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India on My Mind

Editorial: Our second annual issue on globalization comes at an opportune time. Read More >

Software as a Service Fact Sheet

The rental model has been revived, and some companies are finding value thanks to better pricing and lower up-front costs. But the rent vs. buy cost analysis is fraught with complexity. Read More >

Outsourcing Security Fact Sheet

Despite the concrete benefits of outsourcing security to companies that specialize in it, most companies find the prospect too frightening. When does it make sense? Read More >

Too Many Blogs Spoil the Party

All the hype around blogs in the enterprise obscures some nagging questions about the reliability of blogging services. Read More >

Web 2.0 Reality Check

Think your company has adapted to the Internet? Think again. A flood of Web services and user-driven apps will mean fresh challenges for IT management. Read More >

What the Hell Does Web 2.0 Mean, Anyway?

There's a lively debate in the blogosphere about what functions, practices and technology actually makes up "Web 2.0." So why should a CIO care? It may matter more than you know. Read More >

Book Brief: Coaching and Feedback for Performance

Part of a leader's job is to develop other leaders. Read More >

Microsoft Acknowledges Need to Help Build Web Services

With Microsoft now on board, the software revolution can officially begin. Read More >

How to Lie with Earned Value

Opinion: Earned-value analysis is one of the most-used measures of how well a tech project is progressing. Unfortunately, it's one of the most misleading as well. Read More >

Negotiation's Not an Art, It's a Skill You Can Hone

Ziff Davis Internet's Jeff Angus advised that negotiation's not a mysterious art that only the soulless can master. With the right instruction, anyone can be a competent negotiator, with vendors, with colleagues, even with the kids. Read More >

Business Intelligence Is Valuable, but Falls Short of Its Potential

After years of wannabe status, business intelligence has begun having a measurable impact both in the number of users inside the corporation and on the bottom line. Its sucess, however, is far from unqualified. Read More >

Docs Find New Entry into Electronic Medical Records

Application service providers, to which physicians pay a monthly subscription fee, could encourage greater connectivity among health care providers. Read More >

Customized Outsourcing: The Latest on Rentable Software

Rent vs. buy isn't only a question for lightweight or non-critical apps anymore. Sometimes it makes sense to let someone else take care of your crown jewels. Read More >

Issue Summary: What You'll Find in May

CIOs and compliance, remaking ADP and Australia's government, and how IT can make a so-so company A-OK. Read More >

Management by Wishful Thinking Is More Common than You'd (Wish to) Think

Opinion: Managers can often overlook fine-tuning or overhauling details along the way, failing to learn the basic lessons from their previous flub. Read More >

Electronic Pill Box Proves to Be Good Medicine

Updated: The Med-eMonitor electronic pill box reminds patients when to take medicine and alerts doctors if a patient stops taking medication. Read More >

Speeding Up the Future

We continue to be impressed by the overall optimism of CIOs as they contemplate the future. Read More >

Data Management: Getting Clean

Sophisticated business intelligence tools give executives greater "visibility" into their company's operations than ever before, but they're useless—and even self-defeating— if the underlying data's not clean.

To Read More >

Book Briefs: MBA in Box

The twist here is simple: Instead of focusing on the nitty-gritty taught in business school—how to do a regression analysis, for example—why not have Mike Milken talk about how finance is really about "the art and science of sustaining growth, b Read More >

Build Your Own Term Sheet

Are the vendors who responded to your RFP addressing your needs? Term sheets can give you the answer at a glance. Here is a guide of how to create your own term sheet. Read More >

Book Review: 2003 Roundup

By now, if you are like most of us, you've already broken your New Year's resolutions. Read More >

Case Study: 99 Cents Only Stores' Efficient IT Infrastructure

99 Cents Only Stores' low-budget roots are supported by a highly efficient IT infrastructure that helped them earn $863 million in sales in 2003, up 21 percent over the previous year, while spending less than $5 million on IT. Their strategy? Cutting-edge Read More >

Business Intelligence 2003: Are Your BI Systems Making You Smarter?

Nearly two-thirds of the IT execs who responded to CIO Insight's latest survey said they're amassing business intelligence, but most said they haven't yet succeeded in delivering it to employees. Read More >

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