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Presidential Initiative Would Double Broadband Spectrum

President Obama signed an initiative to nearly double the amount of available commercial and federal broadband spectrum for mobile devices, the White House reported. Read More >

Lotus Notes Traveler Beta for Android Released

IBM June 17 released the beta version of its Lotus Notes Traveler for Android software, a free collaboration application for Lotus Notes customers who use a smartphone running Android 2.0 or later operating system. Read More >

10 Things You Should Know Before Buying iPhone 4

With Apple's iPhone 4 just a few weeks away, it's time for consumers and enterprise customers to decide if the device is worth buying. Making that decision is getting more difficult. Years ago, the iPhone was the only "next-gen" smartphone on the market. Read More >

Digital Magazine Viewer Unveiled by Adobe

Adobe on June 1 revealed an application for viewing digital magazines, seemingly the next stage in a multicompany battle over the ebooks and digital media market. In a bit of competitive irony, the technology was used to build Wired magazine's June iPad edition - despite Apple's refusal to support Adobe's Flash, which is used to display many popular Websites' rich content but which Apple CEO... Read More >

Trends Slideshow: The Connected States of America

Americans are more connected than ever to the Web, social networks, mobile phones, etc. But survey numbers from a new Arbitron/Edison Research report show just how massive the popularity of these tech tools has become. What are the implications for your business? Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: Top Reasons for Using Apple's iPad

Some have predicted that Apple's iPad will revolutionize the way we work, much like other mobile devices have. Commissioned by Sybase, Zogby International conducted a survey of almost 2,500 U.S. consumers about their motivations for using a tablet like the iPad. The good news for CIOs and business leaders: the majority cited doing business as their main reason for using an iPad, but other... Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: Eight Technology Letdowns

Technology is subject to grandiose expectations, and often it fails to live up to the hype. We've made huge gains in information management, communications, and getting sports scores on our mobile devices, but the promises unmet leave us wanting more. Read More >

Books Slideshow: Seven Primers on Persuasion

A reading list that will help you get your point across. By Ericka Chickowski Read More >

Mobile & Wireless Slideshow: 9 Tips for Outsourcing Mobile Operations

With IT resources stretched thin, enterprises are finding that outsourcing various aspects of mobile deployments can make sense. Yet CIOs are discovering that deploying and managing thousands of mobile devices can be a daunting task. These tips for mobility strategy come from Enterprise Mobile CEO Mort Rosenthal. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: Top IT Spending Priorities for 2009, Part 4

Money is tight, but CIOs are planning to spend on dozens of technologies. To determine which technologies will get the most budget dollars, we created the CIO Insight Growth Score, which calculates 2009 budget growth scaled to the percentage of companies that spent in 2008, plus the change from 2008 spending. See the rest of the spending survey: Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: 10 Must-Listen Podcasts for CIOs

Even when you're traveling, useful information is as close as your iPod or laptop. Here's a selection of podcasts to keep you in the know while you're on the go. Read More >

Unifying Enterprise Mobility

CIOs face a difficult task in pulling together disparate mobile programs and devices. Here’s how they can get it done. Read More >

Apple CEO Steve Jobs Addresses Health Rumors

Apple CEO Steve Jobs says his weight loss was caused by a hormonal imbalance, not something more dire, as was feared by many. Read More >

Palm Announces Job Cuts Due to Competition

Palm did not say how many jobs would be cut in the wake of market share losses to Apple, Research in Motion. Read More >

Adobe, ARM Team Up on Mobile Web Browsing

Adobe and ARM are collaborating to bring Web services to popular cell- and smartphones. Read More >

Taliban Shuts Mobile Networks in Afghan Province

Insurgent group ordered shutdown amid worries that signals help track their fighters. Read More >

Mobile E-Mailing Behavior Gets Riskier

More than three in four say they've sent text messages while driving, while others engage in communications in other risky scenarios. Read More >

RIM: Touch-Screen BlackBerry Coming This Fall

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion confirms that touch-screen rival to Apple's iPhone will debut this fall. Read More >

Nokia's iPhone Rival Due This Week

Experts have awaited Nokia's response to Apple's iPhone for more than a year. Read More >

RIM to Launch Touch-Screen BlackBerry Soon

RIM is prepping a new BlackBerry smartphone to compete with Apple's iPhone, according to carrier Verizon Wireless. Read More >

Google Android Phone to Cost $199

The first mobile device running Google's Android operating software will be released in New York on September 23. Read More >

BlackBerry, Not iPhone, Still Rules Smartphone Market

BlackBerry maker RIM almost doubled its market share despite iPhone hype, slowing overall sales. Read More >

Report: Apple CEO Jobs' Life Not in Danger

New York Times columnist reports that Jobs is not suffering from anything life-threatening, which had been a rising concern among investors. Read More >

Steve Jobs' Health Becomes Investor Concern

A newspaper report finds investors concerned about Jobs' thin appearance, sparking fears of complications from or return of cancer. Read More >

Handset Market Growth Slows

Gartner lowers its forecast for cellphone sales as economic slowdown cuts demand. Read More >

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