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The Emerging Economy

As continues to extend its reach beyond software as a service it's becoming clear the company is emerging as a major cloud computing resource in the enterprise. A new survey of more than 450 business and IT professionals conducted by the MIT Sloan School of Management and Bluewolf Consulting, an IT... Read More >

The Future of Analytics is Streaming in the Cloud

Business analytics is becoming more prescriptive and making information available in real-time so it can be directly applied to a specific transaction or event. Read More >

Gaining a Competitive Edge With Cloud Computing

New ways to maximize the advantages of cloud computing seem to emerge every day, and it's clear that the organizations embracing the cloud are sprinting ahead of the competition with regard to key, ROI-boosting strategies, according to a survey from the IBM Center for Applied Insights. The accompanying report, "Under Cloud Cover: How Leaders are Accelerating Competitive Differentiation,"... Read More >

Outsourced Clouds Gaining Momentum

In its fifth survey on outsourcing trends, Savvis, a CenturyLink company in the cloud infrastructure and hosted IT solutions space, projects a reversal in IT infrastructure. Today, 65 percent of IT infrastructure resides in in-house environments, but 70 percent of organizations will outsource their infrastructure by 2018. ("Infrastructure" refers to co-location, managed hosting, outsourced... Read More >

Why Ruby is a Good Fit for the Enterprise

The head of technology at an enterprise software company, Coupa Software, tells eWEEK why Ruby is enterprise-ready. Read More >

Cloud Emerging as Best Option for BI

As big data continues to increase its impact upon today's organizations, CIOs must continue to incorporate effective business intelligence (BI) solutions to support revenue-enhancing efforts. In fact, these solutions now account for a $13 billion market, according to Gartner, as enterprises are finding that they can help business-side departments make better sense of sales numbers, consumer... Read More >

Cloud Adoption Grows Despite New Challenges

Cloud computing has moved into the mainstream of IT, but a new 451 Research report finds that a significant number of non-IT obstacles exist. Read More >

Organizations Shifting Cloud Strategies

We know that high-profile cloud platforms are big—and are only going to get bigger. But don't assume that once an organization moves part or all of its tech functions to a public cloud system, that the migration is permanent. In fact, one-quarter of companies are transferring IT services from public cloud providers to on-premise systems and/or private cloud models, according to a recent... Read More >

CIOs Embracing Hybrid Cloud Model

CIOs favor hybrid cloud environments due to reduced complexity and increased flexibility, but many of them are concerned about security issues. Read More >

T2 Drives Big Gains Through Storage

Parking management firm T2 Systems turned to a more sophisticated SAN infrastructure to take its operations into the digital age. Read More >

CIOs Focusing on Cloud Application Performance

While just about every CIO plans to move to the cloud in one form or another, a new survey of 468 CIOs conducted by Research in Action on behalf of Compuware finds that confidence in cloud application performance is not very... Read More >

CIOs Rise Again on the Coattails of Cloud Computing, SaaS

NEWS ANALYSIS: The CIO’s role was written off as irrelevant until enterprises realized they needed somebody to take charge of cloud computing and software as a service. Read More >

Managing Security and Compliance in the Cloud

For many IT departments, ensuring that customer data is secure and in regulatory compliance rarely happens due to the consumerization of IT. Read More >

Senior Execs Move Forward With Cloud Investments

Who's on board with the cloud? Contrary to the impression that the cloud is the stuff of tech geeks, it appears that senior-level execs—the C-Suiters, VPs, and CIO and IT director-level decision-makers—are more likely to push forward with cloud initiatives than IT managers, according to a recent survey from Evolve IP. Either way,... Read More >

Complexity and Legacy IT Delay Cloud Adoption

Existing IT infrastructure in the enterprise has caused CIOs around the world to question whether implementing cloud-based solutions right away is a good idea, according to a new survey of 300 CIOs and senior IT professionals by communications firm NTT.... Read More >

Cloudswell Moves to Hybrid Cloud, Cuts Its Costs

Faced with the decision to build a new data center or move to a cloud-based service model, Cloudswell chose the latter—and achieved significant savings. Read More >

Enterprise IT Gains Cloud Sophistication

The popular perception is that many IT organizations are resistant when it comes to cloud computing. However, a recent survey of 822 IT decision-makers in the U.S. conducted by the IT research firm Neovise on behalf... Read More >

Cloud-Based Collaboration Pays Off

The cloud is all the rage in today's rapidly changing corporate space. Companies around the globe are deploying cloud solutions and CIOs are more than happy to listen to pitch after pitch from service providers to see what might be the best solution for their operations. In the minds of many CIOs, the cloud's opportunities are limitless, and to not capitalize on them would be a huge mistake. A... Read More >

Private Clouds Proving Their Popularity

The private cloud is the most popular cloud model for businesses, with software as a service being the most popular service model, according to a new survey. Read More >

Leading Your Way to the Top

Gregory S. Smith explains how CIOs can leverage the new world of mobile, social and cloud computing for both career advancement and business success. Read More >

Makeover Makes Revlon IT More Attractive

Sometimes the biggest challenge with IT isn’t amassing a lot of capacity. It’s finding a way to most effectively wield it. Read More >

NetApp Uses Private Cloud to Regain IT Control

Storage vendor NetApp develops a private cloud to consolidate as many of its shadow IT systems as possible and make the entire company more agile. Read More >

Cloud Savings in Spite of IT Skills Shortage

It seems that every time a person in the IT field turns around, they're being inundated with an array of questions about cloud computing. What is it best used for? What is the extent of the cost savings? Is the future really in hybrid clouds? Most CIOs would answer those questions with one idea in mind: The cloud is essential for all companies, and it's about time that the business side, which... Read More >

Who's Protecting Your Cloud?

Cloud computing is what the world is focusing on right now. Both big and small companies around the globe are saying that cloud computing is improving productivity, making employees happier, and producing an overall positive impact on the office. Things are going so well, in fact, that even the business side is pushing the IT professionals in the office to add more cloud computing solutions.... Read More >

Better Health Care Through APIs

Critical data-integration technology is helping health care providers in Michigan get patient information to doctors when and where they need it. Read More >

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