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Akamai, Riverbed Partner to Optimize Hybrid Clouds

Riverbed and Akamai officials announced May 10 their plans to create a joint application acceleration solution that leverages the capabilities of both vendors to improve performance in hybrid cloud networks. Read More >

Cloud Service Negotiations: Five Essential Factors

Cloud services offer a very credible alternative to traditional IT delivery models, and enterprise uptake is growing dramatically. However, service delivery via a shared cloud platform introduces negotiating and contracting nuances. Here are five points to consider before you start any negotiations with cloud vendors. Read More >

Infrastructure Slideshow: Gartner's Cloud Computing Outlook 2011

With cloud computing at a critical crossroads, research from Gartner cautions CIOs to manage inherent risks and unexpected costs during what is expected to be a technology revolution. The research examines key issues driving cloud adoption, and seeks to separate reality from hyperbole with... Read More >

IT Job Market Grows to Meet Demands of Cloud Computing, Managed Services

The Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed a net gain of 17,800 IT-related jobs in April--the 11th consecutive month of positive job growth across four primary IT labor segments. Read More >

Cloud Spending: The Hidden Truth

Recognizing that cloud computing is really a framework for understanding application delivery helps us interpret and adjust our strategies. We can look at where the spending is taking place— not in terms of use case or business unit, but by budget area. Read More >

What the Five-Day AWS Outage Means for the Cloud

Amazon Web Services experienced disruptions in its EC2 hosting service, taking down popular Web sites including Foursquare, Reddit, Quora and Hootsuite, leaving IT managers to wonder whether to continue using the service. Read More >

Windows 7 Still Lags Behind Windows XP, Despite 350 Million Licenses Sold

Despite its push into newer areas such as smartphones and cloud computing, Microsoft still relies on legacy platforms like Windows for much of its bottom-line revenue. Read More >

Intel Earnings Strong on Growth of Mobile Market, Cloud Computing

Intel had a record first quarter that kicked off a strong start to 2011, thanks to continued strong enterprise sales despite a softening in consumer markets. Read More >

Microsoft Releases Office 365 Beta

With the launch of it's public beta for Office 365, Microsoft is continuing its "all in" cloud computing strategy as it tries to take on cloud rivals like Google. Read More >

The Reinvention of Dell

PC maker Dell has been undergoing a transformation, becoming a full-service IT systems maker by taking on software and services capabilities as well, making the data center the company's No. 1 priority. Read More >

Cloud Computing ABCs

This report breaks down the ABCs of cloud computing: architecture, business benefits, and costs. The goal? to give you some guidance as you grapple with the rapidly evolving cloud computing environment and the market confusion that still exists around these offerings. Read More >

Lenovo, Intel Partner on Cloud Ready Client Software

Lenovo and Intel are partnering on a new cloud software package called Cloud Ready Client. Lenovo is also rolling out its SCA (Secure Cloud Access), powered by Stoneware's webNetwork. Read More >

Microsoft ERP Moving to the Cloud on Windows Azure

Microsoft is migrating its Dynamics ERP platform to the cloud with hosting on Windows Azure. Read More >

Dell Will Make $1 Billion Investment in Virtualization, Cloud

Dell wants to become a bigger fish in the competitive cloud-computing market where it will go head to head with companies that have already established themselves including HP, Microsoft and Amazon. Read More >

IBM Launches Enterprise Public Cloud Computing Platform

IBM is building out its existing cloud portfolio with IBM SmartCloud, enterprise cloud technologies and services offerings for private, public and hybrid clouds based on IBM hardware, software, services and best practices. Read More >

Cloud-Storage Standards Gaining Popularity in Market

The Storage Networking Industry Association's CDMI standard is becoming more common in commercial cloud implementations, a survey finds. Read More >

Dell Exec Disses iPad as Pricey, Complicated

Dell went on the offensive against Apple's ubiquitous iPad, asserting that the tablet is too expensive and complex to be a useful tool in the enterprise. Read More >

Cisco Gives Cloud Offerings a Boost with newScale Acquisition

The acquisition of newScale and its provisioning software helps Cisco Systems expand its cloud computing services. Read More >

What You Should Tell Your CEO About Cloud Computing

To borrow from Mark Twain's famous remark about the weather, everybody talks about the cloud, but nobody knows anything about it. At a time when companies' use of clouds is just getting started, the chief information officer's judgment and store of knowledge are invaluable assets. These are especially important when the CIO sets out to educate that most important stakeholder of all, the chief... Read More >

Cloud Strategy: What Every CIO Needs to Know

Cloud promises to change how we access information as profoundly as the printing press altered civilization. Organizations will be able to virtualize almost every aspect of activity, starting with IT, and CIOs will have a rare opportunity to reinvent their role. The big question is timing. To manage that uncertainty, CIOs must begin now with a ‘cloud incubator’ that can sense and... Read More >

RSA's SecurID Authentication Products Targeted by Hackers

Hackers hit EMC's RSA Security and snagged information related to its SecurID two-factor authentication products. Read More >

SAP, Verizon Partner on Cloud CRM Delivery Solution

As part of the SAP CRM rapid-deployment solution on Verizon’s CAAS, services will be delivered based on the user-subscription license model. Read More >

Infrastructure Slideshow: Public Cloud Spending by Businesses is on the Rise

When it comes to productivity in the enterprise, you're probably thinking seriously about ways to improve it. And much of the time, you're undoubtedly considering how public IT cloud services might be able to help you achieve that goal - particularly when cloud services are combined with enterprise... Read More >

Making the Most of Cloud-Enabled Enterprise Mobility

IT leaders from PwC, Jackson Hewitt Tax Service, private equity group EQT and fire-alarm inspection company Critical Systems share the real business impact resulting from the intersection of mobility and the cloud. Read More >

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