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Wireless Wire: News from T-Mobile, Good Technology, Alcatel, MegaPixi, Equal, Sprint, Altai, FCC

T-Mobile will release the new BlackBerry Pearl; Good Technology will support the new Treo; Alcatel will acquire Nortel 3G; MegaPixi Mobile and Equal Mobile will deliver humorous greeting cards; Sprint will offer pay-per-view movies on phones; Altai touts Read More >

The Sweetest BlackBerrys

Review Roundup: BlackBerrys come in many flavors, but these are the juiciest. Read More >

John Parkinson: Real Mobility is Still a Few Years Away

Despite the promises, real mobility for the on-the-go executive is still years away. Read More >

Spending On Mobile Computing On The Rise

What's driving enterprise spending on mobile computing? Baseline's survey of 143 information-technology executives shows a clear No. 1 reason: Companies want to improve how employees collaborate and communicate. Read More >

Emerging Tech: Jeff Hawkins reinvents artificial intelligence

Palm Computing founder Jeff Hawkins has developed a controversial theory of how the brain works, and he's using it to build a new race of computers. Read More >

Mobile Computing: More Options

As the battle for mobile operating-system supremacy heats up, one vendor is giving technology executives the option to ignore the fight and focus on creating line-of-business programs. Read More >

MessageOne Services Promise BlackBerry Security

The new set of managed services offers enterprise customers the assurance that important e-mails will not be lost or compromised in the event of an outage. Read More >

Emerging Tech: Palm's Jeff Hawkins on the New Rules of Wireless

Smart phones aren't the whole future of mobile computing, but they will play an important role in its development. Before the future gets here, though, there's going to be a lot of consolidation in the pieces of technology we currently carry. Read More >

The All-Mobile Workplace Will Change Everything—Eventually

A ubiquitous wireless broadband network will change business strategy—once it finally gets here. Read More >

Move to Silicon to Make Bar Codes More Accurate

Intermec is set to unveil its next-generation bar code reader, promising scans that are 80 percent more accurate as it moves the bar code reader from mechanical mirrors to pure silicon. Read More >

Katrina: The Ultimate Testing Ground for Disaster Recovery

Gulf coast businesses take on the daunting task of restoring their operations after the storm. Read More >

Mobile Medicine Breaks the Physician Barrier

After years of resisting computerization, physicians are finally taking up handhelds, but not for the reasons many in medical IT would prefer. Meanwhile, non-doctors automate everything from pill dispensing to patient identification. Read More >

John Parkinson: Mobilize Me!

Opinion: John Parkinson: We've reached the tipping point at which companies will reap great benefits by submitting all kinds of business processes to mobile systems. Are you ready? Read More >

Graphic: Pepsi Wireless Generation

Take a look at our chart explaining how smart Pocket PCs can help Pepsi bottlers boost sales and cut costs. Read More >

Case Study: Pepsi and Mobile Business

Pepsi bottlers are using wireless to reinvent the way soda is sold, altering the nature of work and customer relationships. Can smart PDAs help put the pop back in profits? Read More >

Editorial: April 2003

Editorial: Mobile technologies aren't just for people in the tech industry anymore. Even corporate bellwethers like Pepsi are beginning to implement wireless tools within their processes. Read More >

Mobility 2003: When Will Mobility Add Strategic Value?

Mobile technologies are here to stay—indeed, their use is growing rapidly. But are CIOs seeing the full range of business benefits? Read More >

Book Brief: The Strategy Machine: Building Your Business One Idea at a Time

In his follow up to Unleashing the Killer App, Downes spends relatively little time on technology per se. Read More >

Case Study: Tsutaya, a Tokyo Video Store, Goes Mobile

Tokyo's Tsutaya chain has figured out how to go mobile—and come out ahead on the numbers. Read More >

Mobility 2002: Some Potholes Remain

Research: IT executives told CIO Insight that growing numbers of their employees and customers are going mobile, but they cautioned that the technology still isn't solid enough for every company. Read More >

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