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Marketing and IT Are Disconnecting on Data Needs

While there's notable organization-wide awareness and appreciation for the importance of big data, much of the talk seems to be about potential as opposed to results. This is especially true in the marketing department. In fact, a significant number of marketing executives view data as the #1 most underutilized asset in their companies, according to a recent survey from Read More >

Milliman Improves Its Document Management

Using, consultants at Milliman can effectively manage their document flow and e-mail correspondence within the organization. Read More >

Huge Picks File-Sharing System for Global Teamwork

A digital ad agency, Huge uses Dropbox for Business in order to easily and quickly share files with team members and corporate clients around the world. Read More >

IT, Marketing Struggling With Customer Initiatives

Organizations have never had more opportunities to gather, analyze and deploy product and services strategies based upon the wealth of available customer-related information. To ensure success, IT and marketing should coordinate closely on these efforts. However, top executives from both departments say that a wide range of factors is preventing this from happening, according to a recent Read More >

The Year of the Real-Time Enterprise

Enterprises are being transformed into real-time organizations, thanks to predictive computer models and a steady pipeline of granular current data. Read More >

It's Time for Big Data to Deliver

The majority of major, global organizations are now fully immersed in big data projects. And CIOs who are helping lead these efforts are under pressure to perform: These initiatives are stretching into the eight-figure range in terms of budgeting, and corporate leaders fully expect ROI to cross the double-digit percentage range, according to a recent Read More >

NetApp Uses Private Cloud to Regain IT Control

Storage vendor NetApp develops a private cloud to consolidate as many of its shadow IT systems as possible and make the entire company more agile. Read More >

Two IT Execs Meet Data Management Challenges

An IT manager and a CIO reveal how they selected a vendor to help them deal with the exploding amounts of data on their systems. Read More >

Job Scheduling at Omaha Children's Hospital

The hospital's dedicated job scheduling application helps unify and manage its wide range of data warehousing and report delivery tasks. Read More >

Better Health Care Through APIs

Critical data-integration technology is helping health care providers in Michigan get patient information to doctors when and where they need it. Read More >

NBA Shoots and Scores With Data Analytics Platform

The NBA’s new online statistical service enables fans to slice and dice all of the player and game data in the league’s 66-year history. Read More >

An Unstructured Approach

Unstructured data is changing the face of IT and business. It delivers remarkable opportunities for companies but also enormous challenges. Read More >

An Inside View of Big Data at Big Companies

Big data is a big issue for CIOs. With an increasing amount of data hitting their servers, CIOs need to find a way to crunch it, analyze it, and ensure it can become actionable for the business side. For many CIOs, that means relying on Hadoop and Hive, trying to determine what the future might be and staying ahead of competitors that are also crunching their own big data. It’s no small... Read More >

Managers Unclear About Impact of Social Business

The social-media train continues to gain momentum. Especially when more companies than ever now view social business as a key focus of current and future investment, according to a recent survey from IBM. Yet, while executives are eager to exploit social-media business tools to boost sales, improve collaboration and enhance the customer experience, considerable reservations exist about whether... Read More >

Companies Fall Short of Big Data's Potential

Organizations must do a better job with big data, according to a new international survey from Alteryx. For starters, 77 percent of executives feel that more employees must have access to big data so they can make better decisions. It doesn't help that many CIOs do not serve as the... Read More >

New Apache Project 'Drill' Aims to Speed Up Hadoop Queries

Led by Hadoop vendor MapR Technologies, the open-source effort will seek innovative ways to push Hadoop data queries through more quickly for users. Read More >

BYOD Sends Mobile Device Management Costs Soaring

Bring you own device (BYOD) initiatives and smartphone usage are causing a rise in mobile device management costs. Read More >

Quest Software Acquisition Would Bolster Dell's Offerings

Quest Software's offerings are designed to help businesses in a number of key areas, including database, server and user workspace management as well as data protection and backup, performance monitoring, and identity and access management. Read More >

Making the Most of Big Data: Four Key Technology Considerations

We have two factors intersecting: a never-before-seen wealth of data from transactions and interactions, plus a new level of technology innovation to drive down costs. There are four key technology considerations for today’s CIO looking to capitalize on big (and diverse) data. Read More >

Effective Information Governance Depends on Master Data Management: Gartner

The MDM market continues to grow because it focuses on specific business drivers and business-led initiatives. Read More >

Gartner: Data Management Software Market Will Surge in 2012

The market for MDM of customer data is expected to reach $644 million in 2012 and to exceed $1 billion in 2015. Read More >

GE, Microsoft in Joint Venture to Form Health Care IT Company

Microsoft will contribute its experience in developing health IT platforms, while GE will focus on software for clinical administrative workflows. The joint venture will focus on patient population management and chronic conditions. Read More >

Hadoop Users Need to Think About Security

While most Hadoop World speakers touted the benefits of the open-source technology to manage unstructured data and glean valuable insights, others focused data security. Read More >

Big Data Innovation Gets a $100 Million Boost From Accel Partners

With Big Data in its sights, venture capital firm Accel Partners has launched a $100 million fund to find the next hot companies that can make a hit in the red hot Big Data space. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: Quiz: How Well Do You Speak Cloud?

Do you know your Django from your Hadoop? If so, then you'll ace this quiz, designed to challenge your grasp of cloud jargon and terminology. If these terms leave you feeling a little "lost in the cloud," fear not. The questions and answers you'll find in this quiz are based on a very CIO-friendly glossary provided in the recent book " Building... Read More >

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