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Private Cloud Fuels Formula One Racing Dynasty

The Infinite Red Bull racing team has won the last four consecutive Formula One championships thanks, in part, to its selection and usage of computing resources. Read More >

Data Protection Without Hardware Investments

Thanks to Virtual Appliance, The Aldridge Company can protect data locally and replicate it to the cloud without the need to purchase any on-site hardware. Read More >

The Race for the Software-Defined Enterprise

When it comes to defining the next generation of enterprise IT, it's a contest between VMware, Microsoft and a broad alliance of vendors supporting the OpenStack framework. Read More >

Coping With a Cloud Outage

Cloud computing presents enormous opportunities for the enterprise, but it's critical to proactively prepare for cloud outages as well as outright provider failures. Read More >

'Dilbert' Creator: Focus on Systems, Not Goals

Cartoonist Scott Adams argues that leaders are more likely to be successful if they concentrate on systems instead of goals. Read More >

Three Flawed Issues About Cloud Computing

CIOs who embrace cloud computing will be able to focus less of their time on the utility aspect of IT and more of their time on adding business value to their organization. Read More >

Preparing for the Big Data Deluge

No organization or field is being untouched by big data. CIOs must take the initiative and create new roles and jobs that plug into data-analysis capabilities. Read More >

Are CIOs at Risk?

CIOs suffer from shorter tenures than many other senior executives. In today's business and IT environment, achieving career stability is no easy task. Read More >

Software-Defined Networking Takes Shape

Software-defined networking has been touted as the future of IT infrastructure, but in the near term, most organizations will approach the technology in pieces or phases. Read More >

Inside the Data Center Transformation

Enterprises are modernizing their data centers, with server virtualization, storage virtualization and energy-efficient hardware initiatives gaining the most traction. Read More >

Six Tech Trends That Will Shape IT in 2014

Personal clouds, the Internet of things and social collaboration are among the tech trends that will significantly impact the enterprise in 2014. Are you ready? Read More >

For Enterprise IT, Cloud Pricing Isn't Simple

With the rise of cloud computing, pricing models and business agreements are becoming increasingly complex. 451 Research cloud economist Owen Rogers offers guidance. Read More >

Allied Building Products Rethinks DR Strategy

A major building products distributor uses Hurricane Sandy as a starting point for developing a robust disaster-recovery strategy and infrastructure. Read More >

Gartner Identifies Top 10 Strategic Technologies

The challenge for CIOs is figuring out how to deliver on the promise of these strategic technologies, which include IT as service broker, 3D printing and more. Read More >

Pelican Products' Smooth Data Migration

Instead of building a new state-of-art data center, Pelican Products decided to hire a qualified hosting vendor to handle its global data operations. Read More >

T2 Drives Big Gains Through Storage

Parking management firm T2 Systems turned to a more sophisticated SAN infrastructure to take its operations into the digital age. Read More >

Is Analytics the Solution to the Big Data Problem?

Big data is proving to be an important trend in the enterprise. Companies around the globe are investing heavily in big data, and more firms than ever are trying to determine how they can best-use the mountains and mountains of information in their possession. Software like Hadoop helps with data analysis since it crunches data and converts it into data loads that can be more easily analyzed... Read More >

Data Centers Getting Bigger—and Leaner

With big data getting only bigger, there's no slowdown in the expansion of data-center operations for enterprises throughout the world, according to a recently released research from the Uptime Institute. The resulting "2013 Data Center Industry Survey" indicates that—while facilities continue to increase capacity—data centers... Read More >

CIA Wrestles With Analytics Challenges

Like IT, the intelligence community is searching for innovations that would enable it to rapidly analyze massive amounts of data regardless of where the data resides. Read More >

What CIOs Should Be Thinking About But Aren't

A candid discussion with 451 Research Vice President Michelle Bailey about what’s right and what’s wrong with many IT departments today. Read More >

Managing Security and Compliance in the Cloud

For many IT departments, ensuring that customer data is secure and in regulatory compliance rarely happens due to the consumerization of IT. Read More >

Ten Technologies That Will Transform Data Centers

Here's a trivia question that only a CIO could love: "What's a memristor?" (No googling please, we'll give you the answer at the end of this slideshow.) That said, to provide a hint, it's one of the "Ten Technologies That Might Change Data Centers Forever," as presented by Andy Lawrence, research vice president at 451 Research. The ten... Read More >

Visa Network’s Excess Capacity Fuels Innovation

The payment-processing company’s network is built to accommodate up to 30,000 simultaneous transactions, and to support new services from its business partners. Read More >

Companies Are Ill-Prepared for IT Storage Changes

IT departments appear ill-equipped to handle an anticipated migration to a virtualized or cloud environment for their big data storage needs, according to a recent survey from EMC. The resulting report, Managing Storage: Trends, Challenges and Options (2013-2014), takes a forward-spinning look at the expected movement away from... Read More >

McLaren Has a Need for HANA Speed

Aided by a SAP HANA in-memory computing system, McLaren engineers can now analyze race car data during a Formula One competition in real time. Read More >

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