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Dell Enters the Managed Services Business

Opinion: Dell's planned acquisition is in line with ongoing trends, but it will also pose challenges for the vendor. Read More >

Linux Movers and Shakers Seek Common Ground

At the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit held at the Googleplex, Linux developers, IHVs and ISVs hash out their differences. (Linux-Watch) Read More >

Dell Paints More Desktops 'Green'

For the second time in a month, the company is launching new PC configurations that meet the upcoming Energy Star 4.0 standards. Read More >

Salesforce Announces On-Demand SOA Feature

At its developer conference, is unveiling Salesforce SOA, a new platform capability that helps developers build on-demand applications. Read More >

Dell Revamps Market Strategy with Project Hybrid

The computer maker says it is integrating flash memory into notebooks and redesigning its blade servers to be simpler to maintain and save energy with dual-core processors. Read More >

Dell Confronts Problems, Focuses on New Direction

News Analysis: Dell has been showing that it can still innovate with SSDs and Ubuntu Linux desktops, while also showing that it's willing to reconsider everything—including its direct sales model. Read More >

Microsoft Sees Complex Future for Software

The next generation of applications will include local software and global services, resulting in a persistent hybrid model, says a Microsoft executive at the New Software Industry conference. Read More >

Ongoing Investigation Forces Dell to Delay Quarterly Report

In announcing the delay, Dell's internal committee said it has found a number of accounting errors as well as "evidence of misconduct." Read More >

Dell Reports Earning, Revenue Loss in Fourth Quarter

As the company looks to reinvent itself with Michael Dell at the helm, Dell still felt the sting of its lost market share to HP. Read More >

Rollins Out; Michael Dell Returns as CEO

Updated: In recent months, the company has struggled as its market share has slipped and an SEC investigation into Dell's accounting and financial practices has dragged on. Read More >

Federal Judge Dismisses HP Countersuit

In his ruling, the judge tossed out the countersuit by former HP executive Karl Kamb but left the door open for him to file his claims again. Read More >

Gates on the Past, the Future, and Google

Reporter's Notebook: Bill Gates tells Charlie Rose and Stanford University audience at TechNet conference that 'we're at the beginning of something important again' in development of technology -- just as in the 1980s with the advent of the PC. Read More >

HP Takes Top PC Spot from Dell, Analysts Say

IDC and Gartner both say Dell's weak performance in the United States contributed to HP regaining the No. 1 ranking for the first time since 2003. Read More >

Dell to Recall Millions of Laptop Batteries

Dell is recalling more than 4 million notebook PC batteries—an action it says is the largest battery recall thus far in computer history—following a small number of fires. Read More >

EMC Buys RSA: Customers Upbeat, For Now

If its $2.1 billion bid for RSA Security goes through, EMC officially can't be called a "data storage" vendor anymore. At first blush, customers say they expect good things from the deal. Read More >

RSA Confirms Buyout Talks

The authentication specialist said that it is deep into negotiations for a potential transaction, with experts citing EMC, Microsoft and Symantec as potential suitors. Read More >

Dell's Secret Channel

Customer pressure is driving more resellers to work with direct-market giant Dell, and Dell is making it easy for them. But don't tell Wall Street. Read More >

Software as a Service Fact Sheet

The rental model has been revived, and some companies are finding value thanks to better pricing and lower up-front costs. But the rent vs. buy cost analysis is fraught with complexity. Read More >

Entrepreneurs Set Their Sights on Flight

Air-taxi service is being built around a new class of aircraft that has benefited from the involvement and investment of tech industry executives; still others are pursuing independent efforts to build manned spacecraft. Read More >

RFID Still Not Getting the Job Done

After years of being the the miracle technology of tomorrow, corporate excitement about RFID is starting to wane. It's not that it doesn't still hold promise, it's just that it's failed to deliver so often, IT strategists have moved plans for it from the Read More >

Knowledge is Speed: Hendrick Motorsports Inc.'s Jim Wall

For Hendrick Motorsports Inc., winning NASCAR races comes down to one thing: speed on the track. But track speed relies on another kind of velocity, too: time to market—and that's where Jim Wall proved IT could make all the difference. Read More >

Book Briefs: Make the Rules or Your Rivals Will

Here's Wharton School Professor Shell's argument in a nutshell: He who makes the rules wins. Read More >

Review: Grow or Die!

Double-Digit Growth: How Great Companies Achieve It— No Matter What Read More >

Due Diligence: Dell and the Deep Blue Sea

Dell Computer is extending its low-cost model into just about every computer box business around, writes Eric Nee. Is there any way to compete? No one's come up with one yet. Read More >

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