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How The Christian Science Monitor Moved Email to the Cloud

While the switch from Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps took about three hours, managing the change took longer. Certain features, like moving recurring meetings from Outlook to Google Apps, had to be transitioned by users, and some less computer-savvy staffers needed more training. Read More >

Acer Acquires iGware in Move to Create Cloud Offering

Acer officials are buying cloud specialist iGware for $320 million with the idea of launching their Acer Cloud in 2012. Read More >

Will Office 365 Validate Microsoft's Cloud Strategy?

Microsoft's Office 365 marks a substantial foray into cloud computing and carries some substantial risks for the company. Read More >

Microsoft Highlights Windows Server 8, Dynamics CRM Online at WPC

Microsoft's cloud initiatives range from a new Dynamics CRM Online in the fourth quarter of 2011, to the upcoming Windows Server 8, as announced at this week's WPC. Read More >

Value of Cloud Computing in 2016: $82.9 Billion

A report finds more than 30 percent of enterprises surveyed worldwide are deploying at least one cloud solution. Read More >

Microsoft's Office 365 Challenges Google in the Cloud

Microsoft's Office 365 faces challenges from Google Apps, and from businesses perhaps not used to the concept of cloud productivity. Read More >

Investing in IT

Many organizations look at IT “spend” as opposed to IT “investment.” The real questions to ask are not how much you spend on IT, or whether your overall budget is going up or down. The real questions are: How are you investing these resources, and what impact are they having on helping your organization succeed? Read More >

Infrastructure Slideshow: The Great CIO-CEO Disconnect Rises to the Cloud

Dealing with your company's Chief Executive Officer is probably a pain from time to time. As many CIOs can attest with the Apple iPad and iPhone, your top executive from time to time will get jazzed up about some new nifty technology fad and start questioning you on why you're not rushing to deploy said solution in the workplace. Such is the case now with "the cloud." A recent survey, conducted... Read More >

Plan Cloud Migrations Carefully to Avoid Finger Pointing Later: Expert

Organizations need to plan carefully how they transfer important IT resources and enterprise applications to the cloud to sidestep potential problems, according to one industry expert at a Ziff Davis Enterprise Digital University presentation. Read More >

IDC: IT Cloud Services Spending to Top $70 Billion in 2015

The impact of cloud services will extend well beyond IT spending, according to research from IT analytics firm IDC. Read More >

McDonald's Moves Application Development to the Cloud

McDonald s saw the cloud as a way to cut costs and enhance flexibility for its development teams, which standardized on the IBM Rational toolset. Read More >

SideXSide: Apple's iCloud or No Cloud?

Apple’s iCloud service will be launching in the fall. While consumers are the primary target for the service, as with many other Apple products we have no doubt it will find its way quickly into the enterprise. While there are plenty of other proven commercial cloud solutions on the market, in this SideXSide we decided to narrow things down to life with, or without, iCloud. Read More >

Cloud Adoption Lags in Health Care IT

Health care organizations hesitate to embrace the cloud primarily due to concerns about data security, privacy and cloud management, according to a survey by CDW. Read More >

Microsoft, Google Battle for Enterprise Cloud Dominance

There’s one very large obstacle standing in the way of Microsoft’s path to the cloud: Google, which has devoted enormous resources to developing and deploying its own cloud-based offerings for small and midsize businesses, and the enterprise. Read More >

Toyota, Salesforce Partner on Social Network for Your Car

Powered by Salesforce.com, Toyota Friend is a private social network that connects Toyota owners to their cars, dealership, and Toyota itself. Read More >

Business Intelligence Slideshow: Business Intelligence Solutions Cause IT Headaches

If you're not satisfied with your business intelligence platform and how your company is using it, you're not alone, according to a new survey from web-based business intelligence software maker LogiXML. The survey finds that while many companies are planning on increasing their BI software spending over the next year, most aren't happy with what they've got. And blame for failed BI... Read More >

Harvard, Massachusetts General Collaborate on AIDS Research Via Web Conferencing

A SaaS-based online collaboration platform is enabling doctors, researchers and clinicians at Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital to collaborate on research and engage fellow practitioners in South Africa, China and Nepal. Read More >

Microsoft to Provide San Francisco Workers With Cloud-Based Email

The City of San Francisco is transitioning 23,000 employees to Microsoft's cloud-based Exchange Online email system. Read More >

Microsoft BPOS Downtime Illustrates the Risks of Cloud Computing

Microsoft's cloud outage shows that while the cloud offers businesses some noted advantages -- chief among them, removing the need to maintain on-site IT infrastructure -- it also comes with certain risks. Read More >

Cloud Service Negotiations: Five Essential Factors

Cloud services offer a very credible alternative to traditional IT delivery models, and enterprise uptake is growing dramatically. However, service delivery via a shared cloud platform introduces negotiating and contracting nuances. Here are five points to consider before you start any negotiations with cloud vendors. Read More >

HP Focusing on Mobile Cloud, New Laptops, Exec LinkedIn Post Suggest

Hewlett-Packard has unveiled a new series of laptops with ultra-portable designs and access to a prepaid 3G mobile broadband service at the same time rumors hint that the company may be ready to offer a larger set of cloud services. Read More >

Red Hat Announces Open Shift Platform as a Service

Red Hat's new Platform-as-a-Service (PAAS) environment OpenShift provides support for a variety of programming languages and frameworks, including Java, Ruby, PHP and Python. Read More >

Microsoft Releases Office 365 Beta

With the launch of it's public beta for Office 365, Microsoft is continuing its "all in" cloud computing strategy as it tries to take on cloud rivals like Google. Read More >

Lenovo, Intel Partner on Cloud Ready Client Software

Lenovo and Intel are partnering on a new cloud software package called Cloud Ready Client. Lenovo is also rolling out its SCA (Secure Cloud Access), powered by Stoneware's webNetwork. Read More >

Microsoft ERP Moving to the Cloud on Windows Azure

Microsoft is migrating its Dynamics ERP platform to the cloud with hosting on Windows Azure. Read More >

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