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Behind the Census Bureau`s Mobile SNAFU

The U.S. Census Bureau’s flub of a large-scale mobile implementation—the latest in a long line of government IT disasters—sets modernization back a decade. Read More >

FedEx`s CIO on Getting Executive Buy-In

Rob Carter describes how IT can best work with the business to help them understand the power of technology. Read More >

Cell Phones More Important Than Wallets: Survey

Workers say they'd take their mobile phone over other key essentials, according to a new survey. Read More >

RIM`s New BlackBerry Targets Businesses

The new smartphone is the first to support HSDPA networks as well as GPS, Wi-Fi and other features. Read More >

Tech to Help End Airport Lines

An airline firm is about to unveil a new system to alleviate security waits. And that's just the beginning.   Read More >

MS: Mobile Business in China Will Double

Microsoft looking to build off past year's success, as the country prepares to launch 3G services.   Read More >

Poll: Apple Brand Has Greatest Impact

Apple affects lives more than any other brand, survey finds, while USA and Microsoft brands seen slipping.   Read More >

Passengers, You May Use Your Cell Phones

UK regulators approve on-board use for calls and text messages.   Read More >

Motorola to Split into Two Companies

Mobile technology giant cuts money-losing handset division following long, public proxy fight. Read More >

Mobile Internet Era At Hand

Google sees surge in Web use on hot mobile phones. Read More >

Nortel Set to Launch Faster Network Technology

New optical offering answers call for more capacity following boom in online video and HD programming.  Read More >

RIM, Motorola Battle on Mobile Patents

Both sides claim infringement in suits filed over the holiday weekend.  Read More >

RIM Suffers Critical BlackBerry Outage

Several hours of downtime affects businesses, politicians.   Read More >

Report: Coffee, Cell Phones Don`t Cause Cancer

Study finds those and other risk factors--like breast implants and deodorants--won't lead to deadly illness.   Read More >

Microsoft Goes Back to the Future Vs. Google, Apple

Content deal with Viacom harkens back to deals of the 1990s. Read More >

5 Signs of an IT Generation Gap

How IT managers can recognize the potentially problematic gaps between different age groups.   Read More >

iPhone Finding Business Fans

Analysts say specific moves could help Apple compete with top handheld maker Research in Motion. Read More >

Is Steve Jobs Manipulating iPhone Customers?

Apple's delay in granting access to outside applications may come with a cost. Read More >

Peripherals Sell the PC, Not Vice Versa

Apple and analysts quietly suspect that iPods and iPhones may be selling Macs nearly eight times faster than any major PC brand. Read More >

Opinion: Will the iPhone Change Everything?

Smart phones that can access on-demand Web-based applications may change business forever. John McCormick, editor-in-chief of Baseline and CIO Insight, explains how. Read More >

How The iPhone Stacks Up

A look at how Apple's much-anticipated device matches up against other multifunction, handheld tools. Read More >

Microsoft Linux-Patent FUD Seeps into Devices

News Analysis: Microsoft and LG Electronics announce a patent cross-license agreement to enable LG to use Microsoft-patented technology in its product lines, including in its Linux-based embedded devices. (Linux-Watch) Read More >

Nokia Launches Energy-Saving Phones

The company's new handsets send alerts to users notifying them when their phone has been successfully charged. Read More >

Resource Center: Managed Services

A topical collection of CIO Insight Case Studies, Expert Voices and Research. Read More >

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