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New-Gen IT Requiring CIOs to Think More Like CFOs

A key takeaway of the WSJ CIO Network Summit: CIOs need to start thinking more like CFOs or they will slowly forfeit their power to other C-level colleagues. Read More >

Five Counterintuitive Ways to Spur IT Innovation

Most CIOs could benefit by spending less time on day-to-day IT issues and more time on learning from customers and employees about what the business needs from IT. Read More >

Inviting the App Store Into Your Enterprise

An app store can transform your business by unlocking mobility's potential. Here's what you need to understand about creating an app store for your organization. Read More >

How to be a Mobile Strategy Leader

According to a recent IBM study, "The 'Upwardly Mobile' Enterprise: Setting the Strategic Agenda," mobile leaders are investing in BYOD strategies, recognizing that they require a new approach to IT support and customer service. IBM found that 79 percent of mobile strategy leaders say their organizations have well-documented BYOD policies for employees using mobile devices. It also... Read More >

A Geek's Guide to the Customer Service Experience

Are companies starting to depend on providing a pleasant customer experience in order to cover their flaws in providing basic service? Read More >

Enterprise Mobility Dominates IT Agenda in 2014

Enterprise mobility projects will increase domination of the global IT agenda in 2014—and beyond, according to a recent survey from the Enterprise Mobility Exchange. The accompanying report, "The Global State of Enterprise Mobility: A Look to the Past, Present and Future," provides a comprehensive perspective of... Read More >

Organizations Must Look Beyond BYOD

A new Gartner report defines BYOD as an applications strategy, rather than a purchasing policy, and suggests organizations adopt a global-class computing approach. Read More >

Six Tech Trends That Will Shape IT in 2014

Personal clouds, the Internet of things and social collaboration are among the tech trends that will significantly impact the enterprise in 2014. Are you ready? Read More >

Why Enterprise Strategies Must Drive Mobility

The mobile revolution is now arguably in its third decade (if one counts the 2G network first launched in Finland in 1991 as comprising the starting point.) Since then, a dizzying blitz of innovative changes have shaped what we now know as the mobile age, advancing app performance, cloud adoption and other tech initiatives. And with bring your... Read More >

Six Top Tech Trends to Watch in 2014

Companies are discovering that they must approach IT in radically different ways. Here are six technology trends that will sweep through the enterprise in 2014. Read More >

Mobility's Potential Remains Largely Untapped

CIOs and other senior tech decision-makers say the enterprise's mobile IT remains vastly underutilized, according to a recent survey from Mobile Helix. True, the vast majority of organizations want mobile to advance business-benefiting strategies. But, as they say, wishing isn't doing: A small minority say that mobility is actually helping open up new revenue opportunities and business... Read More >

Mobile and Cloud Computing Face Emerging Threats

At last month's annual Georgia Tech Cyber Security Summit, security experts from academia, private industry and government gathered to discuss new technologies and strategies to ward off sophisticated cyber-attacks. The resulting report, "Emerging Cyber Threats," discusses emerging threats, their potential impact and countermeasures. The report notes that organizations face a dilemma: they must... Read More >

Companies Missing out on Mobile Social Tools

It's safe to say that many companies understand social technology: The vast majority of them are using at least one social-tech product, according to a recent global survey from McKinsey. However, there is considerable lag with respect to adapting these tools for mobile devices, the findings reveal. Given the wealth of employees who spend... Read More >

10 Awesome Facts About the Mobile Revolution

You may think that everyone on the planet already has a smartphone. Well, guess again: smartphone-based subscriptions actually account for the vast minority of overall mobile subscriptions in the world, which means there's plenty of room for user share to grow, according to research recently published by Ericsson. The resulting "Ericsson Mobility Report: On the Pulse of the... Read More >

Bill Clinton Discusses IT as Key Driver of Growth

The former U.S. president spoke about IT as a key driver of economic growth, the correlation between broadband access and prosperity, and his hopes for digital Millennials at a SAP event in China. Read More >

Smartglasses Come Into View

A newly released Gartner report highlights the enterprise’s growing adoption of smartglasses, especially among health-care professionals and field service workers. Read More >

CIOs and CMOs Duel to Control Mobile Web Strategy

CMOs want to be more involved in determining mobile web strategy and direction because key performance metrics, like incremental sales, conversion and brand equity are directly influenced by an organization's ability to optimize its Websites for mobile devices. CMOs also want to invest more in the technological solutions required to deliver on these indicators. But how does this sit with... Read More >

The Approaching Era of Hyper-Personalization

With the advent of Bluetooth low energy and related technologies, businesses will have the ability to profit from hyper-personalization and super-targeted marketing. Read More >

Gartner Identifies Top 10 Strategic Technologies

The challenge for CIOs is figuring out how to deliver on the promise of these strategic technologies, which include IT as service broker, 3D printing and more. Read More >

Making Social and Collaboration Systems Work

Social and collaboration systems often face implementation challenges when introduced into a company. Here are several strategies for mitigating them. Read More >

Weak Mobile Security Poses Enterprise Threat

“Are consumers are willing to pay for antivirus software on their mobile devices?” is a question that Gartner asked in an online consumer survey at several of its events from February through December 2012. Gartner found high consumer use of personal mobile devices for work, but a low willingness to pay for security software compared to their willingness to secure desktops and... Read More >

Creating Business Value Through IT Consumerization

Done right, a top-down IT consumerization strategy can maximize business value for an organization and provide it with a formidable competitive advantage. Read More >

Green Clinic Refreshes Its Technology Arsenal

A multilocation health system, Green Clinic upgraded its technology in one fell swoop, providing its medical staff with anytime, anywhere information access. Read More >

Mobile App Rollouts Stymied by Security, Costs Complexity: Study

The majority of CIOs know employees want access to company apps on mobile devices, but few feel able to delivery, according to a new report. Read More >

What Consumers Want From the Mobile Web

As the digerati has dictated since the dawning of the Internet, "Content is king." Some two decades later, this adage still holds true—even in the mobile age. Whether using smartphones or tablets, consumers are mainly seeking information as opposed to apps, according to a recent survey from Netbiscuits. In fact, the resulting People's... Read More >

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