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Can BlackBerry Mobile Fusion Turn RIM Around?

Research in Motion is positioning itself as more than just a device maker by launching new software to that securely manages BlackBerry, iOS and Android devices through a service reminiscent of BlackBerry Enterprise Server. Read More >

iPhone, Android Smartphone Use Rises as BlackBerry Declines

Apple's iPhone and Android smartphones continue to see high adoption in the United States, according to Nielsen. On the flip side, RIM continues to see BlackBerry's share drop. Read More >

New RIM CEO Begins Painful Restructuring

The moves under Heins include the resignation of ex-CEO Jim Balsillie from the board of directors, and the ditching of the company s efforts in the consumer market. Read More >

BlackBerry 10 Prototype Expected Soon: WSJ

RIM plans on releasing a developer prototype of its BlackBerry 10 smartphone in May. However, the device won t be the final version. Read More >

Apple's iPhone 5 Rumored to Feature Bigger Screen

Apple's iPhone 5 will feature a 4.6-inch screen, according to one new report. However, other sources moved quickly to undermine that rumor. Read More >

J.D. Power Puts iPhone on Top

Apple stands alone atop J.D. Power's latest customer satisfaction survey, the only smartphone to receive five circles. LG and Sanyo were named the top feature phone makers. Read More >

What Network Administrators Can Learn From March Madness

According to a recent MSN survey, millions of employees watching the NCAA tournament online will dedicate at least one hour of work time to follow the event this year, whether it be at lunchtime or during work hours. This is affecting enterprise networks big time. Read More >

Lost Smartphones Put Personal, Corporate Data at Risk

A study by Symantec found that almost everyone who finds a lost smartphone will try to access the personal and corporate data inside, and only half will contact the owner. Read More >

Extreme Networks Tackles BYOD Trend With Intelligent Mobile Edge

Extreme's new Intelligent Mobile Edge solutions will give businesses the tools they need to manage employees and the personal devices they want to use to access the corporate network. Read More >

BlackBerry Sales Dip Worldwide Could Mean a Rocky Road for RIM: Analyst

RIM's BlackBerry sales are deteriorating outside the United States, suggests a new analyst report. That puts more pressure on BlackBerry 10 to succeed. Read More >

iPhone, Android Drive Rise in Smartphones Popularity: Pew

Smartphones are owned by 46 percent of American adults, says the Pew Research Center. The fastest-growing segment is 18- to 24-year-olds, and iPhones are the most purchased. Read More >

Global Mobile Industry Revenue to Hit $1.9 Trillion in 2015

The industry will add 2 million jobs worldwide by 2015, raising the total number of people employed in the wireless industry to 10 million. Read More >

HTC Smartpones, Tablets Will Offer Polycom RealPresence Video Conferencing

At Mobile World Congress in Bareclona, Spain, HTC and Polycom announced that select HTC devices will be certified Polycom-ready and optimized for RealPresence Mobile, which is expected to be available for download via the Android Market this year. Read More >

Microsoft Windows Phone FIPS Encryption Due

A Windows Phone solution that includes FIPS-certified 192 bit AES encryption will be the result of a new partnership between Microsoft and Good Technology. Read More >

Health Care Messaging App for iPhone, iPad Previewed by Avaya

At the HIMSS12 health care IT conference, Avaya introduced its Mobile Clinical Assistant messaging application, along with new unified communications and telehealth offerings. Read More >

Smartphone, Social Media Users at Risk for Identity Fraud

Smartphone owners and social media users increase their risks of becoming victims of identity theft by not adequatley protecting their devices and passwords, according to the Javelin Strategy and Research Report. Read More >

BYOD in Health Care IT

An Aruba customer survey reveals that 85 percent of hospitals are providing access to personal mobile devices. Read More >

Mobile Enterprise Spending Projected to Double in Next 18 Months

A recent survey reveals that U.K. and U.S. companies are working with an average of three separate mobile solutions vendors simultaneously, highlighting the general inability of suppliers to address multiple aspects of the mobile value chain. Read More >

Mobile Productivity: Can We Get There from Here?

Mobile computing allows us to eliminate the barriers of time and place so we can be productive when we are ready to engage. It also allows us to carry the information we need to succeed in our pockets (or on our belts/hips/purses/etc.). While tremendous progress has been made to date, there are still some issues we need to work out before we can throw away our big clunky computers. Read More >

BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Update Arrives With Native Email

RIM has released its Blackberry PlayBook OS 2.0 software update, which includes built-in email and other much-requested features. Read More >

LG Optimus LTE Tag Follows NFC Trends

The LG Optimus LTE Tag is the company s latest Android smartphone and it looks to further the company s commitment to NFC technology. Read More >

Apple's Mac OS X Mountain Lion Versus Windows 8

Apple's Mac OS X "Mountain Lion" will do battle against Windows 8, with both operating systems betting big on their respective mobile features. Read More >

Mobile Malware Doubled in 2011 with Android OS the Biggest Target

Mobile malware developers targeted Google's Android more than any other mobile operating system in 2011, according to a report from Juniper Networks. However, cyber-crooks also abused Apple's iOS, RIM's BlackBerry and Symbian. Read More >

Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Predicts Eighteenfold Increase By 2016

It's time to learn what a quadrillion is. Smartphones, tablets, mobile video and increasingly quick wireless networks are growing mobile Internet traffic to incredible levels, according to a recent Cisco report. Read More >

Tablets, 4G Smartphones Gain Traction Among SMBs

An AT&T survey found one third of smartphones used by small businesses for business purposes are 4G and nearly all small businesses use wireless technologies in their operations. Read More >

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