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Mobile & Wireless Slideshow: 10 Ways Samsung Galaxy S III Trumps iPhone 4S

A battle royale is brewing between smartphone superstars Apple and Samsung. Both companies are vying for the top spot in unit shipments, and according to recent data, they're both securing the vast majority of profits in the mobile device market. Suffice it to say that Apple and Samsung won't be satisfied until one of them has waved a white flag and given up all claim to the mobile space.... Read More >

RIM Dissmisses Rumors of Company Split

RIM, responding to reports that it may split its hardware and services businesses, reiterated that it is focusing on partnerships, licensing opportunities and strategic business model alternatives to save the business. Read More >

DARPA Wants to Lock Down Android Smartphones for Military Use

DARPA has granted a $21.4 million contract to security firm Invincea to create a secure version of the Android operating system for use in mobile devices in field Army bases. Read More >

Is Nokia's Windows Phone Plan Doomed to Failure?

Nokia, while struggling to rebuild its brand, keeps managing to dissuade consumers from buying its phone. Early advocates of the brand are feeling baffled by the recent Windows Phone 8 announcement. Read More >

Mobile Travelers Worry Over Privacy, Staying Charged

The need to have access to mobile computing devices is impacting the way Americans feel about travel, an Intel report finds. Read More >

News Slideshow: Microsoft's Surface Tablet: 10 Features CIOs Will Love

Microsoft has made a significant move in the tablet market, unveiling its Surface tablet on June 18. The device is designed to compete against Apple's iPad, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook, and others. No pricing has been announced yet. The product is expected to hit the market at the same time that Windows 8 is made commercially available, which is expected be in... Read More >

Apple's 13-Inch MacBook Pro to Get Retina Display: Report

Two analyst reports suggest Apple's MacBook Pro 13-inch model will have Retina displays by the end of the year. Read More >

Apple's Siri, Search Apps Could Save Businesses Millions

A report from EasyAsk found U.S. businesses could save up to $800 million daily through Siri-like search applications. Read More >

Nokia to Slash 10,000 Jobs, Focus on Lumia, Location-Based Services

Nokia, which phone sales pummeled by Apple, Samsung and other Android phones, is cutting 10,000 jobs in a effort to save cash as it works toward its goals. Three high-level executives have stepped down. Read More >

Apple's Siri 'Eyes Free' Solution Coming to a Car Near You

Landrover, BMW, Audi and others have committed to integrating an on-wheel or in-dash button for connecting to Apple s Siri-based Eyes Free solution within one year. Change the industry? Sure. Solve distracted driving? Who knows. Read More >

RIM Kills 16GB PlayBook, Pledges Tablet Commitment

RIM s decision to discontinue the 16GB version of its PlayBook tablet may be part of the belt-tightening measures the company is taking as it awaits the launch of its BlackBerry 10 platform and handsets. Read More >

Why Android Dominates the Mobile Market

Google's Android platform has skyrocketed to the top of the mobile market and has become entrenched there with little sign that another mobile OS will soon topple its dominant position. There are several reasons why that has happened. Read More >

Apple to Announce Major Refresh of Mac Computers at WWDC: Report

Apple may unveil MacBook Air notebooks with Retina displays or otherwise upgraded Mac computers at WWDC, a report says. Read More >

Apple CEO Tim Cook: Siri Changes Coming

Apple CEO Tim Cook, at the All Things D event on May 29, opened up as much as the CEO of one of the world's most secretive companies can. He hinted at big things to come for iPhone's Siri voice-recognition service. Read More >

Job Cuts at BlackBerry Maker RIM Could Reach 6,000

With the upcoming BlackBerry 10 facing iPhone 5 and other big launches, analysts say they're remaining "cautious" about RIM's prospects. Read More >

Mobile & Wireless Slideshow: 10 Reasons Why RIM's Survival Depends on Ditching the BlackBerry

NEWS ANALYSIS: Research In Motion has come to a difficult place in its lifecycle. For the first time in its history, RIM's BlackBerry smartphones are not highly sought-after devices. Apple's iPhone and a host of Android-based devices are now capturing the attention of today's customers. Cost-cutting and Read More >

iPhone Pricing Higher Than Competitors as Smartphone Sales Grow

Smartphone purchasers are willing to pay $11 more for an Apple iPhone than for a comparable Google Android-based smartphone, according to an iGR survey. Read More >

Mobile & Wireless Slideshow: 10 Products Apple Should Launch In the Next Year

When Jonathan Ive, Apple's SVP of Industrial Design, was knighted in a ceremony at Buckingham Palace in London by Princess Anne on May 23, he hinted at more great things to come from the company that brought us the iPhone and iPad. There's no... Read More >

Apple's iCloud Data Center Will Use Green Energy

The company said its North Carolina facility will be powered by a combination of solar power, green fuel cells and other sources of renewable energy. Read More >

Apple Expected to Update iCloud, MacBook Pros at WWDC

Apple is expected to introduce an iCloud updated with new photo and video features at its Worldwide Developers Conference, according to a report. New MacBooks are also likely. Read More >

Tablet Use Nearly Doubles Among Doctors in 2012

With the Apple iPad the most popular mobile device, doctors have almost doubled their use of tablets in the last year, according to a new report by Manhattan Research. Read More >

It's Still an iPad World -- For Now

The Apple device still dominates the young space, but competitors at CTIA said they see changes on the horizon. Read More >

Law Enforcement Turns to the BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet

RIM is at risk of losing some government customers, but the compatibility of the BlackBerry PlayBook in new police deployments--and smaller cars--could help balance that out. Read More >

What the BlackBerry 10 PlayBook Needs to Succeed

According to reports, Research In Motion will be launching a 4G LTE-equipped BlackBerry PlayBook later this year. But it just can't be a 4G version of the same tablet design. Here are some features the PlayBook needs to succeed. Read More >

Mobile & Wireless Slideshow: Apple Rules Android In Enterprise Mobile Device Adoption

Good Technology, a provider of enterprise mobility management tools designed to enable bring-your-own-device (BYOD), reports that iPhone activations were at an all time high in Q1 2012 among its enterprise customers. Good Technology's customers include eight of the top 10 financial institutions, seven of the top 10 healthcare organizations, half of the Fortune 100, and companies from every... Read More >

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