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Wells Fargo Mobility Strategy: Close Every Gap

Wells Fargo’s approach is, first and foremost, to view enterprise mobility as an enablement tool. In the highly regulated industries in which the company operates, compliance is also a major concern. Read More >

Enterprise Technology Slideshow: 10 Products CIOs Should Be Looking Forward to In 2011

CIOs today are busier than ever before, and the chances of the job slowing down any time soon are slim. With an increasing need to focus on security - from both inside and out - and dealing with issues that arise from your current IT deployments, little time is left to think about which products and technologies are coming to market that may benefit your enterprise. That's why we've decided to... Read More >

Samsung Ships 10 Million Galaxy S Smartphones

Samsung says it has met its slaes targets for the Galaxy S smartphone, selling 10 million units since June 2010. Read More >

Apple Could Ship 65 Million iPads in 2011

Apple iPad shipments could top out at 65 million in 2011, according to an estimate from DigiTimes, but an analyst is warning of potential dangers for Apple ahead. Read More >

Apple Gives WikiLeaks App the Boot

Claiming it violated developer guidelines, Apple removed an app that gave users access to classified cables released by WikiLeaks. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: Online Holiday Shopping: Putting Your Enterprise at Risk?

In holiday season 2010, employees were expected to spend less time shopping online while at work than in years past. The bad news? They were more likely to shop during company time using their mobile devices, which may present an increased security risk to their organizations, according to a > survey from the ISACA... Read More >

Record BlackBerry Sales for RIM in Q3

Despite gains made by Apple's iPhone and Android-based smartphones, RIM sees record BlackBerry sales in the third quarter and a 40 percent jump in revenue. Read More >

Apple to Open Mac App Store's Doors on Jan. 6

Apple plans on a Jan. 6 launch for its Mac App Store, the PC equivalent of its mobile App Store. Apple hopes third-party developers will be drawn to the new platform. Read More >

Review: Google Android 2.3 Speedy on Samsung Nexus S

Google's Samsung Nexus S is a great phone for T-Mobile customers who want to upgrade to Android. Read More >

Mobile IM Solves Collaboration Woes for Smartlogic

With more than 30 project teams scattered around the globe at as many as seven different locations at a time, Smartlogic needed a way to bring workers together for daily updates. A mobile IM solution fixed the collaboration conundrum. Read More >

Samsung Unveils Nexus S with Android 2.3

Google shows off the new Samsung Nexus S with Android 2.3, which will be available later this month from T-Mobile and retailer Best Buy. Read More >

SideXSide: Enterprise-Friendly Smartphones

There are a slew of devices on the market that deliver some degree of enterprise functionality. In this edition of SideXSide, we compare features of these smartphones to help you determine which offer the right fit for your enterprise. Read More >

Apple Lures Away RIM Sales Team to Spur Enterprise Growth

The iPhone maker is poaching enterprise sales talent from Research in Motion to help drive iPhone and iPad sales to corporate accounts. Read More >

Apple iOS 4.3 to Offer Subscription Billing for Apps

Apple will push through an iOS 4.3 update in December, according to new reports, with a subscription-billing capability for apps. A new tablet-only daily newspaper from Rupert Murdoch's publishing empire could be the first such app. Read More >

RIM CEO: Apple App Strategy All Wrong

Research In Motion co-CEO Jim Balsillie Nov. 16 came out swinging against Apple for its closed iPhone and iPad development environment at the Web 2.0 Summit. Read More >

STD Testing via Mobile Devices: U.K. Initiative Underway

U.K. researchers have received a $6.4 million grant to fund the eSTI² mobile sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing project, which will use mobile phones or PCs as testing devices. Read More >

iPhone, BlackBerry: Most Reliable Smartphones

The Apple iPhone 3GS is the smartphone least likely to fail, but Research In Motion's BlackBerrys are most likely to survive a drop, according to a survey on mobile phone reliability. Read More >

RIM BlackBerry PlayBook Price: Competitive With iPad

RIM's PlayBook tablet PC will cost less than $500, a price that makes it competitive with both the Apple iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Read More >

Apple, Android Sales Soar in Q3 2010

Android smartphones finished behind world leader Symbian in Q3 sales, while iPhone 4 sales launched Apple into third place, ahead of BlackBerry-maker RIM, reported Gartner. Read More >

PayPal: Mobile Payment in the Spotlight

At its annual Innovate developer conference, PayPal announced new mobile technologies for developers to deliver improved payment experiences for consumers on mobile devices. Read More >

Apple, HTC, BlackBerry Drive 2Q Smartphone Sales

Apple, HTC and BlackBerry-maker RIM are leading a smartphone market that is growing at an "extraordinary" pace, says ABI Research. However, this growth is unlikely to last. Read More >

Apple, Unisys: Enterprise Services Deal?

Apple and Unisys have reportedly signed an agreement that will see the latter support and maintain Apple products for corporations and governments. Read More >

Hot Topics: Tablets are Coming, Ozzie is Going

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is coming in November, Apple showed off Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, Ray Ozzie resigned from Microsoft and more hot tech topics. Read More >

Apple's Jobs, RIM's Balsille in War of Words

Apple CEO Steve Jobs attacked BlackBerry maker Research In Motion about its tablet plans earlier this week. Now, RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie decides to fire back. Read More >

BlackBerry PlayBook: a First Look

Research in Motion gave attendees at the Gartner Symposium/IT Expo 2010 a first look at its new 7-inch PlayBook tablet. Read More >

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