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How to Implement an IT Overhaul

The CIO of Novelis, a producer of rolled aluminum used in everything from soda cans to Ford trucks, reveals how she helped revamp the company’s IT infrastructure. Read More >

Frontier Science Undergoes an IT Platform Upgrade

A leading research foundation that focuses on cancer and AIDS undergoes a major IT platform upgrade to boost business performance. Read More >

Digital Is About Cooperation, Not Ownership

Digital is not a thing that is owned by a specific executive or a specific department—it’s a new way of doing business and engaging customers. Read More >

What CIOs Need to Run a Hybrid IT Environment

While the vast majority of CIOs, tech managers and IT professionals said cloud deployment factors greatly into long-term business strategies, most do not expect to migrate all of their company's infrastructure to the cloud, according to a recent survey from SolarWinds. The resulting "Read More >

The Hottest Job in IT Today

As the digital age unfolds, finding and keeping the talent needed to unravel the mysteries of data has become a main priority for many organizations. Read More >

How to Balance Stakeholders’ Needs With Realities

Strong IT leadership requires developing a strong business sense while acting as expert stand-ins for stakeholders’ tech-related decisions. Read More >

Closing the Gap Between Data and Value

Creating value from data is easier said than done, but bringing aboard a chief data officer can improve how data is managed and, ultimately, monetized. Read More >

Why Companies Are Increasing UX Testing Efforts

Organizations are increasing their stake in user experience (UX) testing efforts, according to a recent survey from UserTesting. The "UX Industry Report" reveals that UX testing is still very much in a developmental stage for most companies. Only a minority employ dedicated teams for UX research, for example, and... Read More >

Using Tech to Reduce Poverty

The CIO of the Inter-American Development Bank sees firsthand how technology has the ability to improve lives and reduce poverty in the Caribbean and Latin America. Read More >

Leading Questions: A CIO’s Answer to Leadership

CIOs that don’t focus on strategic value and competitive advantage are falling short on leadership skills—and devaluing the office of the CIO. Read More >

Best Practices for Embracing the Hybrid Cloud

More than 65% of enterprise IT organizations committed to hybrid cloud technologies by the end of 2015, vastly driving the rate and pace of change in IT organizations, according to IDC. The key business drivers for public cloud adoption include greater agility, faster time to market, disaster recovery, business... Read More >

The Best of Times (and Worst of Times) for CIOs

There are many opportunities for CIOs to transform a business, but the route to this change is filled with a host of obstacles and obstructions. Read More >

5 Signs It’s Time to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Delegating tasks to a virtual assistant can free up time for more strategic-focused goals—and relying on a virtual assistant can ultimately cut costs. Read More >

Why Data Is the New Business Currency

The majority of surveyed business execs said big data is a driver of revenue and is becoming as valuable to their businesses as existing products and services. Read More >

Major Business and IT Trends to Watch in 2016

These four strategic areas of IT are certain to make a major impact on the world in 2016. Read More >

Taking Virtualization Into the Material World

A major metal distributor in New England optimizes virtualization to take IT and business performance to a higher level. Read More >

To IT’s Hardest Workers: Thank You

Those who work in IT often receive very little appreciation for their hard work, so a “thank you” every now and again can go a long way. Read More >

Tube Specialties Manufactures a Better ERP

A fabricated engine and machine component producer drives performance gains in ERP and data analytics. Read More >

Five Reasons Why Employees Are Thankful

Aside from providing large salaries, big bonuses and all kinds of cushy perks, what can you do to make your staffers thankful for being at work? Try a combination of proactive, professional developmental efforts, along with the fostering of an inviting work environment, according to a recent survey from OfficeTeam. Fortunately,... Read More >

When Employees Disregard IT Policies

Providing IT tools that appeal to everyone is nearly impossible, and many organizations are overrun with unauthorized apps, shadow IT and rogue data on devices. Read More >

Are CIOs Ready to Mine the API Gold Rush?

APIs are at the heart of new business models and ecosystems driving today’s enterprises. Read More >

GE CIO Is Tasked With Driving $1B in Gains

GE is shifting huge portions of its app portfolio to the cloud, and the company's new CIO will work with LOB execs to drive savings through its cloud initiative.  Read More >

From Provider to Empowerer: The New CIO

The managing director and global head of CIO Services at North Highland has some advice for CIOs: Prepare for significant change. Read More >

The Awesome Power of Checklists

There's one simple reason why you're finding it so hard to finish what you started—and one simple solution. Read More >

Looking Beyond Cloud and Mobile: What's Next for IT?

A panel of tech journalists weighs in on new research that provides a revealing look at the rapidly changing tech landscape and how decision-makers are navigating the ever-changing world of IT. Read More >

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