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Editorial: April 2003

Editorial: Mobile technologies aren't just for people in the tech industry anymore. Even corporate bellwethers like Pepsi are beginning to implement wireless tools within their processes. Read More >

Mobility 2003: When Will Mobility Add Strategic Value?

Mobile technologies are here to stay—indeed, their use is growing rapidly. But are CIOs seeing the full range of business benefits? Read More >

Book Brief: The Strategy Machine: Building Your Business One Idea at a Time

In his follow up to Unleashing the Killer App, Downes spends relatively little time on technology per se. Read More >

Case Study: Tsutaya, a Tokyo Video Store, Goes Mobile

Tokyo's Tsutaya chain has figured out how to go mobile—and come out ahead on the numbers. Read More >

Mobility 2002: Some Potholes Remain

Research: IT executives told CIO Insight that growing numbers of their employees and customers are going mobile, but they cautioned that the technology still isn't solid enough for every company. Read More >

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