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Software Scans Patient Files for Clues to Disease

Harvard scientists hope to build a computer system that can scan patients' medical records to automatically find disease clues. Read More >

Rural Hospital Shifts to Just One IT Vendor

The new director of IT at a rural hospital found dozens of clinical systems, a hefty IT bill, and a need to simplify. Read More >

Contest Pits Electronic Medical Records Against Pen and Paper

Pen and paper often won out in terms of speed at the demonstration, but there's more to patient care than watching the clock, attendees learned at the Toward an Electronic Patient Record conference. Read More >

e-Prescriptions Can Work, Consultants Contend

In response to a JAMA study that reported increases in some medication errors due to new computerized systems, health IT consultancy Capgemini releases recommendations on how to avoid problems. Read More >

E-Pharmacists Improve Patient Safety, Staff Efficiency

Hospital staff can now electronically access a 24-hour pharmacist service, even when there is no pharmacist available on-site. Read More >

New Eclipsys Clinical Apps Ease Drug Orders

Latest release reduces the number of clicks physicians need to make to complete an order and automatically adds in billing codes to eliminate additional entries. Read More >

Doctors Using Handhelds, But Not for Medicine

U.S. physicians are five times as likely as general consumers to use handheld computers, but they're mostly using them to keep track of appointments rather than to access electronic medical records. Read More >

The Downside Managing of Up

CIOs are working hard to gain a seat at the executive table. But are they leaving their lieutenants behind? The consequences are harsh when cios forget to manage down as they climb up the ladder. Read More >

Data Management: Getting Clean

Sophisticated business intelligence tools give executives greater "visibility" into their company's operations than ever before, but they're useless—and even self-defeating— if the underlying data's not clean.

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Building Archimedes - a Q&A with 'Dr. Data'

Online exclusive: David Eddy tells Executive Editor Allan Alter how he and Kaiser Permanente's Leonard Schlessinger conceived and built a software modeling program that attempts to boost the quality of health care at less cost. Read More >

How the Net Can Speed Drug Testing

Online exclusive: Online clinical trial service organizations can span geographical distances and logistical hurdles to maintaining records on lengthy testing procedures. Read More >

Book Brief: The Quest for Global Dominance

The authors, professors of global strategy, apply a decade of research to showing companies how to effectively globalize. Read More >

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