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Microsoft Using Patents to Squash Android Competition: Barnes and Noble

Barnes & Noble alleges that Microsoft is throwing its weight around by using its patent portfolio to claim royalties from Android manufacturers. Read More >

Greenpeace: Apple Produces Dirty Data

Greenpeace says that although Apple has become more transparent about the environmental footprint and operational performance of its products, it hasn't been as forthcoming about the current or expected impacts of its online products. Read More >

Apple Earnings Strong on iPad, iPhone, Mac Sales

Apple said it sold every iPad 2 it could make at its second-quarter earnings call. The company reported revenues of $24.67 billion, up from $13.5 billion in the year-ago quarter. Read More >

Apple's COO Talks Samsung Lawsuit, Return of Steve Jobs

COO Tim Cook spoke on the company's quarterly earnings call about Apple's impending legal battle against Samsung and the health of CEO Steve Jobs. Read More >

Apple Sues Samsung for iPad, iPhone Patent Infringement

Apple alleges in its 38-page suit filed in the U.S. District Court of Northern California that Samsung's smartphones and tablets are too similar to its iPhone and iPad. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: 10 Reasons Why CIOs Still Hate Apple

Apple's relationship with the corporate world has run hot and cold over the years. At times, the company shows that it fully understands what enterprise users require. At other times, it ignores what these users need and does whatever it likes. Hence, many CIOs have become all-out Apple-haters. But now, reports claim that Apple is starting to make some real progress in improving its... Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: Smartphone Apps: Small Businesses Depend on Mobility

The workplace is changing. Gone are the days when people in your organization needed only a computer and a desk to do their jobs. Now, they may need that computer, but they don't always need that desk. Instead, they need smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices that help them perform the day's tasks wherever they are. This is particularly the case for small businesses, according to a... Read More >

Forrester CEO: Apple Could Overtake HP, IBM

The CEO of research firm Forrester says Apple is poised to surpass tech giants IBM and HP in the coming years, eventually hitting $200 billion in revenues. Read More >

Apple Loses Serlet, Key Mac OS X Executive

Top Mac OS X exec Bertrand Serlet is leaving Apple just months before the release of Mac OS X Lion. Apple announced that Craig Federighi will be promoted from VP to senior VP of Mac OS engineering. Read More >

RIM PlayBook Pricing Revealed, Takes on Apple iPad

RIM has announced an April 19 release date for its PlayBook tablet, with pricing to range from $499-$699. Read More >

Messaging & Collaboration Slideshow: Texting While Driving: The Real Mobility Risk

We already know you're worried about your mobile workers, particularly when it comes to managing them, their devices, and the information they're accessing at large. Here's another cause for concern: Your road warriors may very well be actively chatting or... Read More >

Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9 Debut at CTIA

Designed in collaboration with enterprise giants Cisco Systems, Sybase, SAP and Citrix Systems, the newest Galaxy Tabs feature security options aimed to please IT managers. Read More >

RIM PlayBook Straddles Corporate, Consumer Worlds, Exec Says

RIM Vice President David Heit says the company's PlayBook tablet is a secure, enterprise-ready device that will also fit into users' personal lives. Read More >

Samsung Launching Business Notebooks, Galaxy Media Players

Samsung's spring line includes business notebooks, two Galaxy media players and a Series 9 slim laptop. Read More >

CIOs Worry About Mobile Security But Users Don't

As more users bring personal mobile devices into the enterprise, CIOs are feeling the security strain. The device owners, however, aren't worried. Read More >

Microsoft's Billion-Dollar Nokia Deal

Microsoft is reportedly paying Nokia more than $1 billion to port Windows Phone 7 on its hardware. Data suggests the effect on the U.S. market could be negligible. Read More >

Is it Time for Bring Your Own Technology?

It’s time to get over the control paradigm we’ve all gotten used to and start thinking outside the box. What would it take to allow any device to connect safely and securely to our corporate networks? Read More >

Android Overtakes iOS, RIM in Smartphone Market

Google's Android platform has almost 30% of the smartphone market through January, narrowly beating out its rivals, Nielsen finds. Read More >

Ex-Execs Reveal How Sun Almost Bought Out Apple

Former Sun Microsystems execs say Apple would have turned out quite differently under their watch and reveal the real genesis of cloud computing. Read More >

SideXSide: HP Pre3, iPhone 4 and BlackBerry Torch

What do these smartphones really offer the enterprise user? Here's a sideXside comparison of Apple iPhone 4, Apple, the HP Pre3, and RIM BlackBerry Torch to help you decide what's right for your enterprise. Read More >

Mobile & Wireless Slideshow: Mobile World Congress: 9 Hot Topics

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Feb. 14-17, 2011, has been one of the most product-packed and interesting events of the year so far. It has been home to major announcements, new product launches, and all kinds of interesting tidbits of information that will spark the fancy of many an enterprise user of mobile devices. As CIO, on the other hand, you probably have different... Read More >

Microsoft, Nokia Deal Needs Speed to Succeed: Analysts

Microsoft and Nokia need to speed the transition of Windows Phone 7 onto the latter's smartphones in order for their deal to succeed, according to analysts. Read More >

New Tablets from Motorola, Samsung and HP Challenge iPad's Dominance

Motorola Xoom, HP TouchPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 suggest new manufacturer confidence in taking on Apple's iPad in the 10-inch tablet category. Read More >

Samsung Unveils 10-Inch Galaxy Tab Tablet at Mobile World Congress

Samsung's latest tablet device offers a larger screen and runs Android 3.0, specifically designed for tablet computing. Read More >

Mobile & Wireless Slideshow: Apple, Android Enterprise Activations on the Rise in 4Q 2010

Enterprises are increasingly activating mobile devices running the Apple iOS and Google Android platforms, according to a recent report from Good Technology. The company, which offers enterprise mobility management solutions, analyzes activations by month across its corporate and government user bases. It uses the data to compile quarterly reports on the top smartphone platforms among its... Read More >

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