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News Slideshow: RSA's Cloud Trust Authority: 9 Fast Facts

If you're thinking seriously about bringing cloud computing to your organization, you're probably also considering how you will work with cloud service providers. You undoubtedly have very real concerns around cloud security and compliance. In fact, Gartner details these concerns in its manifesto on... Read More >

Research Slideshow: Gartner's CIO Agenda: Cloud Computing Tops the List

Cloud computing ranks No. 1 on the CIO technology priority list for the year, according to a Gartner Research report, "Reimagining IT: The 2011 CIO Agenda." The report is based on survey responses from 2,014 CIOs in 50 countries, as well as interviews conducted by Gartner analysts with leading CIOs. In fact, Gartner predicts an... Read More >

Innovation Slideshow: Watson's Jeopardy Showdown: Man Vs. Machine

An epic showdown of man vs. machine took place Feb. 14-16, 2011. That's when "Watson ," a computing system from IBM, faced off against "Jeopardy!" superstars Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. Turns out, an artificial intelligence-driven machine can overcome... Read More >

Infrastructure Slideshow: Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure: Is Yours Fully Leveraged?

Despite growing corporate adoption of cloud computing, many organizations are not fully leveraging the cloud infrastructure they have implemented, according to a survey of 100 senior-level IT professionals. The survey was conducted in December 2010 by Electric Cloud, a provider of cloud development products, and Osterman Research, an... Read More >

SMBs Look to Cloud Computing to Cut Costs, Improve Productivity

According to a survey from cloud-based VoIP and UC solution vendor Fonality, small and medium-sized businesses are turning to the cloud. Read More >

Debt, Taxes Taking Toll on U.S. Competitiveness, Dell, IBM CEOs Say

The chief executives of two major U.S. technology companies say we're losing our competitive edge and we need to do something about it. Read More >

RSA Celebrates 20th Anniversary

At the 20th annual RSA Conference in San Francisco, mobile security will be on everyone's minds. Read More >

Cloud Computing: Ensuring Integrity for Your Enterprise Data

The most significant challenge that remains for enterprises considering cloud computing is answering the question: How can I trust the cloud provider with my environment and my data? Read More >

Verizon Targets Amazon's Cloud with $14 Billion Terremark Acquisition

Verizon is acquiring cloud-service provider Terremark Worldwide to compete against Amazon's cloud by offering customers security, IAAS and managed services. Read More >

Private Clouds: A Top IT Investment Priority

IT organizations will invest in cloud computing projects, especially private clouds, in 2011, according to the results of two online polls. These results echo similar predictions from a number of other sources. Read More >

Man vs. Machine: IBM Supercomputer Beats Humans at Jeopardy

IBM showed off its Watson supercomputer in an exhibition Human vs. Machine game of Jeopardy, while discussing its potential practical uses in the IT industry, especially in health care and tech support. Read More >

Cloud Changing How the SMB Works: Report

A survey from MarketBridge finds that small businesses are turning to the cloud more frequently. Read More >

Dell Merges Large Enterprise, Public Business Units

Paul Bell will head the new combined public and large-enterprise business unit. Read More >

Your Cloud Checklist for 2015

This much we know for certain: Cloud computing will have matured significantly in the next five years. Read More >

Cloud Forecast 2015

IT leaders from Gartner, The Washington Post Co. and The Guardian Life Insurance Co., among others, share their views on what’s best—and what’s worst—in today’s cloud computing environment, and what they expect from vendors in the next five years. Read More >

New Cisco CTO Wants to Elevate Company's Cloud-Building Image

Cisco's new vice-president and CTO Lew Tucker envisions a massive new cloudlike network on the horizon that may one day number a trillion connected devices. Read More >

Dell Buys InSite One for Medical Image Sharing Storage

In a move to to boost its Unified Clinical Archive that allows doctors to share medical images in the cloud, Dellsays it will acquire medical archiving company InSite One. Read More >

Automation, Enterprise Adoption and SLAs to Drive Cloud Growth in 2011

The growing cloud ecosystem will continue to spawn a new class of products and services, a Datapipe report predicts. Read More >

Gartner: SaaS Applications a $10.7 Billion Market

The research firm predicts strong double-digit growth in revenue for the enterprise SAAS applications market in 2010 and 2011. Read More >

Innovation Slideshow: Will Economic Recovery Drive Enterprise Cloud Initiatives?

CIOs and other senior IT managers say they expect demand for cloud-computing solutions to rise in their enterprises as an anticipated economic recovery takes hold. In some cases, these IT decision-makers expect to be the ones driving the cloud initiatives, while in other cases the movement toward the cloud is expected to be driven by other enterprise stakeholders, according to a new report... Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: Business Process Transformation in the Cloud

Cloud computing is the technology innovation du jour . Yet, this much-hyped storage and application delivery solution remains cloaked in mystery for many executives, particularly those on the business side of their organizations. Likewise, as CIO you likely understand the technology of cloud computing, but are you fully aware of the business process transformation that cloud technology... Read More >

Cloud Computing Could Cut Data Center Energy Costs by 38 Percent

Pike Research, a clean technology market research firm, projects that cloud computing could help shave data center energy spending by 38 percent by 2020. Read More >

Majority of Enterprises Expected to Deploy Clouds by 2015

IDG says three-quarters of enterprises either already use or plan to use cloud computing solutions, but for 60 percent of IT managers, finding the right package is a challenge. Read More >

Study: Mainframes Critical to Data Center, Cloud Strategy

A study from CA Technologies finds that mainframes are still alive and well in the data center and will be an important part of companies' cloud strategies. Read More >

Virtualization, Cloud Computing Growing in Enterprise

While a majority of companies are implementing these new technologies, many lack the right tools to troubleshoot and manage performance. Read More >

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