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IT Management Slideshow: Nine Technologies Worth Your Money in 2012

No doubt you spend much of your time each day considering where to invest your company's technology budget. You're likely to drop corporate cash on computers, smartphones, cloud solutions, software, or any of the countless other products that your employees might need. But, even hardworking CIOs should get to have some fun with technology. So, what about the gadgets and tools that will benefit... Read More >

Android, iOS Putting the Squeeze on Blackberry, Windows Phone

Some analysts believe Google's Android operating system and Apple's iOS are pushing Research In Motion BlackBerry and Microsoft Windows Phone out of the U.S. smartphone market. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: 10 Worst Tech Missteps of 2011

It's nice to look back at 2011 and see all the great accomplishments in the world of technology. From honoring Steve Jobs following his death to delivering some of the finest products the industry has ever seen, the technology sector was filled with stories that should inspire companies to pursue innovations in the years ahead. But, there was another side to the tech industry this year. In far... Read More >

2012 IT Investments: Leading CIOs Share Their Plans

CIOs from Hyatt Hotels, health care staffing company Schumacher Group and engineering firm Psomas share their IT spending priorities. A common theme runs through all industry sectors: Each is focused on ensuring that its IT environment is agile enough to handle emerging IT delivery models. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: Top 10 Tech Skills for 2012

Although the economy is having some trouble turning around, the IT job market looks to be a bright spot for early 2012. In fact, many enterprises are having troubling finding just the right tech talent to meet their changing IT needs. Is your company among the many firms that are looking for employees who can handle the... Read More >

Where to Make Your 2012 IT Investments

Unless you have an unlimited budget and headcount (which would be a first!), you have to start prioritizing where you will invest your limited resources. We are in the process of going through this exercise and use a very simple question to guide our thinking: “What matters to our clients and consumers?” Read More >

RIM BlackBerry 10 Part of Turnaround Plan as Net Income Dips

RIM saw its quarterly revenue and net income dip, but its co-CEOs insist their BlackBerry franchise will successfully execute a turnaround. Read More >

Intel Creates New Mobile And Communications Business Unit

Intel is ramping up its efforts to move into the tablet and smartphone spaces through a reorganization that is bringing together four divisions to create a mobile and communications unit. Read More >

Forrester's Five Futuristic Computing Form Factors

Forrester Research analyst Sarah Rotman Epps puts aside the tablet talk to discuss five computing form factors she sees possibly gaining momentum in the future. Read More >

Motorola Solutions Introduces Rugged Mobile Computing Series

The MC2100 series leverages the same hardware platform as other Motorola mobile computing products. Read More >

Ottawa Hospital Manages iPhone, iPad Deployment With Aruba Mobile Platform

The Ottawa Hospital in Ontario is using Aruba's WiFi Mobile Virtual Enterprise architecture to manage thousands of iPhones and iPads. Read More >

Cloud Computing Will Go Mobile, Social in 2012

As employees increasingly adopt BYOD, social networking and collaboration, cloud computing is changing to meet the needs of both the workers and the IT organization. Read More >

Android, iOS Dominate U.S. Smartphone Market, Nielsen Finds

Google's Android operating system share is 43 percent, while Apple's iOS platform has 28 percent share, totaling 71 percent total market share. Read More > Takes AppExchange Mobile With iOS, Android makes its AppExchange application store for CRM professionals available via smartphones and tablets based on Apple's iOS and Google's Android platforms. Read More >

RIM Extends Support to iPhone, Android With BlackBerry Mobile Fusion

RIM's upcoming BlackBerry Mobile Fusion management platform supports not only BlackBerry but also Apple's iPhone and Google Android. Read More >

Mobile & Wireless Slideshow: Smartphone Addiction: A Workplace Epidemic?

Would you or your employees feel depressed, anxious or physically ill if you had to go a week without a smartphone? According to recent research from enterprise mobility services vendor iPass, Inc., the majority of us say we expect to show these physical or psychological signs of addiction if we had to put down our iPhones, Android smartphones or Blackberrys for a few days. The research finds... Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: Smartphone Addiction: Nine Telltale Signs

We recently reported on a study that sheds light on the increasing prevalence of smartphone addiction, in which 88% of professionals polled say they'd feel either disoriented, distraught, lonely or physically ill if they went without their device for a working week. You may dismiss your own constant use of a... Read More >

Health Care IT Going Mobile, Slow to Embrace Cloud: CompTIA

Physician practices are eager to adopt smartphones and tablets but lag behind in cloud computing and EHR training, according to a study by IT association CompTIA. Read More >

Apple iPhone, Android Top Choices of Enterprise Workers

Apple's iPhone and Google Android top a recent survey of enterprise workers' smartphones, outpacing RIM's BlackBerry and Windows Phone. Read More >

Android's Global Smartphone Share Hits 52%: Gartner

Google's Android operating system hit 52.5 percent market share worldwide for the third quarter, compared with 15 percent for Apple's iPhone, according to Gartner. Read More >

Google Killing Off Gmail App for Blackberry

Google is shelving its Gmail App for Blackberry to focus on mobile Web browsing software for its core messaging application. The news comes as Research in Motion struggles. Read More >

Mobile Data Explosion Driven by Video, Ericsson Report Finds

Mobile broadband subscriptions will reach almost 5 billion in 2016, up from the expected 900 million by the end of 2011. Read More >

iPhone, iPad, BYOD Dominate Hot Tech Projects

In recent weeks, our roundup of hot tech projects has yielded two notable trends: multiple instances of organizations activating bring-your-own-device policies; and a growing number of companies piloting or deploying iPad, iPhone and even iPod. Information for this feature is provided exclusively to CIO Insight by the researchers at DiscoverOrg. Read More >

Tablets, Smartphones Cause Surge in Data Use: Oracle

Consumer demand for applications is growing significantly, according to an Oracle report, while tablet sales are surging. Read More >

Sony Buys Out Ericsson in Bid to Strengthen Mobility Offerings

Sony plans on buying out Ericsson's stake in their joint mobility venture in order to create a consolidated platform more capable of battling Samsung and Apple. Read More >

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