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Feds Head Into the Cloud

The Feds make a strong statement about the future of cloud computing. Read More >

Cloud Computing's Inherent Security Risks

Our CIO columnist looks at the security risks related to cloud computing. Read More >

Google's Privacy Safeguards Questioned

Google's security procedures are called into question following an inadvertent release of consumer data. Read More >

Seeing Through the Cloud

A Q&A with Howard Rubin Read More >

Cloud an Outsourcing Option in Troubled Times

The cloud emerges as a serious contender for companies interested in IT outsourcing. Read More >

Send in The Cloud

As cloud computing sheds its novelty status, CIOs develop a taste for the emerging technology. Read More >

Unchaining CIOs From IT

A CIO explains how the move to cloud computing changed his job. Read More >

Larry Ellison Sounds Off on Cloud Computing

Oracle boss Larry Ellison lets loose on the misconceptions behind cloud computing, Reuters MediaFile blog reports. Read More >

Dell Hurt by Weaker Tech Spending

With tech spending and demand down, Dell will be forced to realign operations and possibly lay off more workers. Read More >

WSJ: Dell Plans to Sell Computer Factories

Dell plans to sell most, if not all, of its worldwide computer-making factories in the next 18 months, according to the Wall Street Journal Read More >

Do CEOs Get Alignment?

Alignment is once again the top concern for CIOs. The problem is, their executives bosses don't get it. Read More >

Dell Set to Unveil Mini-Notebook PC

Smaller, cheaper laptop to be unveiled later this week, according to sources. Read More >

Cloud Computing: Anything as a Service

Anything as a service (XaaS) is a potentially game-changing technology that could reshape IT. Read More >

CIO Insight Weekly Report, May 30, 2008

Lionsgate CIO Leo Collins discusses the film distributor's move to cloud computing. Read More >

Microsoft Shifting to Cloud Computing Strategy

Tech giant sees a major customer shift underway as more companies drop in-house computers for the cloud. Read More >

The Future of Software Finally Arrives

Software as a Service has moved into the mainstream, holding big implications for cloud computing. Read More >

Software Integration: The Next Generation

One CIO sees early successes in business continuity and staffing, thanks to cloud computing.   Read More >

Salesforce Adds Google E-Mail, Office Programs

SaaS leader integrates products with search giant's free tools.   Read More >

The Forecast for Cloud Computing

The promise of cloud computing goes far beyond simply providing software updates and dealing with growing server and storage requirements. It has the potential to transform the role of IT within the business.   Read More >

The Wisdom of Clouds

One CTO’s quest for answers about building large systems with low-cost commodity IT. Read More >

The Disappearance of IT

Controversial author Nicholas Carr says the network—the Internet, that is—has become, literally, our computer. Read More >

Dell to Offer Google Search Devices to Businesses

U.S. companies will have a choice between two different search appliances. Read More >

Has Dell Unleashed an 800-Pound Gorilla?

Dell's latest acquisition could be a significant piece of its business services promise, part of its strategy to woo the channel or another brick in its famous wall of channel conflict. Read More >

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