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New Apache Project 'Drill' Aims to Speed Up Hadoop Queries

Led by Hadoop vendor MapR Technologies, the open-source effort will seek innovative ways to push Hadoop data queries through more quickly for users. Read More >

BYOD Sends Mobile Device Management Costs Soaring

Bring you own device (BYOD) initiatives and smartphone usage are causing a rise in mobile device management costs. Read More >

Quest Software Acquisition Would Bolster Dell's Offerings

Quest Software's offerings are designed to help businesses in a number of key areas, including database, server and user workspace management as well as data protection and backup, performance monitoring, and identity and access management. Read More >

Making the Most of Big Data: Four Key Technology Considerations

We have two factors intersecting: a never-before-seen wealth of data from transactions and interactions, plus a new level of technology innovation to drive down costs. There are four key technology considerations for today’s CIO looking to capitalize on big (and diverse) data. Read More >

Effective Information Governance Depends on Master Data Management: Gartner

The MDM market continues to grow because it focuses on specific business drivers and business-led initiatives. Read More >

Gartner: Data Management Software Market Will Surge in 2012

The market for MDM of customer data is expected to reach $644 million in 2012 and to exceed $1 billion in 2015. Read More >

GE, Microsoft in Joint Venture to Form Health Care IT Company

Microsoft will contribute its experience in developing health IT platforms, while GE will focus on software for clinical administrative workflows. The joint venture will focus on patient population management and chronic conditions. Read More >

Hadoop Users Need to Think About Security

While most Hadoop World speakers touted the benefits of the open-source technology to manage unstructured data and glean valuable insights, others focused data security. Read More >

Big Data Innovation Gets a $100 Million Boost From Accel Partners

With Big Data in its sights, venture capital firm Accel Partners has launched a $100 million fund to find the next hot companies that can make a hit in the red hot Big Data space. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: Quiz: How Well Do You Speak Cloud?

Do you know your Django from your Hadoop? If so, then you'll ace this quiz, designed to challenge your grasp of cloud jargon and terminology. If these terms leave you feeling a little "lost in the cloud," fear not. The questions and answers you'll find in this quiz are based on a very CIO-friendly glossary provided in the recent book " Building... Read More >

Infrastructure Slideshow: IT Downtime Carries a High Pricetag

IT downtime costs businesses, collectively, more than 127 million person-hours per year-or an average of 545 person-hours per company-in employee productivity, according to an online survey of IT and business executives sponsored by CA Technologies and conducted by research firm Coleman Parkes in November 2010. This loss is equivalent to 63,500 people being unable to work for an entire year,... Read More >

Mapping Patient Data: Aurora Health Care's Business Analytics Mission

Serving 1.5 million patients a year, this not-for-profit health system is looking to maximize its ability to analyze data in order to attract researchers for clinical trials. One of the key technical challenges is mapping Aurora's clinical data to put it into a form that is suitable for medical research, while at the same time ensuring patient privacy. Read More >

Companies Inconsistent in Analysis, Mining of Risk Data: Deloitte

Deloitte asked 900 professionals about the challenges facing data-management and analytics programs used by businesses to make strategic decisions based on risk. Read More >

Survey Finds IT Pros Retain Security Access at Past Employers

A surprising number of IT professionals admit that they retain security access at their old jobs, even after they've moved on. Read More >

Oracle Launches Cloud File System for Data Management

The new storage file system automates data management capabilities and pools storage across files, middleware and applications in the cloud. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: Myth-Busting the CIO Archetype

Let's face it: When you officially oversee "the geek department," there are many perceptions - and misperceptions - about the kind of senior manager and person you are. This level of stereotyping may extend to the kind of education you obtained; whether or not you can fix a frozen computer; and even how much money you make. With this in mind, we set out to debunk seven of the most deeply... Read More >

Database Slideshow: Bad Customer Data is Common, Costly

There's a lot of bad data out there when it comes to valuable customer-contact information. Maybe it's a database in which 23 percent of the home addresses aren't valid anymore. Or one with outdated area codes. And, of course, let's not forget good, old-fashioned data-entry errors caused when busy call-center employees input typos. Whatever the source of data dysfunction, it often falls to you... Read More >

Leadership Slideshow: How Laughter, Romance and Song Can Make You a Great CIO

Join us for a walk on the lighter side today as we talk about the lifestyle choices that can, ultimately, help elevate your job performance and increase your potential for long-term success. These have nothing to do with technology trends, management challenges or leadership skills. And here's a secret: You'll likely find that making such adjustments in your life is actually fun. That's because... Read More >

Workplace Slideshow: 10 Clues That You're a Workaholic

You've attained your current career status because you've worked hard all of your professional life to get there, right? Congrats. But in today's 24/7 business environment, it's easier than ever to immerse yourself in all work, all the time. If you're at the point where your responsibilities consume you, then you know what we're talking about. Sure, there are obvious trouble signs, starting... Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: IT Dream Team on Data Management

The amount of information in the enterprise is growing rapidly and IT needs to ensure that companies are making the best use of it. That's the message from an EMC Corp-produced report based on a "Dream Team" of star CIOs and IT leaders from JPMorgan Chase, Fidelity, Bank of America, Wharton School, ESPN and other top organizations. Read More >

Careers Slideshow: Where the IT Jobs Are Now

by Thomas Hoffman While the U.S. economy continues to struggle, there are pockets of strength in the IT labor market. To find the hot spots, both by specialization and by industry, we spoke with the following experts: David Van De Voort, IT workforce specialist, Mercer, Chicago, IL; Dave Willmer, executive director, Robert Half Technology, Menlo Park, CA; Terry Erdle, senior vice president,... Read More >

Search Slideshow: Smarter Search with Solr

The open source search software behind some of the web's hippest sites.By David F. Carr Click here for Dave Carr's article on Solr, and here for a slideshow on a related project,... Read More >

IT Leaders Broaden Their Roles

CIOs' biggest responsibilites show a widening of their traditional job descriptions. Read More >

Enterprise Video's Data Problem

Corporate video is exciting, but there’s not enough focus on the consequences of storing all that unstructured data. Read More >

The Enabler

For Sandy Aronson, IT is a higher calling, helping to pave the way for an entirely new approach to healthcare. Read More >

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