to know. Read More > Buys Cloud Encryption Provider Navajo Systems acquired Navajo Systems, a company that locally encrypts and decrypts corporate data via its VPS platform before it leaves the enterprise and goes into the cloud. Read More >

Business Cloud Adoption Gaining Momentum: CompTIA

There is momentum building for individual business groups and units within an organization to seek out cloud solutions. Read More >

GRC in the Cloud

Much criticism about cloud computing has been aimed at perceived security shortcomings. Meanwhile, many enterprises are overlooking the more subtle but equally important implications of the cloud when it comes to governance, risk management and compliance. Read More >

Hot Tech Projects at eBay, General Motors and 14 Other Organizations

In this week's installment of IT Projects: The Inside Scoop, we highlight IT project activity across Fortune-ranked and mid-market companies, including eBay, General Motors , and Safeway. Read More >

Amazon Launches Dedicated Cloud Service for the U.S. Government

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched a new dedicated cloud offering for the U.S. government, known as AWS GovCloud. The new service is compliant with strict government regulations. Read More >

Dell Sees Profits Jump, Revenues Slow as Company Transitions

Dell's transformation into an infrastructure solutions and services vendor is fueling fewer sales, but more higher-end deals. Read More >

Dell, NextGen Will Bring Health Care Applications to the Cloud

Dell and health care software vendor NextGen announced plans to jointly offer electronic health record applications in the cloud. Read More >

Cloud Security Alliance Launches Transparency Initaitve

The STAR initiative will be online in Q4 of 2011, and cloud providers can submit two different types of reports. Read More >

Yahoo's Chief Cloud Systems Architect Joins VC Firm

Papaioannou headed up strategic direction for Yahoo's cloud-computing and Hadoop teams, helping to define the company's overall IT strategy. Read More >

Dell's Force 10 Buy Fits Open, Integrated Systems Strategy: Dell Server Chief

Force 10's Ethernet products are a welcome addition to Dell's integrated systems strategy, which emphasizes an open solution, Dell server head Forrest Norrod said. Read More >

Intel Invests $30 Million in Research on Cloud, Embedded Computing

Intel is opening two new research centers at Carnegie Mellon that will focus on cloud and embedded computing, part of its larger $100 million investment in research. Read More >

In Push to Leverage Fresh-Air Cooling, Dell Sets New Server Temperature Limits

Dell will now warranty several servers and other infrastructure equipment at 113 degrees for short-term use, a move that will make it easier for data centers to better leverage fresh-air cooling. Read More >

CA Updates Its Cloud Infrastructure Portfolio

CA supports a lifecycle approach to cloud deployment that includes planning, design, delivery and security. Read More >

HP Throws in With OpenStack Cloud Project

HP is the latest tech vendor to join the open-source OpenStack cloud computing project. Read More >

Dell Rolls Out Open-Source OpenStack Cloud Solution

Dell is rolling out an open-source cloud-computing solution based on the OpenStack cloud software and its own PowerEdge C servers. Read More >

How The Christian Science Monitor Moved Email to the Cloud

While the switch from Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps took about three hours, managing the change took longer. Certain features, like moving recurring meetings from Outlook to Google Apps, had to be transitioned by users, and some less computer-savvy staffers needed more training. Read More >

Acer Acquires iGware in Move to Create Cloud Offering

Acer officials are buying cloud specialist iGware for $320 million with the idea of launching their Acer Cloud in 2012. Read More >

Business Going Mobile with Tablets, Social Media

More SMB mobile professionals are connected via their smartphones and tablets, according to a new study. Read More >

Cloud-Based Identity Management Gets Two-Factor Authentical from Verizon

Verizon enhanced Enterprise Identity Services with two-factor authentication and digital-signing capabilities to help organizations with user authentication into cloud services. Read More >

Value of Cloud Computing in 2016: $82.9 Billion

A report finds more than 30 percent of enterprises surveyed worldwide are deploying at least one cloud solution. Read More >

IBM Weighs Using Watson to Help With Sales

IBM's CIO says Big Blue is at work on a project to use its Watson artificial intelligence technology to help IBM salespeople better hawk the company s wares. Read More >

Dell Turns Attention to the Midmarket

Dell plans to focus on three areas, which include data management, IT services within the growing world of cloud computing and revamping the company's traditional user computing model by selling more software and services. Read More >

Michael Dell Discusses Cloud Computing, Data Management with Investors

Michael Dell held forth on several IT subjects just before the company's annual investor conference, including how the company views data management and cloud computing. Read More >

Infrastructure Slideshow: The Great CIO-CEO Disconnect Rises to the Cloud

Dealing with your company's Chief Executive Officer is probably a pain from time to time. As many CIOs can attest with the Apple iPad and iPhone, your top executive from time to time will get jazzed up about some new nifty technology fad and start questioning you on why you're not rushing to deploy said solution in the workplace. Such is the case now with "the cloud." A recent survey, conducted... Read More >

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