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Employees Losing Faith in Organizational Leaders

While the majority of employees still trust their organizational leaders to make good decisions, this sentiment is clearly on the decline, according to a recent survey from Randstad U.S. It doesn't help that most professionals do not feel their managers encourage them to share their ideas and opinions, and that only a... Read More >

10 Ways to Lead a Virtual Team

A new Unify study finds that highly successful virtual teams engage more often on a personal level, with team members speaking their minds and contributing openly regardless of their location. The report says team member location is not a significant factor for success, but conversing is. "Highly successful teams engage more often on a personal level; [members] speak their minds and contribute... Read More >

10 Bizarre Requests From Bosses

A new survey from CareerBuilder brings good news for CIOs and other managers: Most employees are satisfied with their supervisor's performance, as more than six in 10 workers would give their bosses an "A" or "B" grade. But about one in seven would assign a "D" or "F," findings show. There appears to be a correlation between communication styles and the grades, given that nearly one-third of... Read More >

Nine Steps to Achieving Transformational Change

A new study on transformational change in organizations outlines best practices that engage employees, provide a vision of the future and improve work processes. "Transformational Change—Making It Last" highlights what leading companies do to revolutionalize the way their employees work. The APQC study distinguishes between transformational... Read More >

The CIO's Evolving Role in the Digital Enterprise

Digital technology is radically remapping enterprise strategies and processes, and CIOs are at the center of the revolution. Read More >

A Lack of Leadership Cripples Business and IT

IT systems must place a strategic framework of values, and value, in motion, with an emphasis on trustworthiness, quality and customer service. Read More >

CIOs Are Upbeat About Job, Leadership Presence

All things considered, CIOs are in a good state of mind these days. The dark days when they had to squeeze IT budgets and trim headcount due to the Great Recession are behind, as tech budgets appear to be on the rise, according to a new survey from Harvey Nash. On a more personal level, the vast majority of CIOs say they feel fulfilled in... Read More >

Do You Have the Right Stuff?

For CIOs, a new project or initiative can turn out well or end poorly, but becoming comfortable with the not-knowing aspect of it is the key to possessing the right stuff. Read More >

The Three Keys to IT and Business Integration

If you want to successfully integrate IT into the business, you have to add value as a business partner, develop a reputation for being easy to work with and be likable. Read More >

Think Like a Venture Capitalist!

CIOs need to manage their IT portfolio so it increases enterprise value and evaluate the portfolio's performance in terms that business leaders understand. Read More >

Do Your Meetings Start on Time?

Time is one of your employees' most valuable and limited resources. Too often, however, it is squandered in that meetings are inefficient or start late, sometimes for technical reasons. Read More >

From Order Taker to Trusted Business Partner

With technology becoming a broader enabler of organizations, it’s increasingly imperative that CIOs transform themselves from order takers to trusted business partners. Read More >

Employees Burning Out From a Lack of Work Breaks

Except for a lunch break, an alarming number of professionals say they literally work non-stop at their desks all day, according to a recent survey from Staples. This, despite the fact that the vast majority of employers say they encourage breaks, and the workers themselves cite a wide range of resulting benefits from recharging (including productivity). So what's stopping them? Well, there's... Read More >

Being a Lean IT Group—and Continuously Improving

Freddie Mac CIO Rob Lux discusses how, despite the constraints of a tight budget, he helped fuel IT and business innovation at the U.S. government-sponsored enterprise. Read More >

Employees Face Work-Life Flexibility Obstacles

A recent survey on work-life flexibility presents a classic "good news/bad news" take on the topic. The good news: Nearly all professionals say they have some freedom here. The bad news: A clear majority say they face obstacles in pursuing this, according to the findings from Flex+Strategy Group/Work+Life Fit Inc. The accompanying report, "Ambivalence is Not a Strategy: Employees Sense Waning... Read More >

How to Align Business and IT Metrics

Metrics are more important than ever. But building an optimal framework in today's digital environment presents significant challenges. Read More >

The Future Belongs to the Dynamic Organization

In dynamic organizations, IT isn't regarded as a cost center or a necessary evil. Instead, IT is part of the fabric of everything the business does. Read More >

Five Ways to Become a Digital Disruptor

CIOs can digitally reinvent their organizations by focusing on processes over technology; rethinking products, services and interactions; and searching for tech talent outside of the traditional IT channels. Read More >

10 Ways to Improve Your Critical Thinking

CIOs are generally considered bright people. But are they critical thinkers? Not necessarily. Yet, the latter defines a major difference between CIOs who spend all of their time putting out various fires in the workplace and those who emerge as top contributors to organizational strategies. In the new book, Think Smarter: Critical Thinking to Improve Problem-Solving and Decision-Making... Read More >

Five Steps to Fixing a Broken IT Project

When a project is coming apart, it's important to establish a shared vision and persuade all of the concerned parties to make any necessary concessions.

  Read More >

10 Ways to Better Align With Your CMO

How tech-minded are CMOs and their teams getting? So much that, by 2017, the CMO is projected to spend more on IT than the CIO, according to Gartner. Some marketers are carrying out these purchases solo, but ideally these purchases would be made jointly. Which means they need advice from you and other tech-department leaders about solution selection and deployment. However, challenges remain,... Read More >

What It Means to be a Digital-Ready CIO

EY Americas IT Transformation Leader David Nichols talks about how digital-ready CIOs are different than other CIOs, and how they are transforming the business landscape. Read More >

IT Leadership 2.0: Transform Yourself or Fade Away

Today’s leaders face obsolescence. They must quickly master the art of building high-performing, innovative cultures or they will be replaced like an antiquated technology. Read More >

Employees Leaving Vacation Time on the Table

If you suspect that your IT teams aren't using all of their earned time off, you'll probably right. The vast majority of U.S. employees don't take all of their vacation time, and a stunningly high percentage are leaving at least half of their earned days on the table, according to recent survey results from Read More >

Do You Need a 'Transformation Ambassador'?

To ensure the success of its major transformation effort, Merck launches a team of transformation ambassadors to help change the culture of the organization. Read More >

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