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IT Management Slideshow: 10 Technologies That Will Define the Enterprise

Identifying the emerging technologies that stand to disrupt, define and, ultimately, benefit your operation in the coming years is extremely difficult. For one, you're faced with the immediate need to address issues with the technology you're using now. You're also bound by budgetary constraints, and trying to sift... Read More >

RIM PlayBook Pricing Revealed, Takes on Apple iPad

RIM has announced an April 19 release date for its PlayBook tablet, with pricing to range from $499-$699. Read More >

Cloud Strategy: What Every CIO Needs to Know

Cloud promises to change how we access information as profoundly as the printing press altered civilization. Organizations will be able to virtualize almost every aspect of activity, starting with IT, and CIOs will have a rare opportunity to reinvent their role. The big question is timing. To manage that uncertainty, CIOs must begin now with a ‘cloud incubator’ that can sense and... Read More >

RIM, Microsoft Partner on Cloud Solutions for PlayBook, BlackBerry

To increase its reach into the cloud, RIM is rolling out services for BlackBerry and PlayBook later this year in a partnership with Microsoft. Read More >

Infrastructure Slideshow: Public Cloud Spending by Businesses is on the Rise

When it comes to productivity in the enterprise, you're probably thinking seriously about ways to improve it. And much of the time, you're undoubtedly considering how public IT cloud services might be able to help you achieve that goal - particularly when cloud services are combined with enterprise... Read More >

Making the Most of Cloud-Enabled Enterprise Mobility

IT leaders from PwC, Jackson Hewitt Tax Service, private equity group EQT and fire-alarm inspection company Critical Systems share the real business impact resulting from the intersection of mobility and the cloud. Read More >

CRM Battle Heats Up as Salesforce Launches Social Media Update

The heavy hitters of the CRM platform world are vying for market share in an increasingly socially networked world. Read More >

Cloud Cruiser Simplifies Chargebacks by Tracking Service Use

To help IT departments keep track of who's using what -- and how much they're spending so that they can charge them back correctly -- Cloud Cruiser is launching a hosted service. Read More >

Microsoft Unveils Cloud-Based Platform For Health Insurance Exchanges

With partners such as Extend Health, Microsoft will provide a cloud-based platform for states to offer health insurance exchanges and comply with federal mandates. Read More >

Amazon Debuts Cloud Bulk Email Service

Amazon Web Services' Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) will give businesses with large-scale bulk e-mail messaging in the cloud. Read More >

Cloud Antivirus Security Threatened By Bohu Trojan

The Bohu Trojan blocks connections from Windows machines to cloud anti-virus technologies to disable users' defenses. Read More >

Cloud Changing How the SMB Works: Report

A survey from MarketBridge finds that small businesses are turning to the cloud more frequently. Read More >

Your Cloud Checklist for 2015

This much we know for certain: Cloud computing will have matured significantly in the next five years. Read More >

Cloud Forecast 2015

IT leaders from Gartner, The Washington Post Co. and The Guardian Life Insurance Co., among others, share their views on what’s best—and what’s worst—in today’s cloud computing environment, and what they expect from vendors in the next five years. Read More >

Security Considerations for Application Development in the Cloud

The threat space and the attack surface have increased greatly for SAAS apps, making security features like encryption, auditing and two-factor authentication much more necessary. Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: The Cloud, Mobility, Social Media: The New Mainstream?

The end of a calendar year invariably brings with it a flurry of prognostications about the 12 months ahead. In 2011, the cloud, mobility and social media look to be the trio to watch. Most likely, you've got a healthy skepticism about how big an impact any of these will actually have on your enterprise. Market-research firm IDC, however, is extremely bullish on all three points. In its report... Read More >

Business Intelligence Slideshow: Sponsored Content: Harnessing Unstructured Data for Competitive Business Intelligence

The explosive growth in unstructured data, much of it coming from new sources like social networks and smart devices; more demanding user requirements for easy-to-use yet more sophisticated business analytics and visualization tools; and the need to support new deployment options, such as cloud and SaaS, are rapidly altering the business intelligence landscape. This slideshow looks at how IBM's... Read More >

Gartner: SaaS Applications a $10.7 Billion Market

The research firm predicts strong double-digit growth in revenue for the enterprise SAAS applications market in 2010 and 2011. Read More >

Quest Software Launches Cloud Automation Platform 7.5

Features include a redesigned reporting solution to support multiple chargeback methodologies. Read More >

Innovation Slideshow: Will Economic Recovery Drive Enterprise Cloud Initiatives?

CIOs and other senior IT managers say they expect demand for cloud-computing solutions to rise in their enterprises as an anticipated economic recovery takes hold. In some cases, these IT decision-makers expect to be the ones driving the cloud initiatives, while in other cases the movement toward the cloud is expected to be driven by other enterprise stakeholders, according to a new report... Read More >

IT Management Slideshow: Business Process Transformation in the Cloud

Cloud computing is the technology innovation du jour . Yet, this much-hyped storage and application delivery solution remains cloaked in mystery for many executives, particularly those on the business side of their organizations. Likewise, as CIO you likely understand the technology of cloud computing, but are you fully aware of the business process transformation that cloud technology... Read More >

Salesforce.com Launches Enterprise Cloud Database: Database.com

Salesforce.com unveiled Database.com, a standalone cloud database for IT pros creating applications, increasing its competition with Oracle and Microsoft. Read More >

Study: Mainframes Critical to Data Center, Cloud Strategy

A study from CA Technologies finds that mainframes are still alive and well in the data center and will be an important part of companies' cloud strategies. Read More >

Virtualization, Cloud Computing Growing in Enterprise

While a majority of companies are implementing these new technologies, many lack the right tools to troubleshoot and manage performance. Read More >

Mobility, Cloud Anchor AT+T Health Care Venture

AT&T's new ForHealth practice will combine existing health care projects with future services in mobility and in the cloud. Read More >

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