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Mobile App Rollouts Stymied by Security, Costs Complexity: Study

The majority of CIOs know employees want access to company apps on mobile devices, but few feel able to delivery, according to a new report. Read More >

Nine Reasons Why the iPhone 5 Beats the Galaxy S4

There are only two smartphones available to consumers and enterprise customers that the majority of people care about: Apple's iPhone 5 and Samsung’s Galaxy S4. Although other firms, such as BlackBerry, HTC and LG, are competing in the mobile space with their own devices, it's only Apple and Samsung smartphones that the average corporate employee is currently interested in. Both firms... Read More >

An Inside View of the State of BYOD

In the land of the enterprise, there is one trend that CIOs, no matter how hard they try, simply can't sidestep: Bring your own device, or BYOD. At a shockingly rapid rate, companies around the globe are letting their employees to bring their own devices to the office. What's more, those smartphones, tablets and laptops are being used for all types of corporate functions, including checking... Read More >

Jaguar Launches Virtual Shopping Experience

The Jaguar Land Rover Virtual Experience demonstrates how the physical and digital worlds are merging to reshape the consumer shopping experience. Read More >

Nine Reasons Why the Enterprise Loves the iPad

Apple has been a quandary for some in the technology industry. On one hand, the company's products are ideal for consumers who want (and can afford) elegant, intuitive and easy-to-use devices. On the other hand, Apple has frequently said that it wants to appeal to all customers, including the enterprise, but its policies, products and services over the years, however, haven't consistently... Read More >

11 Best Practices For BYOD

As previously reported, six of ten mobile workers are using a personal smartphone for business purposes. In fact, the average mobile employee uses nearly three personal devices to do their job. Because three of four organizations allow for some form of BYOD policy, it's up to CIOs to make sure that internal users can perform their duties without compromising any company data or disrupting... Read More >

With BYOD, Enterprise Matches Device to Employee

Maybe we should refer to this latest IT development as "Dr. Mobile or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love BYOD." Enterprises are undergoing a major cultural shift when it comes to bring your own device (BYOD) adoption, according to Read More >

BYOD Emerges as 'New Normal' for Mobile Generation

CIOs and their IT teams are spending less time managing company-distributed hardware and more time attempting to navigate the ever-rising surge of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) popularity, according to a new international survey from iPass. Very few workers feel that personal mobile products should not be used on the job,... Read More >

When to Upgrade Your Network

The CIOs of the San Francisco Giants and Omnicom's Diversified Agency Services share what they are learned about when to upgrade a network. Read More >

How Smart Companies Manage BYOD

When done right, BYOD can trim costs, reduce tech support, enhance collaboration and connectedness, and create real-time customer interactions. Read More >

Despite Weak Security, BYOD Rules the Workplace

Bring Your Own Device is the craze that has swept the enterprise and all but revolutionized the way the corporate world views product purchases. Gone are the days when CIOs and their buyers decided which products employees will use and workers are expected to listen. Nowadays, the enterprise is all about choice and allowing employees to have some options about the devices they use to perform... Read More >

Becoming a Digital Business

Accenture identifies seven major technology trends that are transforming the business landscape. Read More >

Sandwich Shop Replaces Paper Manuals With iPads

Capriotti's Sandwich Shop gives iPads to its new franchisees, providing them with real-time access to company information, suppliers and more. Read More >

Are You Meeting Your Employees' Mobile Needs?

The world is changing. You know it. Your employees know it. And, finally, the business side knows it. Whereas IT was once viewed as an expense at many companies, it's now seen as a way to gain a leg up over competitors. And with more products and services entering the corporate world each year, you have the opportunity each day to show why IT is essential. However, whether IT is adequately... Read More >

Mobile Devices Increase Employees' Productivity

It's no secret that smartphones and tablets have changed the way companies and government organizations do business. Previously, employees would leave the office and be free from their ties to work. Now, wherever they go, including at home or on vacation, employees find themselves tied to their jobs. It's something that might cause personal stress, but actually has a strong impact on the... Read More >

How BYOD is Viewed in the Enterprise

The BYOD craze is sweeping the enterprise. Companies around the globe are warming to the idea of allowing consumer-focused products into the enterprise for the purpose of doing business. And in some cases, the benefits of BYOD have registered with companies that are willing to invest in it. Although it wasn't always a willing participant, IT has been ushering in the BYOD craze in the... Read More >

iPad Adoption on the Rise in the Enterprise

Apple has been saying for well over a year now that the iPad is making headway in the enterprise. In fact, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the slate is being adopted by the vast majority of Fortune 500 companies. Smaller enterprises are also warming to the device, indicating that a product initially designed for consumers can be a success in the corporate world. That was made even clearer in a... Read More >

Smartphone Users Seek Instant Satisfaction

More people now own a smartphone in the U.S.—45 percent of adults—than own a cell phone, according to a recent Pew Internet & American Life poll. Smartphones will account for a $320 billion market by 2016, industry research reveals, compared to $150 billion in 2011. While the ubiquitous nature of these devices is clear, we're still figuring out what impact they are making on our... Read More >

New Year's Resolutions For CIOs

It’s time for another year of new challenges and new decisions for CIOs. Over the last 12 months, things have changed rapidly in the enterprise world. Mobile products, like those from Apple and Samsung, have more and more made their way into the office. And surprisingly, companies that once stood above the fray in the corporate world, including Research In Motion and Microsoft, have... Read More >

10 Reasons Your Company Needs Tablets

The enterprise is ready and willing to adopt tablets. In fact, an increasing number of companies are bringing slates into the office. The idea is that employees will benefit from the tablet’s mobility and overall productivity features and, in the process, save the company some cash. It’s a concept that, upon further inspection, actually holds up well. For many CIOs, the idea that... Read More >

Guess What? Your Employees Don't Care What You Say

A strange thing is happening in the enterprise. Whereas once it was the CIO who decided what technology would be used in the workplace, nowadays employees are often making that decision. With BYOD and consumerization impacting companies around the globe, employees are now deciding which mobile devices they will use in the office. And when it’s time for them to use a computer to do their... Read More >

BYOD Supported by Employees' 'Live-to-Work' Ethos

The BYOD craze has swept the world. From mature markets to developing markets, IT decision makers are increasingly allowing employees to bring their own devices into the office and use them for work purposes. In a surprising number of cases, employees are unilaterally bringing devices into the office and deciding that their employers should allow them to use them. After all, the employees... Read More >

Mobile Devices Are Set to Inundate Enterprises

Remember when the BlackBerry mattered so much to the enterprise? Research In Motion's (RIM's) smartphones were everything to corporate customers that realized that they could have employees working no matter where they were. For employees, the BlackBerry became a bit of an obsession, a product that they carried with them at all times and delivered to them easy access to the office and even... Read More >

10 Facts CIOs Should Know About the New iPads

On Oct. 23, Apple finally took the wraps off its iPad Mini. The device, which was rumored for months, comes with a 7.9-inch screen and a new design. In addition, the tablet, which Apple says is capable of being held in one hand, will come with 4G LTE service when it launches in mid-November. The WiFi-only version of the iPad Mini is expected to hit store shelves on November 2. Aside from the... Read More >

Apple, Google Will Own Mobile Market in 2012

Google and Apple will capture so much of the mobile market by the end of 2012 that there won't even be a viable No. 3 spot left, according to a new report from Global Equities Research. Read More >

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