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Google Apps Premier Edition Takes Aim at the Enterprise

The Google Apps Premier Edition will give the search engine pioneer the chance to see whether it can become a software-as-a-service powerhouse by selling a basic suite of online desktop applications for $50 per user per year. Read More >

JetBlue Not Alone: 5 Other Critical I.T. Events

Technology is often a factor in a company's darkest hour. What's important is the immediate response—and future prevention. Read More >

Budgets Up 8.6%: Where's The Money Going?

Instead of handing IT over to outsourcers, midsize companies are building up their own IT capabilities. Read More >

Web 2.0: Creating a Successful Enterprise Strategy

It's easier than ever to add interactivity to the Web experience. But learning to embed these capabilities into the business will take time. Read More >

Web 2.0: Business Tools That Save Time, Money

Say goodbye to the Web you know and hello to the Web you've always wanted. A variety of frameworks for building rich Internet applications are helping companies save time and money. Read More >

Change: The Only Constant

January 2007 Future of I.T. Survey: Amid the regular upheaval, one thing's for sure—I.T. executives won't die of boredom during the next five years. Read More >

5 Software Development Mistakes to Avoid

Two I.T. experts offer their tips on successful software development. Read More >

Salesforce.com: When On-Demand Goes Off

A year ago, the hosted customer relationship management software provider wanted to expand its services. First, it had to bring its own technology infrastructure up to speed. Read More >

Test Your IQ

As corporations more fully embrace business intelligence, CIOs are running into new sets of challenges. Read More >

Six Tips for Business Intelligence Success

From Baseline: Slideshow As business intelligence tools become sharper and more readily available, a new wave of workers—from sales to logistics—can analyze business trends faster and make better decisions. As much care as ever need Read More >

How the Web Polarized Politics

The Internet once promised a new era of communications and understanding across disparate cultures and beliefs. But Gerry McGovern, a Web content expert, says it's only served to deepen the divide. Does the Web encourage political polarization? Read More >

RFID: The Book on Item-level Tagging

Netherlands-based bookseller Selexyz has implemented RFID at the item level—the Holy Grail of supply-chain management. Read More >

Web 2.0: How High-Volume eBay Manages Its Storage

The ultrapopular auction/sales Web site continues its exponential growth and finds itself adding 10 terabytes of new storage every week. That's a lot of data. Read More >

Bubble 2.0?

Opinion: With billion-dollar acquisitions and out-of-control hype surrounding Web 2.0, you might think we're in the throes of another bubble. You'd be wrong. Read More >

Special Report: Web 2.0

The time to take your head out of the sand is now. How can your company cash in on Web 2.0? Or protect itself from it? Read on for advice, best practices and case studies. Read More >

Pedals to the Metal

Baseline's ranking of the 50 business software companies with the biggest year-to-year growth finds that eight of the top 10 offer software as a service. Read More >

Field Report: Security in the World of Web 2.0

The face of the Internet is changing—and creating new threats for the enterprise. Read More >

Technology: Predictive Analytics Lets Companies See into the Future

Like a virtual crystal ball, business intelligence applications are getting very good at predicting customer behavior. Read More >

Microsoft to Highlight Next-Gen Web Work at Research Summit

Windows Live Image Search and a new social bookmarking project are among the agenda items for the Microsoft Research Faculty Summit. (Microsoft Watch) Read More >

Web 2.0, AJAX Bring New Era of Threats

Viruses that use technological advances such as AJAX to help deliver their payloads will likely proliferate as malware writers find ways to utilize these Web development tools. Read More >

Google Redoubles Enterprise Search Push

Partnerships with Cognos, Oracle and Salesforce.com are only the start as Google strives to build links with established enterprise software companies. Read More >

Salesforce.com Takes to the Road

The company buys Sendia for $15 million and creates a mobile software on-demand service. Read More >

Salesforce.com Suffers Additional Outages

A cache server issue prevents North American users from accessing their Salesforce.com applications for hours. Read More >

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