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BT Returns to Smartphone Market

British telecom firm's new device offering features broadband connectivity. Read More >

Report: RIM`s 3G BlackBerry Faces Delay

Published report says carrier AT&T has concerns about call quality, delaying the release as Apple preps its own high-speed wireless iPhone.   Read More >

Top Firms Sign On to Emerging Mobile Network

Big-name handset and equipment makers agreed to work on licensing framework for Long Term Evolution technology. Read More >

Passengers, You May Use Your Cell Phones

UK regulators approve on-board use for calls and text messages.   Read More >

Mobile Internet Era At Hand

Google sees surge in Web use on hot mobile phones. Read More >

IPhone to Get More Business Friendly

Steve Jobs and company open the device to corporate e-mail, while major funding arrives for new third-party software startups.   Read More >

RIM, Motorola Battle on Mobile Patents

Both sides claim infringement in suits filed over the holiday weekend.  Read More >

RIM Suffers Critical BlackBerry Outage

Several hours of downtime affects businesses, politicians.   Read More >

Microsoft Won't Launch iPhone Rival: Report

A day after leaving CES, Gates says firm will focus on software. Read More >

iPhone Finding Business Fans

Analysts say specific moves could help Apple compete with top handheld maker Research in Motion. Read More >

Google Unveils App for iPhone

Search giant promises more mobile tools ahead of releasing its own platform. Read More >

SAP Unveils Its First Software for iPhone

Demand from salespeople led tech giant to break from its mobile device strategy. Read More >

Google to Bid for Mobile Airwaves

Search giant's offer could exceed $4.6 billion, reports say. Read More >

Is Steve Jobs Manipulating iPhone Customers?

Apple's delay in granting access to outside applications may come with a cost. Read More >

Do-It-Yourself IT: Is the World Ready?

Tech allowance programs are becoming more popular with IT departments and rank-and-file employees. Read More >

Opinion: Will the iPhone Change Everything?

Smart phones that can access on-demand Web-based applications may change business forever. John McCormick, editor-in-chief of Baseline and CIO Insight, explains how. Read More >

Analysts: iPhone Plan Prices Hit Middle Ground

Analysts say the iPhone service plans announced by Apple and AT&T are competitively priced in the middle range. Read More >

Analysts: iPhone Has Neither Security nor Relevance

Take your pick: The iPhone is either a "security nightmare" or pretty irrelevant to enterprise security. Read More >

How The iPhone Stacks Up

A look at how Apple's much-anticipated device matches up against other multifunction, handheld tools. Read More >

Balsillie: BlackBerry Shutdown Will Never Happen Again

Research in Motion co-CEO Jim Balsillie said the BlackBerry shutdown last month was caused by a process error and the problem has been "unambiguously solved." Read More >

Sonic, Research in Motion Pen Licensing Agreement

Sonic has penned a licensing agreement with Research in Motion to provide BlackBerry devices with Roxio Media Manager software application. Read More >

BlackBerry Devices Up and Running Again

Updated: Research In Motion says BlackBerry service had been restored, but it is still not clear if all e-mail messages that formed a massive backlog on RIM's servers have been delivered yet. Read More >

Mobile Tools Create Opportunities, Boost Bottom Line

The time is right to integrate mobile technologies into your business. Not doing so could cost your company opportunities and money. Read More >

Siemens Walks the Talk with Fixed Mobile Convergence

Siemens' new HiPath Mobile Connect offering, implemented as an appliance and companion dual-mode handset, brings mobility to VOIP to allow users to seamlessly roam between cellular and wireless LANs while holding a conversation. Read More >

Cisco Sues Apple over Use of iPhone Name

Cisco accuses Apple of trademark infringement, saying Apple acknowledged its ownership of the iPhone name. Read More >

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