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FCC to Begin Mobile Broadband Speed Tests

The FCC is ready to start grading mobile broadband performance under its Measuring Mobile America program. Read More >

Mobile Users Getting More Serious About Privacy: Pew

Intrusive applications are being removed or avoided by a growing number of mobile users on their smartphones and cell phones, according to a new Pew Research Center report. Read More >

What to Expect from Apple's iPhone 5 Event

The iPhone 5's expected launch is right around the corner. While Apple's Sept. 12 event is specifically designed for the new smartphone, there are several other highlights to look for next week. Read More >

China to Become World's Largest Smartphone Market

China is expected to be 2012's largest smartphone market, thanks to falling prices of lower-end Android phones, says IDC. Read More >

Samsung Windows 8 Smartphone, Slate-Style Tablets, Galaxy Note II Introduced

Weeks ahead of what could be a new Apple iPhone, iPad and iTV, Samsung introduced a Windows 8 smartphone, two tablet-like Slates and a 5.5-inch Note II. These follow news of two video-friendly AiO PCs. Read More >

Mobile & Wireless Slideshow: The Mobile Worker: An Inside Look

There's no denying that mobile products have dramatically altered the ways in which live and work. Far too many of are sleeping with our smartphones. And we're betting that most of you can't even Read More >

Windows Slideshow: Microsoft Revised: Why the Software Giant Still Matters to CIOs

On the mobile front, Microsoft has been facing formidable competition from Apple's ubiquitous iPhones and iPads as well as popular smartphones from manufacturers such as Samsung featuring Google's Android platform. But in the wake of Apple's $1.05 billion patent win... Read More >

Apple's $1.05 Billion Patent Win May Boost Microsoft, Nokia

Samsung products included several features that are protected by Apple patents, a jury has ruled on Aug. 24. This considerable setback for Samsung could be a major market opportunity for Nokia and Microsoft. Read More >

Mobile & Wireless Slideshow: iPhone 5: Eight Things CIOs Need to Know

Apple's iPhone 5 is just around the corner. That means CIOs will have a whole new smartphone to consider for your office. You'll be forced once again to contend with employees who will want nothing more than to get their hands on Apple's latest and greatest... Read More >

BlackBerry Enterprise Server Will Support All Devices: RIM

RIM hit back against a report suggesting BlackBerry Enterprise Server would not support its latest operating system. Read More >

Enterprises Should Start Preparing for Windows 8

In two months, Microsoft will release Windows 8. If you and your staff don t know how you are going to deal with the deployment of this new Windows version by then, you are in trouble. Read More >

iPhone 5 Photos Leak as Release Date Approaches

More photos purportedly showing the front panel for Apple's iPhone 5 smartphone leak online as the expected release date nears. Read More >

What the iPhone 5 Needs to Stay in Front of the Smartphone Pack

Market analysts are predicting vast numbers of iPhone 5 handsets will be in Apple's inventory for its product launch. Apple is going to need a big launch of an iPhone that has been significantly updated to fend off the rising competition. Read More >

Judge Urges Apple, Samsung CEOs to Talk it Out After Patent Trial

U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh, presiding over Apple s patent suit against Samsung, suggested the CEOs of both companies talk to try to settle the case before it goes to the jury. Read More >

Mobile & Wireless Slideshow: Guidelines for Building a Mobile Strategy

The mobile market is taking the world by storm. From smartphones to tablets, the sheer number of devices that you or your employees can bring into the office is enough to confuse anyone. But unfortunately for CIOs, being confused on what to do in the mobile market isn't an option. The business side is increasingly pushing mobile integration into your digital strategy, and it's your job to... Read More >

iPhone 5 Rumors Hint at September Launch

If the world needed more evidence that the iPhone 5 is coming, a source at AT&T has told BGR that a major event is on AT&T's calendar the third week of September, and the carrier has an all-hands-on-deck policy in place through mid-October. Read More >

IBM Could Want RIM's Enterprise Services Division: Report

RIM's enterprise-services unit is of interest to IBM, according to Bloomberg. As with reports that Samsung could benefit from a RIM buy, much depends on how BlackBerry 10 is received. Read More >

If BlackBerry 10 Flops, RIM Could be Sold to Samsung, Analysts Speculate

BlackBerry 10 is a major improvement on BB7 but not enough to take back share from Apple, say analysts with Jefferies. After BB10's debut, they expect Samsung to purchase RIM as a mobile OS fallback plan. Read More >

Most People Have Trouble Using Their Smartphone: Pew Research

Smartphone issues, from slow download speeds to dropped calls and unsolicited text messages, plague healthy numbers of users, particularly minorities, says Pew. Read More >

Mobile & Wireless Slideshow: iPhone Sales 'Dip': Nine Factors to Consider

NEWS ANALYSIS: Apple's iPhone fell below Wall Street's expectations during the company's fiscal Q3, even though the company sold 26 million units, representing a 28 percent increase over the same period in 2011. In fact, the so-called "slowdown" in iPhone sales - coupled with projections of a further slowdown next quarter -- marred an otherwise Read More >

London Olympics Up Mobile Devices Theft Risk

Security firm Venafi estimated that 26,800 out of the 67,000 lost or stolen devices are likely to be smartphones. Read More >

Consumers Will Buy $2.1 Trillion Worth of Mobile Devices

Gartner analysts said that spending will increase to as much as $2.7 trillion by 2016, driving demand for everything from mobile devices to app store products. Read More >

RIM Struggles to Boost BlackBerry's Image, as New York Times Kills App

The New York Times has stopped support for its BlackBerry app, saying it needs to consolidate its efforts elsewhere. Meanwhile, RIM execs are doing all they can to keep morale and brand image boosted. Read More >

iPhone Sales Slowdown Mars Strong Apple Earnings Report

CFO said that the sales slowdown of iPhones may be connected to continuing rumors of an iPhone 5 to be introduced later this year, and that potential buyers are holding off until that one becomes available. Read More >

Mobile Apps Help Drive Business Success

Enterprises are focusing more attention on mobile applications to drive customer engagement, a survey finds. Read More >

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