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Changing Role of the CIO

Anthony Christie leads Global Crossing's Information Technology groups, Global Crossing's Customer Experience Re-Engineering (CER) team and initiatives, and the new function of Global Business Process. In this interview, Christie discusses how new technologies such as cloud computing can effect the job function of the CIO. He also lets you in on new technologies, that should be on your radar... Read More >

Cloud Computing: Analyzing Business Expectations

Business people are riding high on the promise--and hype--cloud computing offers. Read More >

What RSA is Saying Now About IT Security

CIOs face more complexity than ever as an array of new technologies, from social media to cloud computing, open up new opportunities - and vulnerabilities. In ensuring that their businesses aren't exposed to new threats while charging into these new frontiers, IT security teams are essentially helping to enable emerging business models. Whether that means training employees on social media or... Read More >

RSA: Identity Theft Challenges for Healthcare

Healthcare providers face more challenges with identity theft than financial services firms, a panel of experts said at the RSA 2010 conference in San Francisco. Read More >

Demystifying Cloud Computing

It’s tough to tell the difference between true cloud computing and the smoke created by hype and buzz. Here’s how to clear the air. Read More >

Sybase's CIO on Cloud Computing, Mobility

Jim Swartz, a longtime veteran of the CIO ranks, explains his view of the cloud’s pros and cons, as well as what he sees in store for IT leaders in 2010. Read More >

Cloud Computing, Mobility Gain Focus for 2010

Cloud computing and new mobility technologies gain focus as IT executives look beyond cost-cutting to new productivity and growth opportunities. Read More >

Buzz vs. Business Benefits

Hype can be a powerful influence, so it needs to be countered with objectivity—and skepticism. Read More >

WashPost CIO: Pricing the Cloud

Yuvi Kochar has some mixed feelings about cloud computing, but he sees more potential than many other CIOs. Read More >

Flextronics CIO Analyzes Cloud Computing`s Forecast

David Smoley has seen some successes with Software as a Service (SaaS), but he’s not ready to jump all the way into cloud computing. Read More >

Guardian Life CIO: Caution in the Cloud

Frank Wander has seen enough to know that any move into cloud computing must be slow and measured. Read More >

Cloud Computing`s Sky-High Hype

The buzz around cloud computing is alive and well. But CIOs need to proceed carefully—and make sure they have the right understanding of what the ‘cloud’ actually is. Read More >

Where Does Hype End and Reality Begin with Cloud Computing

CIOs at large companies may be bullish on cloud computing, but they're also realistic. While they see the potential to for it transform many aspects of IT, they say the cloud's shortcomings in critical areas such as security, compliance and monitoring are preventing them from entrusting their mission-critical assets to cloud providers. To date, large companies have, for the most part, limited... Read More >

Big Software: Finally Dead

It may be an old question, but new technologies are giving it new and increased relevance. Will CIOs finally pull the plug? Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: Ten Reasons For Implementing a Cloud for Records Delivery

The Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/Beth Israel Deaconess Physician Organization Electronic Health Records project team lays out the case for cloud computing. See also: Virtualization Delivers for Health Records Read More >

The Efficiency Multiplier Actual Data Center Power Use

Data center power efficiency is essential to running an efficient and Green Computing environment. Too often, there is no holistic view of IT Power Utilization that takes into account all the aspects that use electricity. This video discusses the "power multiplier" effect that details how for every watt of power provided to IT hardware, as many as 2.5 watts of electricity are used for other... Read More >

Feds Head Into the Cloud

The Feds make a strong statement about the future of cloud computing. Read More >

Cloud Computing's Inherent Security Risks

Our CIO columnist looks at the security risks related to cloud computing. Read More >

Google's Privacy Safeguards Questioned

Google's security procedures are called into question following an inadvertent release of consumer data. Read More >

Seeing Through the Cloud

A Q&A with Howard Rubin Read More >

Cloud an Outsourcing Option in Troubled Times

The cloud emerges as a serious contender for companies interested in IT outsourcing. Read More >

Send in The Cloud

As cloud computing sheds its novelty status, CIOs develop a taste for the emerging technology. Read More >

Unchaining CIOs From IT

A CIO explains how the move to cloud computing changed his job. Read More >

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