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Apple's $1.05 Billion Patent Win May Boost Microsoft, Nokia

Samsung products included several features that are protected by Apple patents, a jury has ruled on Aug. 24. This considerable setback for Samsung could be a major market opportunity for Nokia and Microsoft. Read More >

Google Motorola Lawsuit Puts Apple on Patent Defensive, Analysts Say

The escalating patent infringement fight between Google's Motorola Mobility unit and Apple is about to get even uglier as the companies fight for the huge mobile market, say analysts. Read More >

Judge Urges Apple, Samsung CEOs to Talk it Out After Patent Trial

U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh, presiding over Apple s patent suit against Samsung, suggested the CEOs of both companies talk to try to settle the case before it goes to the jury. Read More >

Weak BYOD Security Endangering Company Data

Businesses are in danger of data breaches without informing employees of BYOD security policies and best practices. Read More >

IBM Could Want RIM's Enterprise Services Division: Report

RIM's enterprise-services unit is of interest to IBM, according to Bloomberg. As with reports that Samsung could benefit from a RIM buy, much depends on how BlackBerry 10 is received. Read More >

If BlackBerry 10 Flops, RIM Could be Sold to Samsung, Analysts Speculate

BlackBerry 10 is a major improvement on BB7 but not enough to take back share from Apple, say analysts with Jefferies. After BB10's debut, they expect Samsung to purchase RIM as a mobile OS fallback plan. Read More >

Books Slideshow: Five Reasons Why Your Top Talent Leaves, and How to Keep Them

You'd think all of your employees would be holding on to their positions tightly as unemployment remains high, but for those with highly-valued skills, it is still a seekers market and companies have to compete to retain top performers. How can CIOs make sure their teams are happy and continue to put forth their best efforts instead of sending out resumes? In the book, Read More >

London Olympics Up Mobile Devices Theft Risk

Security firm Venafi estimated that 26,800 out of the 67,000 lost or stolen devices are likely to be smartphones. Read More >

Consumers Will Buy $2.1 Trillion Worth of Mobile Devices

Gartner analysts said that spending will increase to as much as $2.7 trillion by 2016, driving demand for everything from mobile devices to app store products. Read More >

RIM Struggles to Boost BlackBerry's Image, as New York Times Kills App

The New York Times has stopped support for its BlackBerry app, saying it needs to consolidate its efforts elsewhere. Meanwhile, RIM execs are doing all they can to keep morale and brand image boosted. Read More >

Cisco Cuts 1,300 Job Amid Corporate Spending Slowdown

The job losses come two months after Cisco executives warned about enterprises slowing their IT spending in the face of a struggling global economy. Read More >

BlackBerry Maker RIM Faces Restless Shareholders

Investors criticize RIM's board of directors, but executives said that despite recent setbacks, they're still confident about the company's future. Read More >

Apple Sued for Siri Patent Infringement

A Chinese company claims Apple's Siri technology infringes on a patent for software providing a similar service. Read More >

RIM CEO Says BlackBerry 10 Will Make RIM a Smartphone Leader

RIM CEO Thorsten Heins, on a Canadian radio program, said U.S. BlackBerry sales are going to stink for six months, but BlackBerry 10 will make RIM a strong player in the smartphone and mobile computing markets, specifically in the U.S. and Canada. Read More >

RIM Asks Developers to Keep Working Despite BlackBerry 10 Delay

RIM is apologizing to developers for delaying the release of BlackBerry 10. Calling their dedication and excitement "gratifying and humbling," the company pledged that RIM would try to be worthy of their trust and support. Read More >

Apple's Senior Hardware Chief to Retire

Apple's Dan Riccio, current vice president of iPad hardware engineering, will take over for Mansfield following a transition period. Read More >

RIM Must Make Tough Choices to Survive

Research In Motion is running out of options and may soon be forced to put itself on the sales block, but who will buy the troubled company? Microsoft? Samsung? While there is still life in RIM, the company needs to make some tough decisions quickly. Read More >

Mobile & Wireless Slideshow: Gartner BYOD Study: Enterprises Just Say Yes

The rapid proliferation of consumer mobile devices is changing the traditional IT environment in enterprises, according to a survey by Gartner. Nearly all (90 percent) of enterprises surveyed have already deployed mobile devices, with smartphones -- such as iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices -- being most widely deployed. Eighty-six percent of respondents surveyed said that they plan to... Read More >

Mobile & Wireless Slideshow: 10 Ways Samsung Galaxy S III Trumps iPhone 4S

A battle royale is brewing between smartphone superstars Apple and Samsung. Both companies are vying for the top spot in unit shipments, and according to recent data, they're both securing the vast majority of profits in the mobile device market. Suffice it to say that Apple and Samsung won't be satisfied until one of them has waved a white flag and given up all claim to the mobile space.... Read More >

RIM Dissmisses Rumors of Company Split

RIM, responding to reports that it may split its hardware and services businesses, reiterated that it is focusing on partnerships, licensing opportunities and strategic business model alternatives to save the business. Read More >

DARPA Wants to Lock Down Android Smartphones for Military Use

DARPA has granted a $21.4 million contract to security firm Invincea to create a secure version of the Android operating system for use in mobile devices in field Army bases. Read More >

Is Nokia's Windows Phone Plan Doomed to Failure?

Nokia, while struggling to rebuild its brand, keeps managing to dissuade consumers from buying its phone. Early advocates of the brand are feeling baffled by the recent Windows Phone 8 announcement. Read More >

Mobile Travelers Worry Over Privacy, Staying Charged

The need to have access to mobile computing devices is impacting the way Americans feel about travel, an Intel report finds. Read More >

News Slideshow: Microsoft's Surface Tablet: 10 Features CIOs Will Love

Microsoft has made a significant move in the tablet market, unveiling its Surface tablet on June 18. The device is designed to compete against Apple's iPad, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook, and others. No pricing has been announced yet. The product is expected to hit the market at the same time that Windows 8 is made commercially available, which is expected be in... Read More >

Apple's 13-Inch MacBook Pro to Get Retina Display: Report

Two analyst reports suggest Apple's MacBook Pro 13-inch model will have Retina displays by the end of the year. Read More >

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