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10 Reasons for Delaying That iPhone 4 Purchase

There are some folks that weren't lucky enough to preorder an iPhone 4 on launch day, so they will be trying to pick one up at an Apple Store on June 24. In any case, the iPhone 4 is one of the most desired devices released so far this year. And the chances of the hype dying down anytime soon seem awfully slim. Read More >

Apple iAd Opt-Out, Will Still Collect Data

While users can hide from the interest-based ads, they can't avoid the location-based tracking Apple is using for its iPhone, iPads and computers. Apple's updated privacy policy will not let users download any applications from the iTunes store without agreeing to the new terms and conditions. Read More >

10 Things to Consider Before Upgrading to iOS 4

Apple has officially launched iOS 4 to iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G S owners. Read More >

600,000 Apple iPhone 4 Preorders Crashed System

Apple and AT&T found themselves hit by unexpected demand for the iPhone 4, which promptly sold 600,000 units after going on pre-order June 15. That effectively crashed both companies' ordering systems; reports circulated of AT&T employees were forced to jot customers' details on paper after store computers melted down, and visitors to both AT&T's and Apple's Websites encountered error messages. Read More >

Other Users' Accounts Visible During iPhone 4 Preorders

AT&T said it is investigating reports that customers were able to view other people's information when placing advance orders for Apple iPhone 4. Read More >

BlackBerry-Maker Said to be Testing Touchscreen Smartphone, Tablet

BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion may be joining the droves of manufacturers bringing tablet-style devices to market, following the success of the Apple iPad. Read More >

10 Things You Should Know Before Buying iPhone 4

With Apple's iPhone 4 just a few weeks away, it's time for consumers and enterprise customers to decide if the device is worth buying. Making that decision is getting more difficult. Years ago, the iPhone was the only "next-gen" smartphone on the market. Read More >

Trends Slideshow: Father's Day Geek Guide

With Father's Day bearing down on us, a device-obsessed nation once again struggles with what to get the geek dad who has everything. The thing is, they don't have everything, because there's always a steady string of new geeky toys hitting the market. Here are 9 gifts your geek dad probably doesn't have&#151yet. (And if you're the geek dad, you might want to share this with your kids.) Read More >

10 Things Missing from the Apple iPhone 4

The device includes several new features that the vast majority of consumers will be happy to find when they finally get their hands on it at the end of June. Read More >

Google Confirms That Google Goggles is Coming to the iPhone

Google confirmed that its Goggles visual search application would be coming to Apple's iPhone soon and also said it would release APIs for its image recognition, according to this scoop from ReadWriteWeb. Read More >

ABI Research: Linux Smartphones Will Outperform All Others

With the number of Android-based smartphones constantly ticking upward, both consumers and manufacturers have enjoyed the fast-growing popularity of Linux-based, open-source devices. In a June 1 report, ABI Research is forecasting such growth to continue - though not based on Google's Android alone. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: 10 Tips for Managing Web 2.0 Projects

IT executives are getting tons of pressure to ignite their companies' Web 2.0 presence. It's no easy task, according to Camden Consulting's Kris Girrell.

This tip sheet, from her recent article, Web 2.0: Leading the Brave New World, gives leaders the advice they need to navigate the new Web frontier. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: 10 Things to Hate About the iPhone

The iPhone has been a technology game-changer and a cultural icon, yet Apple, despite its design wizardry, is still a non-factor in the enterprise IT market. We scoured the Internet looking for recurring complaints about the iPhone's various versions, and found a bevy of them. As the competition, including new BlackBerry and Android models, closes the gap, we offer a round-up of common... Read More >

U.S. CTO: Mobile Apps Could Spur Broadband Spend

U.S. CTO Aneesh Chopra says increasing mobile Internet access provides incentives for investment in high-speed connections. Read More >

Mobile & Wireless Slideshow: 9 Tips for Outsourcing Mobile Operations

With IT resources stretched thin, enterprises are finding that outsourcing various aspects of mobile deployments can make sense. Yet CIOs are discovering that deploying and managing thousands of mobile devices can be a daunting task. These tips for mobility strategy come from Enterprise Mobile CEO Mort Rosenthal. Read More >

Workplace Slideshow: 8 Ways to Retain Talent In a Recession

Talent retention can be a challenge, even as bad times persist. CIOs must keep essential workers happy, be prepared to hire opportunistically and to resume growth when the economy improves. That means reacting and adapting to a changes in the job market and having flexible plans in place in order to retain and attract talent -- even as the protracted downturn changes the rules of the game. Read More >

Smartphones in the Oval Office

A former White House staffer says Obama’s BlackBerry question is a wake-up call for business. Read More >

Unifying Enterprise Mobility

CIOs face a difficult task in pulling together disparate mobile programs and devices. Here’s how they can get it done. Read More >

Wal-Mart Begins Selling iPhones

Wal-Mart began selling iPhones Sunday, but not for as low a price as many expected. Read More >

iPhone to Sell for $99 at Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart is reportedly prepared to sell a smaller-capacity version Apple's iPhone at a steep discount. Read More >

Palm Announces Job Cuts Due to Competition

Palm did not say how many jobs would be cut in the wake of market share losses to Apple, Research in Motion. Read More >

Analyst: Apple May Cut iPhone Production

Slowing demand could force Apple to scale back production of its popular iPhone, an analyst says. Read More >

Taliban Shuts Mobile Networks in Afghan Province

Insurgent group ordered shutdown amid worries that signals help track their fighters. Read More >

Mobile E-Mailing Behavior Gets Riskier

More than three in four say they've sent text messages while driving, while others engage in communications in other risky scenarios. Read More >

RIM: Touch-Screen BlackBerry Coming This Fall

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion confirms that touch-screen rival to Apple's iPhone will debut this fall. Read More >

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